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Software Technologies are adopting Agile methodologies. It looks like even organizations have to bring agility in their operations and strategies. A new jargon has recently been added in the entrepreneurs’ dictionary when they discuss the various approaches & development team structure, which is, Nearshore software development.

Nearshore software development refers to outsourcing your project-related tasks to software development companies located in geographical proximity. This nearshore development partner is situated in a place having hardly one to three hours of time difference with yours. The benefit of being in the closest proximity to your development partner ensures easy communication & cost-effective solutions.

Outsourcing projects to an experienced team is becoming a tradition. You can easily start relying on the application development companies leveraging a pool of skills & developers. Their expertise & knowledge becomes quite handy when they are located near to you. You can make frequent visits to the chosen development company, discuss the project & return back on the same day. This way, you can have seamless communication and address every issue effectively. Also, nearshore software development tends to avoid the to and fro of the project deliverables & makes decision-making quite easy for you. However, you have to explore the risks and opportunities involved if you opt for nearshore software development services.

So, talking about the opportunities, let’s discuss why you should consider a nearshore software development company for your project?

nearshore software development Services

Location is its biggest advantage:

As we have mentioned above, there are times when your project faces an issue that needs to be resolved instantly. If your development partner is located away from you, they would have to think hundred times before making a call to you for decision-making. With nearshore software development, this becomes relatively easy.

The proximity of the company facilitates coherent project planning and faster development.

Cost-effectiveness is another plus point:

Budget constraints often force you to hire developers that may not have the right talent that you are looking for. Nearshore software development, on the other hand, is a cost-effective solution. They are located in your proximity, and their charges are quite affordable, even if you are running on a tight budget.

You are culturally compatible with them:

You do not have to worry about your gestures and behavior when you go for nearshore software development. Your development partner is well-aware of the customs, cultures & gestures that they will not feel offended or uncomfortable.

Cultural compatibility makes you more confident & ensures congenial relationships between you two. There is no room for any misunderstandings or discomfort.

Easy access to the Talent:

When your project is moving fast, you may wish to have a dedicated team of developers working on it. Nearshore outsourcing of the project gives you easy access to the talent pool having knowledge of modern technologies.

You can leverage developers’ skills available at your disposal and have their valuable inputs into your project.

These are the points that will compel you to consider nearshore software development services.

Now let’s look at the advantages that you will uncover by opting for nearshore product development.

One that tops the list is the pricing factor. You do not have to spend a hefty amount behind hiring the in-house team or for the rented office. You get every benefit that you would have thought of after hiring an in-house team. You can check the pricing of development companies in the region and make the selection accordingly.

Next is,

nearshore software development Services

You can work collaboratively:

The closest proximity gives you an edge over the communication. Your physical presence at the location plays an important role in certain decision-making of the project. You can put your point & expectations straight away and thereby influence the workflow.

You can plan frequent meetings to discuss important project aspects and get the right thing delivered.


You follow similar regulations:

Suppose your project involves complying with the regulatory requirements of the state. In that case, you have to make sure that your prospective development partner is well-versed with the rules. However, you do not have to worry about this when you go for nearshore software outsourcing.

The development partner is located in the nearest region, which might follow the same software development rules. A nearshore programmer takes care of the compliance and delivers a product without violating any rules.

You mitigate communication risks because of the minimal time difference:

If you have ever worked with development companies located quite far from you, you would have known the challenges of communication. Each of you has to struggle in order to communicate at a time comfortable for both. However, this risk is minimized to a great extent because you both probably work under the same time zones or with a minimal time difference.

You can stay focused on the core business:

Nearshore app development company is responsible, and onerously does the task for you. When they take care of your tasks, you can freely focus on business expansion or other goals. You can prioritize the goals and streamline all the processes for better deliverables.

You can have faster software development:

App development work is interdependent. The company depends on your decision-making, which means if you communicate your decision effectively within less time, they can easily work towards progress. You can have complete control over the project and expect it to be completed before the deadline.

But, as we discussed, there are risks involved along with the opportunities. Let’s look at the risks or say challenges which you might face if you go for nearshore app development.

You may encounter higher pricing:

App development is a bit more complicated than you would have thought. There are software development companies that do not disclose the hidden charges. This may lead to higher pricing (than anticipated) by the end of the project.

In order to avoid this, it is better to discuss the pricing in writing or go for a fixed price model. By doing this, you can move ahead with the project without worrying about the extra cost or with the charges accompanied by a longer period of development.

You may not find adequate options(nearshore software development company):

It may happen that the country you live in may not have sufficient nearshore development company in its proximity. This further results in choosing a company that does not have the required skill-set to complete your project.

If this is the case, then you should go for offshore development.

You may face language barriers:

Nearshore development doesn’t confirm that the nearshore company will have the same first language as yours. Their first language might be different from yours, which can give rise to language barriers. However, you can easily avoid this by checking their preferred language online or directly asking them about their language preference.

You need to keep a check on confidentiality & monitor the progress:

Though the mobile app development company working nearshore easily gels up with you and works together just like your in-house team, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep a check on them. You must handle all the delicate documentation smartly; if required, you can sign an NDA document with the nearshore app development company. You can also let them know how strictly you follow the NDA rules so that no damage is done to you or your business.

Having done that, it is better to hold regular meetings and keep a check on the workflow. Use various software in order to coordinate with the team and know their project progress. You should also be available to them in order to address any issues or concerns.

How should you find out the nearshore software development company for your project?

It is important to find a reliable nearshore software development company in order to ensure seamless working. There are some important points to consider while selecting the software development partner. Have a look..

It should be a trustworthy company with reliable background:

It is imperative for you to carry out due diligence of your prospective nearshore development company before you start relying on them. You can check their official website and verify their deliverables with their commitments.

You should also check their portfolio and past projects to double ensure their results. A trustworthy company will have nothing to hide and show you all of their projects with pride.

Open to the discussion:

Before you commit to the nearshore company, enquire about their preferred choice of the communication platform. Since you will be working collaboratively, you must stay connected with them over at least one platform. Ask them their preferable schedule and fix a time when you would discuss the project regularly.

Check their flexibility:

Software development comes with a lot of unknown challenges. Challenges that none of you would have anticipated ever. The nearshore software development company should be compatible with addressing all those challenges effectively and efficiently.

Many times a need arises where you have to switch between the technologies & platforms. Ask them in advance if they would be able to address all those challenges willingly.

Check their technical expertise:

An important aspect of nearshore software development company selection is, they should have all the skill-set required for your project. This is the top priority thing that you need to check while you hire mobile app developers from a nearshore development company.

They should give a commitment to security:

We would again like to mention that the security of your project is of profound importance. No doubt, the nearshore company would be working collaboratively with your in-house team, but they are a third-party at the end.

Hence, discuss with them in advance all your security concerns and how they would be obliged to follow the same. The nearshore software development company should be willing to show their commitment to security. They should promise to keep you in the loop of important happenings of the project.


Outsourcing is becoming a tradition; however, there is always confusion in choosing between offshore outsourcing or nearshore outsourcing. A lot has been discussed about offshore outsourcing, and hence we decided to throw some light on nearshore outsourcing. We would say it is indeed profitable to invest in nearshore software development and reap benefits. We hope this blog has made all your fundamentals clear. If you still have any doubts, you can always reach us out and clear it.

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