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Have you ever felt lost during your cycling journey through untrodden roads? Who came for your rescue? Probably a person or maps. The recreational cycling activity is always fun, but getting lost isn’t. Gone are the days when the villagers or a passer-by would come and guide, OR, old school riders will read through paper maps, it's time for pocket-sized digital solutions to help us reach the destination.

As they say, digitization will bring a solution to everything, and here it is. Many pocket-sized digital cycling applications help bikers in finding the best route for the trail. Strava and komoot apps have become almost synonymous with cycling and hiking. This specially designed route planner mobile app development guides the riders about the weather so that they can prep up accordingly. Also, it lets them know about carrying the right tools, spare tubes, and all mechanical things they might need on their journey.

In and all, it is a great handy application for discovering new grounds. All of these cycling applications are quite popular, but one that has grabbed maximum attraction is komoot (with a lowercase k). komoot already has around 10 million users who prefer this app for effectively planning their hikes, runs, walks, and other adventures.

There are multiple and numerous benefits/offerings of using komoot for cycle riders. They are just stunned by its intuitive navigation. The popularity has inspired many enthusiasts to develop a route planning app like komoot, while other competitors are jealous (quite obvious, isn’t it?). So which category do you fall in, enthusiast or competitors? Well, we have covered both. By reading this blog, app development enthusiasts will have the best knowledge of what it takes to make an application like komoot. And, competitors can get hold of the things they are missing in their mobile application.

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To begin with,

What is komoot? And Why do people use route planning applications?

komoot is a route planning application available on mobile devices as well as desktop applications. The brainstorming of this app idea was initiated by six friends residing in Berlin in the year 2014.

The basic idea of building a route planning app like komoot was to help riders explore the routes and plan a more effective route. The app idea continued to progress; however, some of the team members moved out of Berlin. This didn’t create a roadblock for them; they continued working on the project and brought it to completion.

The brilliant team used Zoom, Slack, Trello, etc., to empower the employees and work collaboratively towards the project.

Out of around 10 million total users, almost 5 million are cyclists, and approx 2 million are mountain bikers. komoot is available for free on almost all platforms, including iOS, Android, Apple Watch, Android Wear, Samsung Gear smartwatches, and desktops. It is for everyone who wishes to explore mountains and places using cycles or by foot.

Route planner mobile app like komoot doesn’t allow the adventurers to get lost and spoil the trail fun. Instead, it helps them suggest peaceful, scenic routes that the riders can enjoy throughout their journey.

The cycle-friendly routes don’t bring any distraction in their enjoyment, which is why people prefer to use this kind of amazing route planner mobile application. komoot application has become a go-to application for many of the cycle riders, and curiosity about using such apps more is the main reason why you should develop a route planning mobile app. So, this brings us to a question, what exactly is so attractive about komoot? Features, navigation, information, swiftness, design…. Exactly what? Let’s find out.

komoot is a powerhouse of packages and features. The development team has kept everything simple and easy to understand.

Route Planner Mobile App Development

What are the classic features of route planning app development like komoot?

Planning your hiking :

komoot uses routing algorithms to chart out routes from the points you want to start your track till the end of it. It also allows users to select points between the routes mentioned in the listing of nearby places.

However, to use this facility, you will need an internet connection. If you have saved a route already, then don’t worry. You can use the same in offline mode also.

An interesting fact about this planning feature is, you can make a quick shift from cycle touring to bike riding to mountain biking. When you switch between the touring, the application refreshes and shows new routes with different criteria.

komoot gives a comprehensive profile of the route, meaning it shows the tracks covered with dirt or asphalt, elevation and gradient profiles, highways, provincial roads, and more.

You can plan the same route strategy using a web browser and save it for later. The web-based browser route automatically gets synced with the application on hand.

Extra-ordinary voice navigation :

komoot routing is definitely accurate, but more intriguing is its voice navigation feature (also referred to as turn-by-turn navigation). You can switch off the screen and still listen to the audio navigation of the routes that you have pre-planned and saved in the application.

You can save the route plan and export it as a GPX file. Users can focus entirely on the adventure and enjoy it to the fullest. With just one tap, you can navigate between the maps and save them for hiking.

Social-media share :

The most engaging feature of the komoot application is the social-media element. The application allows you to track and highlight your rides using the GPS facility. It facilitates users to add photos and tips related to their track and share their stories with fellow riders.

The same can be shared in the komoot community where the users can like and comment on the tracks followed by the users. This way, one rider can benefit from the others’ journey and plan routes accordingly. If you have kept your track public, the same can appear on the search results as well as your profile.

Gamification side :

You can earn badges and rewards for actively communicating your rides with the community. Overall, the komoot application fosters the spirit of adventure, which is the core reason behind its rising popularity.

You can be an expert in routing and help others with your knowledge about it. And komoot application is all about routing, fun, enjoyment, comfort, scenic and accurate roadmap traveling.

Key takeaways :

- As a beginner, you can pin down points on the map and continue with your adventure ride.

- You can change the setting based on your fitness level, road types, and trail type.

- The app shows a detailed view of the entire journey for the users to plan accordingly.

- It covers riding routes for all the disciplines of cycling. You can select the level of difficulty, and there you go with the routing tracks.

- Users can uncover local tips provided by the community riders.

- It can run & sync on any device, and users can use the already downloaded map without having a mobile internet connection.

- You can become a pioneer of tracking and help fellow riders with the riding tips. In return, you can earn some badges and rewards.

- It is a free app. If you are wondering how to make money using free apps, please read our blog on it.

- You can stop for a coffee stop on the route and make the change in route accordingly.

Develop Route Planning App Like Komoot

What is the cost to develop a route planning app like komoot?

komoot is a unique route planning mobile app that encourages users to pick the best climbs and routes along the journey. The concept can be executed with a budget of $20K-$25K. If you choose to hire mobile app developers, kindly inquire about their hourly rate before making it a final deal. The hourly rates of developers may vary from country to country. An India-based developer will charge around $25-$70 per hour, whereas a US-based developer will charge around $100-$150 per hour.

This selection might affect the final cost of app development; however, as per our estimate, it can somewhere fall between the above-given range. It is advisable to chart out your requirements and discuss the same with your prospective app development company to get an accurate estimate.

What’s your take?

Well, in our opinion, komoot is the most powerful route planning app in current times. If you are here for inspiration, it is worth taking one from komoot.

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