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Shopify took a big step by launching an application named Shop, Surprised? Well, Shop is an app that allows you to track packages from Shopify retailers and merchants. Well, it has a lot more to offer than written, which we will find out in this blog. Why have we taken the Shop app here, is because of some obvious reasons, popularity, features, offerings, and user experience! We would say it’s a robust solution providing handy insights and would give a strong competition to Amazon. If we were to analyze the move, we would say Shopify wanted to contribute to the on-demand delivery app market and mark its footsteps count by developing a package & order tracking app.

Shop app isn’t a brand new launch; it is an update of the Arrive app launched by Shopify a few years ago. A strong community backs the Shop app because of the obvious support extended by the Shopify community. It gives a cohesive shopping experience without any anchoring to another domain. Users who are registered with the application can follow the stores and buy products from them directly.

Once you are following a store on the Shop app, the page stores products from the store on the given page, you can just tap the product, and you can see what’s stored in between the pages. However, the application falls short in searching for products across multiple stores. The application is available on iOS and Android, but the web version is yet to be released.

Shop app provides extreme convenience to customers and speeds up the checkout process. It is a brilliant step to move into the mobile commerce industry and introduce a courier delivery application for their business.

Some interesting features of the Shop app:

- The Shop application is a robust contender to Amazon eCommerce. It gives the tracking reports of all the orders in real-time.

- It gives accurate delivery information to the users for the orders placed through the application.

- Shop app shows a wide range of products to buy from various vendors.

- The application also shows push notifications for various products available over the platform.

- The entire process is streamlined from shopping to checkout because of this extraordinary order tracking application development.

- It allows you to give a gift card and handle its deliveries.

- It gives a customized shopping experience to each customer based on the past shopping history or interest shown in a product or a brand.

- The application gives product recommendations making the experience more intriguing than ever before.

- The Shop app meets the modern marketplace needs of individuals.

- The Shop Pay feature makes it extremely easy for customers to pay with one-click.

- The application asks the customers to save credit and other shopping details so that they do not have to enter every time they come shopping.

- The application gives quick access to the customer to unleash their favorite brands within the application.

- Package & order tracking app development like Shop allows the customer to re-order the product using the application.

- The Shop app provides every order details in one place.

- Around 57 million shoppers trust the application from the entire world.

- It connects customers with local merchants.

If these features and growing market figures tempt you, then you should opt to develop an order tracking app development like Shop.

Here are a few reasons & compelling benefits of making an app like Shop.

- The application development ensures a good return on investment;

- The application offers 24*7 service availability;

- It allows you to reach more customers in less time.

- You can give a customized & contextual experience to the users.

- You will have real-time reports & analytics to make informed decisions.

- You will get a chance to optimize your business processes accordingly.

- The application is a cost-effective solution that will help you save time & resources.

- The GPS features facilitate accurate location tracking.

Cost to Develop Package & Order Tracking App like Shop

What are the features that you need to include in your order-tracking app development?

Features & functionalities play an important role in deciding the success of the application. The more defined and articulated they are, the better are your chances of success. However, all this is decided during the mobile app design process initiated by the delivery app development company.

We will mention some of the general features and advanced features to include in the delivery dispatch software solution.

The three screens of a courier delivery app development are the delivery executive screen, Admin Panel, and a Customer app. The respective features to include in these screens are:

Admin Panel:

- Dashboard;

- Reports & Analytics;

- Driver executives management;

- Customer management;

- Job history;

- Delivery driver verification;

- Real-time tracking;

- Auto dispatch;

- Customer communication.

Customer App:

- Signup;

- Driver tracking;

- Order tracking;

- Payment gateway integration;

- Customized recommendations;

- Feedbacks & Review;

- Subscription option;

- Repeat order;

- View order history;

- In-app chat;

- Customer care;

Delivery executive app:

- Signup;

- Accept/Reject order;

- Driver verification;

- GPS order tracking;

- Delivery details;

- Feedbacks and review;

- Delivery calendar;

- Delivery notes;

- On-boarding;

- Performance analytics;

- Payment history;

Cost to Develop Package & Order Tracking App like Shop

Now, let us look at the cost to develop a package & order tracking app like Shop?

If you consider all the requirements and expect a defined mobile app development process implementation, the package & order tracking app development will cost around $30k. However, you may expect variation in cost if you integrate more advanced features and complexity. There are certain other factors such as hourly rates of developers, location of the development company, design, user experience, third-party integrations, number of hours, etc. that will contribute to the total cost of app development.

You can discuss your project details with the prospective app development company and have a more accurate cost estimate.

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