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In-person gatherings are making a dramatic shift to virtual meetings. Budgetary constraints and the given horrendous pandemic situation are the primary concerns while hosting personal conferences in today’s time. Digitization of virtual exhibitions looks more convenient and has been on the radar for quite some time now.

Advanced technology like Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality gives a dramatic boost in developing a high-tech virtual meets solution. The audience is embracing this digital exhibition platform’s newness, and the popularity is compelling entrepreneurs to venture into virtual events platform development. Do you have any such plans of developing a virtual exhibition platform for facilitating hassle-free meetings? Here you go...

Virtual exhibition app development makes it easier for an organizer to manage exhibitions, trade shows, and conferences. It mitigates the logistics and traveling challenges for the participants. Virtual events platform app not only leaves an ever-lasting memory but also has the power to change people’s view towards digital exhibitions.

The 3D view of the entire exhibition platform allows online visitors to walk into the event and explore the rooms just like they do during the physical exhibition.

Virtual exhibition platform development is less expensive and can be used by multiple organizers repeatedly. These platforms are highly scalable and can increase your reach globally. As mentioned, it saves time and money, making these platforms the most flexible exhibition platforms for events.

Virtual exhibition app development like Virbela facilitates setting up a one-to-one connection with the speaker as well as anyone from the audience.

It can help you evaluate your exhibition’s success based on the number of participants and the performance.

Some of the popular virtual exhibition applications existing today are Virbela, INXPO, 6Connex, Xporium, Utradefair, etc. In this article, we would cover the Virbela virtual exhibition platform offerings and help you make a platform like Virbela. While developing a virtual exhibition platform, it is always advisable to take inspiration from the platforms that have already succeeded in leaving behind a strong imprint.

What is the Virbela virtual exhibition platform?

Virbela is a web-based platform connecting hundreds and thousands of people to learn, work, meet or train together. It is an interactive platform, and it is soon becoming a substitute for physical exhibitions.

Virbela offers some exclusive features like virtual conferences, booth setup, webinar arrangement, etc. It looks like the Virbela platform will revolutionize the way people work, learn, and meet globally.

Virbela platform has many such exquisite features, which we will highlight in the next section. We hope that the information helps you develop a virtual exhibition platform like Virbela swiftly.

Develop Virtual Exhibition Platform like virbela

What are the Features required in an app to develop a virtual exhibition platform like Virbela?

We will ride through the entire application so that you can know what it takes for virtual events platform development. You may grab the idea and then consult an on-demand app development company for your project. Kody Technolab also provides various engaging models as well as allows you to hire mobile app developers if you wish to work with us.

We follow a detailed mobile app development process that begins after studying your project idea and then proceeding with a lean canvas model, PRD preparation, prototyping, and wireframing. If you want, you can go through the process details represented in our blog series.

Virbela is an exemplary platform for remote working, virtual events, and remote learning. Each of these services has its personalized screens.

To begin with,

Remote working services

Virbela helps in simplifying the work from home troubles and makes people feel more connected. This platform encourages team bonding, productivity, and retention.

Remote working was once considered boring, but with platforms like Virbela, it is more fun and engaging.

Features of remote working services are:

- Customizable campus: It allows the admin to create a 3D environment and personalized offices to make almost a replica of the real office.

- Enterprise-level security: One can use the application freely without worrying about privacy and security issues.

- Capacity to handle 10,000s: The application shows no downtime even after having a growing number of users.

- Presentation tools: The application allows you to create slides, websites, screen sharing, laser pointers, sticky notes, etc.

- Private rooms: Talk without any distraction. The application allows you to turn on private volume areas and discuss things without disturbances.

- Customizable avatars: Virbela allows you to make your own avatars by making changes in clothes, hairs, skin tones, and more. You can change your look every day based on your personality.

- Play games: Virbela app facilitates game playing with teammates and shares their achievements.

A virtual exhibition platform like Virbela allows you to create virtual offices, boardrooms, auditoriums, Outdoor campus, Expo Hall, and entertainment stage for creating a perfect environment for virtual meets.

Virtual Events services

Virbela is giving a new name to gatherings. The satisfying exhibition features increased event sign-ups and thereby promotes platform growth.

The platform helps you in increasing your brand’s reach and delivers a delightful virtual expo experience.

Features of virtual events services are:

- Customizable venues: Adding engagement is the key player of the Virbela app. You can create your own interactive space for people to move in with engagement.

- Webcam support: A virtual application is useless without in-app camera support for people to join in the conversation.

- Platform stability to handle audience: You can invite thousands of attendees if you want, and the application will gracefully serve them all.

- Presentation tools: Create a more engaging presentation using slides, laser pointers, sticky notes, etc.

- Unique avatar: It is a unique USP offering of the Virbela application. It allows users to customize their look as per their personality and participate in the event.

Games and fun activities are also a part of the virtual events services.

Remote Learning services

It literally seems like gone will be the days of physical learning. The current times have not only forced people to stay indoors but also learn from schools while sitting at home.

However, some parents believed that these learning practices might not be one A+ class like physical education. But with excellent virtual platforms like Virbela, even learning online seems fun and engaging.

This application allows schools and colleges to have their own virtual campus and create a real teaching experience for students.

It helps schools and universities set up a two-way communication platform where teachers can share videos and PDFs or web links, and students can browse them at their convenience.

All the features of this section are either the same or similar to the ones mentioned above. Virbela facilitates live videos, polling sections, Q&A sections, webinars, public and private chat rooms, branding booths, and many more.

To conclude, the Virbela app’s feature fosters collaboration and makes the entire virtual meet more delightful. It comprises all the multimedia elements required in an app to be successful.

Develop Virtual Exhibition Platform like virbela

What are the ways to monetize by building a virtual event hosting platform?

Revenue generation is the main motto of developing a virtual event hosting platform. And if you design a fantastic app, there are maximum chances for you to earn good revenue using it. The various monetizing ways from the virtual exhibition platform are:

Paid app:

In order to release a paid app, it should be worth the download price. The application should provide extraordinary features and experiences like never before. Personalized rooms for one-to-one chat and networking features should be the key takeaway from your app.


You can publish advertising banners of various brands on your app in exchange for a small token fee.

Ticket incentive:

Participants gladly download the application if they are offered an incentive or a discount for using the app. You can make the best use of this philosophy and allow event aggregators to provide participants with some discounts over downloads.

Partner with other apps:

It is a great way to earn money from your virtual exhibition app. You can think of collaborating with other brands offering services relatable to your platform. This way, your application has the potential to handle multiple tasks simultaneously while users do not have to juggle between the apps.

What is the cost to develop a virtual exhibition app?

Virtual exhibition app development cost is expected to be around $25K to $30K. This is because a lot of effort and brainstorming goes into the process of building a virtual conferencing application.

You need to take care of the Live streaming features, astonishing front-end designing, errorless back-end development, and many more. It is the most demanding solution of current times. The virtual conferencing mobile application/web application should bring the best of both the world, virtual world, and real world.

You should optimize the audio and video quality, and also, the data should be encrypted. All of these come at the price mentioned above, which may vary depending on the extra features and functionalities you add to it.

The future is virtual

We hope this blog convinces you of how the world will make the shift towards virtual reality and what remarkable experiences it can help you create. If you are planning to develop a virtual exhibition app platform, then contact us. We will help you in making the best user experiences and assist you with application development.Do share this blog if you have loved reading it.

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