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Finally planning to begin your dream start up that you wanted to do for years? Confused regarding which hybrid mobile app development to opt for?

Google’s Flutter is the answer to all your confusions!

Before we even begin to list down reasons for you to choose Flutter for your startup, let’s quickly give you bits of information about Flutter first.

Flutter is a free and open source mobile SDK developed by Google to create Android and iOS mobile apps from the same code base. Flutter can also be considered a solution for creating cross platform apps with beautiful UI. Flutter’s designing views are similar to web applications, so many analogies to HTML/CSS can be found.

Mobile apps have an increased demand in the current scenario due to which more and more start-ups have shifted their app development concerns to mobile app development. With the constant inflow of niche technologies and frameworks for mobile applications, it’s easier for mobile developers to create ingenious mobile applications.

Cross platform app development is gaining more popularity amongst start ups mostly because of its endless advantages. Google’s Flutter is new to mobile app development but creates beautiful native applications and helps develop cross platform apps with ease.

Before you get confused with everything technical, we will get straight to the reasons for choosing Flutter App Development

Pocket Friendly

Budget is one of the major constraints in a start up. The owners are always looking for options that won’t burn a hole in their pocket for every aspect of their start-up, then why not for mobile application development too?

Enter - Flutter!

As you know that Flutter is a mobile SDK to create Android and iOS mobile apps from the same code base, it is understood that you don’t need to hire different developers to build a mobile application for both platforms.Not only in the case of developers but less time taken to develop Flutter apps is also a feather in the hat! Thus, save yourself from all the money and trouble of coordinating individual platform apps by opting for Flutter app development.

Code Once and Run on Multiple Platforms

Developing for multiple platforms is one of the most challenging aspects of creating enterprise applications. As a start-up business owner you only need one team of developers with Flutter instead of multiple teams for creating both iOS and Android apps without compromising on quality.

The “code once” approach can be considered the key advantage of Flutter over other mobile frameworks. Moreover, when its a start-up everything is uncertain. There are times when you want to frequently make changes in your mobile application. The “code once run everywhere” approach of Flutter will help you make changes quickly as it is implemented on every platform in a single go.

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Take the ‘Native’ Approach

An enterprise software usually needs to handle thousands of records and be extremely secure. While native app development will provide you with the end result but the initial overhead costs increase with initial coding and constant support that is provided.

To achieve the required performance and control with native apps, everything was written twice, hiring developers was difficult and compilation time felt like forever. Again, this is where Flutter turned out to be a saviour! If you opt for Flutter app development, the apps will give the same feel as native apps.

User Interface

An interactive mobile user interface design plays a critical role in generating web traffic and increase customer retention. Mobile User Interface design prepared with tools like a series of pages, buttons and other visual elements enhance the visitors experience and help them navigate through the site. Flutter works exceptionally well with proprietary widget sets. In fact, as Flutter has its own set of widgets it is quite helpful when you want a completely customized UI design along with good interoperability and additional native support.

Development and Testing Cycle

Here are some interesting facts to incline you more towards choosing Flutter app development for your start up.

Development Cycle

  • Android Full Compilation - 2:10 sec
  • Android Incremental Compile - 20 sec
  • iOS Full Compilation - 2:40 sec
  • iOS Incremental Compile - 40 Sec

Impressed by the Flutter app development speed? How about testing time?

Android Testing

  • Compile time - 5 sec
  • Run Time - 1.5 sec

iOS Testing

  • Compile Time - 2:40 sec
  • Run Time - 10 sec

Increased Developer Productivity

Experience of developers is quite different with Flutter as compared to other mobile frameworks. Google has introduced the concept of “Hot Reload” in Flutter. Typically when a developer has to make changes in the code, he has to re-compile and re-deploy it. Whereas in the case of Flutter reload the code, go back to emulator and you are right where you started off. Thus, the changes can be seen almost immediately.

As discussed earlier, everything is uncertain in a start-up, every change that you want in your mobile application can be reflected almost immediately.

Increased Developer Productivity - kodytechnolab

Material Design for Native App Experience

Material Design is Flutter’s design language which helps you manage everything right from how the app animates to the shape and color of a button. Google has created the UI library for Flutter, to help you create rapidly a material design experience for iOS and Android apps that behave appropriately. By this we mean that the app scrolls like how an Android or iOS user expects it to. Thus, with Flutter rapidly create a beautiful native app feeling with a single code base.

Let’s Conclude!

Last but not the least, Flutter is so easy to learn that you don’t need prior coding experience. Hiring freshers for your Flutter app development can turn out to be a real cost saving for your start-up. We are pretty sure that by now you are convinced that Flutter is a better option for mobile application needs of your start-up.

Hire Flutter developers for your start-up now!

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