Top 10 Vue component libraries

Curated List of top 10 Vue.js component libraries, just for you!

That one master-blaster framework that competes with Angular and React is Vue.js. The deal-breaker: Vue.js (165K stars) has crossed React’s (150K stars) popularity on GitHub by gaining the highest number of stars. Vue.js is compelling, as well as a progressive front-end framework used for creating dynamic applications. It is a relatively new kid in the race; however, it has won hundreds of thousands of hearts of developers already, for many captivating reasons.

You can find out more information about how Vue.js is different from other frameworks. You can also connect with us if you have any Vue.js development queries.

We can just go on praising the features and functionality of the framework; however, in this blog, we will talk about the best UI component libraries of Vue.js.

Vue.js is a popular JavaScript framework renowned for its flexibility, simplicity, and ease of use. The extensive use of components makes it handier for the developers to build unique and fantastic UI.

What is a component library?

It is a library comprising multiple building blocks using which a developer can seamlessly develop user interfaces. This can include various platform-specific or cross-platform elements like buttons, scrolling lists, tab bars, headers, etc. The integration of component libraries is important because it ensures that the look, feel, and interactivity of the application is maintained.

A component library is constructed in two parts, namely, the UI and the UX. UI takes care of the user interface, and UX takes care of the user experience. The Vue.js development is exceptionally simplified because of these Vue.js component libraries.

Let’s look at the eminent component libraries of Vue.js, which will accelerate the way you build apps using Vue.js.

Vue.js UI Component Libraries for 2020

Element UI:

The Element component UI library is a boon for all developers, designers, and product managers. This magic library has various versions for Angular as well as React and specifically reliable for desktop applications.

It has crossed 45K stars on GitHub and has a strong community with 500 around contributors. Since it originated in China, most of the documentation is in Chinese; however, you can find Spanish and English translations.

What draws maximum eyes towards this library is, it includes the smallest possible detail required for the development. You can refer to the documentation for understanding the decisions, its components, and the resources.

Vue.js UI Component Libraries for 2020

Vue Material Kit:

Another great library to boost up the development of web apps using Vue.js is the Vue Material kit. You have 60 handcrafted components, two customized plugins, and three example pages on hand for the assistance.

However, it is required for you to have basic knowledge of JavaScript, Vue.js, and Vue Router for implementing the component library elements. You can customize the dashboard by using a wide range of components, putting them together, and creating compelling products.

Vue.js UI Component Libraries for 2020


An unofficial library that works with Vue’s Server Side Rendering is Vuetify. It facilitates you to create clean, semantic, reusable UI components and makes the whole process of developing an interesting event. Vuetify has around 80 Vue components that assist developers in creating stunning applications.

The availability of ready-made scaffolding for code in the form of pre-made Vue-CLI is something that differentiates Vuetify from others. Vuetify has captured around 23K stars on GitHub, and the popularity is growing tremendously.

You will be surprised to know that it is being downloaded 200K times every week on npm. 400 community contributors continuously work behind the updates and have succeeded in developing 20 Vuetify plugins.

On top of that, Vuetify has a professional support team and a discord channel who would assist you in solving any problem related to Vue.js development.

Vue.js UI Component Libraries for 2020


Another robust Vue.js UI component library for 2020 that provides lightweight UI components based on Bulma is Buefy. This library weighs less than 100 KB. Buefy works on only two core principles, first, keeping things simple and second, to be lightweight. It holds similarities with SASS and provides a ready-made list of components to the newbie developer.

Buefy is highly popular because of its 40 extra-ordinary components and has gained around 7K stars on GitHub. On top of that, the number of weekly downloads of Buefy is around 29K. It is advisable to hire Vue.js developers and integrate the Buefy libraries if you are planning to develop intuitive UI.

Vue.js UI Component Libraries for 2020


If you are planning to develop a highly robust and responsive web and mobile application using Vue.js, then you should definitely use Quasar. Quasar is a power-packed framework that has around 81 components.

It has captured 14.6K stars on GitHub because of its extended support to minification and caching. The Quasar components are easily customizable, extendable, and suitable for building SPA, SSR, PWA, hybrid or electron apps, mobile, and desktop applications.

We would say, it is an extensive library on the list that does not have less than 19K downloads weekly on npm. If a developer plans to integrate this, things will move more swiftly in the development process.

Vue.js UI Component Libraries for 2020


An excellent UI library created by the minds who worked behind WeChat is Vux. Vux provides mobile UI components based on Vue and WeUI. The library also extends its support to WebPack + Vue -Loader + Vux workflow.

Again, this library originated from China, and hence, you will find the majority of the Chinese documentation, with a little English translation. Vux allows you to focus more on the quick development of mobile components.

Also, this Vue.js component library is giving a tough fight to the others on the list. It has around 16K stars on GitHub and 1k downloads weekly on npm.

The Vux community is active and helpful; hence, if you have any queries during the development or while reading the documentation, you can easily approach the community members.

Vue.js UI Component Libraries for 2020


If you are looking for a Vue.js UI component library that provides a neat and elegant design, you should refer to iView. It is a high-quality UI toolkit built on Vue.js 2.0. The library has its own CLI tool, iView CLI, that facilitates a visual tool for developing projects and offline documentation.

Like other popular Vue.js component libraries, iView is also gaining popularity and has crossed 23K stars on GitHub with a weekly download of 10K on npm. You can refer to the starter kit, which will guide you through the basics of the library.

Vue.js UI Component Libraries for 2020

Mint UI:

A lightweight Vue UI component library based on Babel JavaScript compiler is Mint UI. It has a pool of CSS and JS components available for building mobile applications. Mint UI is exceptionally lightweight and highly suitable for developing mobile applications.

This UI library is also well-known for its intelligence loads on demand and importing components only when they are needed. This process is the reason behind the lightweight of the Mint UI. Mint UI gives an iOS-like theme for various components of the application.

Undoubtedly, the popularity is so high that it has around 15K stars on GitHub and 3k times download rate every week on npm.

Vue.js UI Component Libraries for 2020

Bootstrap Vue:

Who isn’t aware of the famous bootstrap library? Bootstrap Vue is a UI kit dependent on bootstrap libraries. If you integrate this library, you are bringing the potential of Bootstrap into your Vue.js app development.

Bootstrap Vue ensures that you get a responsive and mobile-first by providing you with the ready-made UI components & grid systems. It provides various bootstrap themes in abundance for easy and intuitive app development.

Without a doubt, we would say, by using Bootstrap Vue, you can build apps in the fastest way. The library collects 10K stars on GitHub and 200k downloads on npm weekly. The clear and concise documentation makes it more favorable amongst the developers.

You can rely on Bootstrap Vue if you are starting a project with Vue. The Bootstrap community is strong and active.

Vue.js UI Component Libraries for 2020


Ever planned to create a slide-show in the app developed using Vu.js? You can create a slide-show easily by using Eagle.js. It provides a bucket full of themes, animations, widgets, and styles in order to personalize your application.

Popularity is high even though the library lacks adequate documentation.

Which Vue UI component library to choose?

The above list of UI components libraries is not extensive enough, but yes, it covers all major and popular libraries which you might need for your app development. Which one to select for your project has only one answer; it depends on the project needs.

All of them serve their best but in different ways. Take time to go through the documentation and gain a proper understanding of how these libraries function within the application. If you still have any queries, you can contact our team of developers.

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