PHP vs Python Comparison

When it comes to choosing a right programming language for web application development and backend development, programmers and developers often face a dilemma due to the availability of different programming languages including PHP, Python, JavaScript, Ruby and Dot Net.

Sometimes, clients ask the developers to develop a web application on certain language, but most of the times, developers are the ones who have to decide which language to use for developing a web application.

If you check the online web development forums, you will find discussions about Python Vs PHP performance among developers. Obviously, python programmers will favour python and PHP programmers will tell good things about PHP programming language.

It is better to make a detailed analysis by evaluating both the programming languages by going for an in-depth python and PHP comparison. This blog depicts the introduction of both the languages, their features and advantages and disadvantages. Stay tuned for more.

What is Python?

Python is one of the finest and most preferred programming languages that is object-oriented and has built-in data structures. If you are looking for robust and rapid web application development, python is a language you should go for. With its astonishing dynamic typing and binding, you can make superior web applications quickly without any errors and bugs. In addition to that, it is also a preferred programming language amongst beginners as it requires a few lines of code and mostly emphasizes on readability and simplicity.

What is PHP?

PHP is also one of the most preferred programming languages that are mostly used for backend development of a web application. It is a server-side scripting language that can be integrated easily on almost all the web servers and operating systems.

In addition to that, if you are looking for a programming language that is open source, free and efficient to carry out certain tasks, PHP is the answer. Rather than opting for Asp.Net, PHP is more effective, easy and reliable option to choose from.

Key features of Python

When you are making a comparison between python Vs PHP in 2019, you need to learn what features both languages offer to us. Here is a list of python programming language features that developers find most superior and impeccable.

First and foremost, python codes are easy to learn and right. You don't need expert knowledge to write codes for python web development. It is the reason python is very famous among beginners. Python codes can be debugged easily too compared to other programming languages.

Due to its portability, it can be run on almost all major operating systems and platforms.

Thanks to astonishing built-in libraries, it makes your development task easy and simple. You can complete even complex tasks with ease and comfort.

Thanks to some unparalleled features such as garbage collection and memory addresses, python web development is easy and quick.

There is an interactive shell available with python programming language that makes it possible to test various functionalities before their implementation.

Also, when it comes to GUI applications, python supports them.

Python also supports high-level of dynamic data types and type checking.

It can be easily integrated with other programming languages such as Java, C and C++.

Key features of PHP

When you are looking for a difference between PHP and Python, you should know about PHP features too. Here are some of them.

One of the best qualities of PHP programming language is its versatility when it comes to operating systems on which it runs. PHP can be run on different operating systems such as Windows, UNIX, Linux, Mac OS X and others. It makes PHP a favourite amongst developers.

When it comes to compatibility, PHP is phenomenal. PHP is compatible with most of the Apaches and IIS servers.

When it comes to the easiness to learn and implement, PHP scores more marks compared to python. It is a server-side scripting language that is easy to learn and implement.

It is free of charge open source programming language that can be downloaded easily without any hassles and hindrances.

When it comes to speed, PHP is father than ASP and JSP.

With its amazing error reporting constants, you will be notified when any types of errors occurred during the development phase.

Database integration is fantastic with PHP as it supports almost all major databases including Oracle and MySQL.

PHP vs Python Comparison

PHP Vs Python comparison

When you are comparing PHP Vs Python for web applications, there are certain aspects you need to compare. Here is a list of these aspects that beginners should learn and understand.

Ease of learning

When you want to select a programming language for a web application, you will choose one that is easy to learn and implement. When you are comparing PHP and Python, python scores high when it comes to ease of learning. It is very easy to learn and that is the reason IT coaching institutes use python to teach the fundamentals of programming to the students. When it comes to writing codes and implementation, python programs are shorter and easy to manage. When it comes to the syntax of PHP and Python, Python syntax is less complex compared to PHP syntax.

When it comes to PHP, it was never made for general programming as it is a sophisticated language for web application development. If you are a programmer and want to become a master at PHP development, you have to devote more time and efforts as compared to python web development.

Community support

When it comes to community support, PHP beats python as it is an old programming language with superior tenure. There is a large community online who is ready to support you when you are in a dilemma or confused.

Though python is younger than PHP, the community support of python is also superlative. Python developers are available in a huge numbers to support you. Most of the Google apps including YouTube has been developed using python as a primary programming language. Some other examples are Instagram, Pinterest and Reddit.


When it comes to documentation, actually, there is no one is the winner here. For both the languages, a wide range of online tutorials, online forums, websites and discussion boards available to help you out.


There is no comparison here at all as both, PHP and Python are completely free and open source. Rather than using paid web frameworks, it is better to choose PHP or python.

Library support

Python clearly wins here over PHP as it has a wide set of libraries for web applications. Furthermore, you also need to understand that most of the web companies are nowadays developing web applications supported by machine learning and python is the language that makes it possible with astonishing machine learning libraries.


When speed is a deciding parameter for a web application, PHP clearly wins the race as the latest PHP 7.x is way faster than any python program. When the speed is the parameter to be considered such as banking apps, using PHP is recommended.


Python and PHP both the languages have their advantages and shortcomings. It is actually a project and its requirements that will decide which programming language to use for web application development. Your programmers will determine the language that will make web application development like smooth sailing.

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