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Can an application understand your anxiety or stress? Can it help you in changing your mood? Well, yes! The proliferation of advanced technologies has made it possible to use applications for supporting well-being. Stress management apps are hot and getting hotter every day. The reason behind your stress can be anything. It can be your demanding boss, or daily grinding or even your relationship with your spouse.

Anxiety and stress are extremely normal, but overwhelming stress and anxiety can be unfavorable for your physical health. These two mental issues are the on-going struggles for the people of this developed world. But, it is not good for your emotional well-being.

You might become overly stressed without you knowing it or having any physical symptoms, but what if an app helps you relieve stress? There are plenty of body stress evaluation apps in the play store, using which you could benefit from. Such on-demand apps for measuring body stress are ideal for people who can not afford costly therapies and yet are struggling to get through the mental illness.

These apps have made such therapeutic treatments more affordable and accessible. The reason behind such an instant rise in the popularity of such apps is, less percentage of people wish to seek professional help to overcome their mental health problems. Maybe they feel shy about consulting a doctor or don't have enough money to finance the treatment. And for them, such stress-relieving apps are at the rescue.

There are hundreds of such therapeutic apps in the app store; some are overhyped, some are less. However, you need to know how the app operates and relieves you from stress; only then can you find out the best app that you are looking for.

The best stress relief app in the store is Sanvello. It works on the mission, "help people build the life skills they need, anytime, anywhere, and in any way they choose." It provides clinically validated processes and cognitive behavioral therapy tools to deal with the stress symptoms. The effectiveness of Sanvello was tested on 500 adults with mild symptoms of anxiety, and the app usage seemed to decrease the anxiety levels.

Not only that, but the impact of using this app also lasted long, even after the adults stopped using the app. Isn't that something amazing? Are you excited to develop an app like Sanvello? Do you wish to help the people in need by developing a body stress evaluation app like Sanvello?

Read this article further and find out what all things you need to include in your on-demand app development for stress evaluation.

Make an app like Sanvello

Scope of body stress evaluation app development:

A stress evaluation app should make life a better place to live for individuals suffering from stress. The main focus of such apps should be to understand these moods and behaviors in every possible way.

It should make the user feel light and comfortable and provide validated techniques to manage their moods and thoughts.

Who will be your target audience?

The rise in the number of people suffering from depression and stress is almost equal to the number of Coronavirus cases. The reason for such a hike in the number is pretty obvious; people are forced to live indoors, many of them may have family issues and others may feel separated & left out by the family. However, irrespective of the Corona situation, there are plenty of other reasons why people may suffer from stress like alcohol, smoking, insomnia, and many others..

Your developed app should solve this purpose of stress problem and provide resources/tools to control the stress for living a happy life.

Make an app like Sanvello

Features of stress evaluation cum tracker app:

A Stress Diary:

A stress diary allows you to record the details about your mood, how you are feeling, and why you are feeling low? As soon as you enter the details, the spot patterns understand the factors that affect your mood. However, the user should trust the application and enter the right set of details required for the treatment. By putting down their stress thoughts and seeing them on screen, the user will be able to detach themselves from stressful thoughts and think in a better direction.

Setting Goals:

The application should allow users to set their stress milestones and how they wish to recover in a specific timeframe. By doing this, the user himself focuses more on achieving the goal every single day.

However, the app should facilitate the user to set daily, weekly, and then monthly goals for their stress relief. And on every milestone, the app should give a reward to make the user happy.

A guidance library:

The app should allow users to talk or check with experts about various therapeutic techniques. Also, you should have a corner for every expert dealing with the techniques and make a collection of their videos, audios, and meditation music. This would be a brilliant way to engage the users and allow them to relax in their own ways.

Stress detector tools:

The app will identify the stress level based on various health measurements like heart rate, blood pressure, and body weight. If the user feels that there is a rise in the stress levels, s/he can make use of the app tools and make themselves calm.

App Community:

The user will never feel alone if s/he has a group to talk to and share their feelings. Hence, allow your user to join group conversation or chat with other users with whom they can relate their situation better. You can also design a section where the users are allowed to share their stories with others. So, if they write it down, their pain, their thoughts, they can relieve themselves better.


Based on the user's milestones, the app should conduct weekly or monthly quizzes to assess the user's progress.

Why do people need stress evaluation apps?

As we all know, mental illness is almost invisible. It is a complicated and disgusting feeling, for which it is difficult to find a solution normally. However, an app like Sanvello helps keep the negative emotions at bay, allowing the person to relax and be at peace. Such applications keep track of the user's mood and feelings throughout the day. It notifies the user when they become overstressed or are triggered by certain behavior.

The app teaches the users various techniques to reduce their stress and learn how to face all the stressful situations. By using a stress evaluation app, the user will be able to make healthier and positive choices and lead their lives in a better way.

What should be the business model if you make an app like Sanvello?

Like any other stress evaluation app, your app should be available free for download. Allow the users to access the app even if they have registered for a free account. Take them on a journey and let them know about the free and the premium version features. The premium version of the app should have compelling features and guides that can help them better.

You can also come up with subscription plans of say 6 months, 12 months, and so on. Decide the charges of subscription accordingly.

How much does it cost to develop a stress evaluation app?

Depending on the technology stack you choose, and the platforms you target, the final cost of developing a stress evaluation app varies. Also, if you are planning to build an app from scratch, the cost can be different, and if you are planning to make specific alterations, then it can be different.

However, expect an approximate cost of around $45,000 to $90,000 depending on the features you incorporate in the app. You can contact us if you wish to have any more information about such stress evaluation apps.


Apps are uniquely designed for stress management and also to help users in building healthy habits. These apps have become supplementary or an alternative to traditional treatments. If the user doesn't want to address their mental illness in front of a practitioner, they can resort to these apps and get the required assistance. So, let's together make this world a better place to live life stress-free. Hire our developers for your future projects.

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