On-demand Water Bottle Delivery App Development

“Pure water is the World’s first and foremost medicine” - Slovakian Proverb.

“Thousands Have Lived Without Love, Not One Without Water” – W.H.Auden

Humans can not survive without water, and it is the prerequisite of any living being on earth. Unmindful wastage and water scarcity have inspired many young entrepreneurs to develop an on-demand water bottle delivery app to serve the people in need. Are you one of them who wishes to contribute to this noble cause by developing an on-demand water bottle delivery app development? Read this blog and find out the essential features of Uber for the Water bottle application.

The havoc of the CoronaVirus outbreak has put brick and mortar businesses to question. But, these businesses soon have found their solution by going online. Be it food, grocery, medicines, or pharmacy, people have made their choice and have started ordering online.

Not only this, but entrepreneurs have also digitized the water bottle delivery business even. If you are looking out for an on-demand app development company that would help you get your business online, you can connect with us.

There are pretty interesting facts about why you should think of starting an on-demand water delivery application. Check them out.

A UN report suggests that the world population will grow to 9.7 billion in 2050 and guess what, all of them will need water for survival;

Another report says that around 600 million households consumed water from water bottles in the year 2018;

Water bottles businesses accounted for $7.4 billion in the year 2015;

Don’t you think that it is beneficial to develop an on-demand water bottle delivery application today and mark your position in the rising competition? A drinking water delivery app solution delivers bottled water at the customer’s doorstep at their preferred time. This service can be utilized in the best possible way at workplaces or in office environments, where providing a water facility is a necessity but a difficult job.

The audience loves the concept of a water bottle app solution and always wishes to have things at convenience. They have started appreciating the ease of accessibility of things and fulfilling their daily needs using applications.

So why wait when you can develop a water bottle delivery app so easily?

Cost to Develop Water Bottle Delivery App

Find out what features you should include in your on-demand water delivery app?

User Panel:


Users should be able to create their profile by registering in the application.

Multi-outlet access:

Users can access the nearby store or search for a particular outlet in the application.

Product details and listing:

Users should be allowed to check the listing of an outlet, and the product details in the app.

Filter the outlet:

Users can filter and search for a specific brand of water bottle or search an outlet in the desired area.

Adding to cart:

After selecting the desired product and quantity, the user should be able to add the order in the cart. Allow them to write any special instructions for the delivery purpose, be it a time or date of delivery.

Online payment options:

Allow the user to pay for their orders using their debit/credit card. Integrate various payment gateways for more convenience.

Check Payment history:

Users should be able to view the list of orders placed in the past.

Referral code:

Allow users to use referral code or share it with their friends on various platforms.


Users, satisfied or unsatisfied, should be allowed to leave their experience on the application.

Real-time tracking:

Users should be able to track the location of the delivery person on the map.

Get notification:

Customers should be notified with the confirmation or an update about their order.

Reorder from the history:

Customers can choose the same items from history and repeat the order.

Cancel Order:

Customers can cancel the order after giving an appropriate reason for the same.

Water bottle service provider panel:


Allow the water supplies to register/login to the app by using their email address and password.

Add items in the list:

The service provider should be able to add an item along with product details and prices on the list. They can also set up a new list depending on the category.

Bank details and other documents:

In order to ensure that the service provider is authentic, s/he should be able to submit the bank and other necessary documents. After verification from the admin, they should be able to start their online service within the app.

Manage order:

The service provider should be able to check all the requests made by the users on the screen.

Delivery management:

Allow the service provider to assign a delivery schedule and a delivery person for a particular order based on the location.

Adding items in the stock:

The service providers should be allowed to enter items in the stock and maintain the same manually. They can also list some popular items on their profile.


The service vendor can see the history of details placed or pending in the list along with the invoices.

Price setting:

It depends on how the service provider wishes to manage the tax or delivery charges for the order placed with them. They can also define an order cancellation charge.

Delivery radius:

A water bottle service provider can set his/her preferred location radius within which s/he would be responsible for delivering the service.

GPS tracking:

The service provider should be allowed to navigate through the user’s location by using a GPS facility or any online tracking system within the app.

Admin Panel:

Admin holds the complete responsibility of handling the on-demand water bottle delivery application.

Manage Dashboard:

Admin can manage the dashboard based on the preferences and services given by the app.

Manage deliveries:

Admin can check and manage all the deliveries placed by the users in the app.

Country Management:

Based on the target country, the admin can define the currency and other related sections. The same can be modified if multiple countries are targeted at the same time.

Wallet Management:

Admin can check every single invoice and details of the transaction made within the application. If found any mistake, s/he holds the right to remove a user or service provider from the application.

Push notification:

Admin can send a notification to the user acknowledging them about an offer or discount running on the store.

Earning details:

Admin can see how much daily, weekly orders are placed through the application.

Rate and Review:

Admin can see and manage ratings and feedback left by the customers on the application.

The revenue model for on-demand water bottle delivery app solution:

You can opt for a subscription model for your water bottle delivery app.

Allow third-party to show an advertisement on your on-demand app platform.

You can also opt for a featured listing for a specific service provider.

You can charge a commission or allow the user to tip for delivery service.

What is the workflow of the water delivery app?

Let’s drive-thru the flow of the on-demand water bottle delivery application.

A service provider can register themselves using an email address or phone number;

They set up their location and list products on their listing;

In the same way, a user enters using their credentials;

As soon as they enter their location, they would get connected to the multiple service providers;

Users can explore the products and listings of the various service providers in their area and place an order with them.

As the order is confirmed, the user makes the payment for the same.

The service provider gets the request and accepts it as per the schedule.

On acceptance, the user is notified via message or an email;

The delivery persons track the delivery location of the user and reach the location using the GPS service;

Once the product is delivered, the customer leaves feedback in the application.

Cost to Develop Water Bottle Delivery App

What is the cost of building a water bottle delivery application?

The final cost to develop a water bottle delivery app depends on a variety of factors, including app designing, technology stack, complexity, features, functionality, and more. Also, many companies charge on an hourly basis, so it is difficult to estimate an exact amount of development. However, you can expect the final price to fall between $4000-$7000. You can also hire mobile app developers who would charge their prices differently.


Feel free to contact us for more information about on-demand applications. We ensure that we build a powerful water delivery app that will earn you maximum benefits. So why wait? Grab the perfect application for your business today.

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