startups prefer costume software solutions

A start-up business is an important milestone in any individual's life. After all their hard work and efforts are put into this one venture.

Don’t you think your start-up deserves the best when it comes to software development?

Meanwhile you give this a question a little thought, we will tell you some benefits of implementing a tailor made software in your start-up!

Solutions Tailored for your Unique Business Needs

A ready made software is made for general business problems. But you don’t have general problems, you have got different problems to deal with. Your start-up consists of a specific team doing work in a specific way. Imagine all the headache you can avoid if you have tools built for your team!

Having a software developed for your unique business needs is certainly the best benefit of using a custom software. A custom solution ensures a tailor made software build only for your business!

Easy to Upgrade

Till date the packaged software has met all your needs. But tomorrow is a new day and the requirements of your business might change. The software that you deploy should be spontaneous to any major or minor changes that occur in your business. A sudden expense of buying or updating new software can be a burden to your start-up.

Instead, having a software built from scratch can resolve the issue without having to buy a new one or make changes to a current one. The capability to evolve along with your business processes can be achieved only with a custom software. Scalability helps the growth of your business without any software restrictions.

Cost Efficient Solution

A custom software seems expensive at the beginning due to their very custom built nature but the price that you pay initially makes up for the multiple losses that you may incur in the future.

In the long run, cost effectiveness of the software will be clearly visible. A packaged software usually needs to be purchased on a yearly basis due to its license renewal. On the contrary, when it comes to a custom solution, there is no such thing as license as you own it.

startups prefer costume software solutions

Multiple Tasks with a Single Software

While deploying a ready made software you need to opt for multiple solutions for your start-up. One general program cannot fulfil your varied business objectives. Implementation of many software programs makes business operations more highly complex. A custom software, could however be designed to cater to all your business needs. Thus, creating a more streamlined, convenient, efficient and economical solution.


A packaged software is comparatively sold faster which means that the customer support you receive from them can be limited or in various cases none. On the other hand, a custom software development company will provide you assistance almost immediately as soon as you reach out to them due to a selective client base.

Another thing to consider is that since the custom software service providers are readily available for any queries, the software can be maintained for as long as you need. Therefore, investment in custom development will definitely be helpful to your start-up at all times in case of emergencies such as software crash, downtime or similar situations that are out of your control.

They Work the Way you want

One of the most common problems faced by businesses while using a ready made software is that they are forced to alter some of their business processes in order to fully utilize the software.

Whereas custom applications are build in order to align with your business requirements. So, the final solution is based on your feedbacks during the development stages to ensure it works the way you want. In this way, you end up with a customized software including all the necessary functionalities that your business can make optimum use of. As a result, it will simplify the entire business process and save time as well as efforts.

startups prefer costume software solutions

Enhanced Security

A ready made software solution is used by many enterprises, whereas a custom business application ensures that your business information and internal processes remain secure. The reason for enhanced security is that no other business is using it.

Choosing a customized software can safeguard your start-up from any external threats. Majority of successful hacking attempts are a result of hackers exploiting the vulnerabilities in the commonly used software. A customized software is a less attractive target as the hackers will have to put in efforts to learn how to breach the system.

Quick Reporting

Reporting is an essential activity of any business especially a start-up to keep a tab on all the progress in work. Instead of spending hours to find data in your excel sheets, all you can do is retrieve a summarized report from your customized application and use the inputs effectively to achieve your goals.

For instance, you can get all the client related information in a database and get customized reports for each of them. You can get past reports, potential client information, invoices, best selling product or services information etc.

All of this from a single software in a few clicks!

Risk Level

As discussed earlier, with customized application development your software can be maintained for as long as you want. Whereas, in the case of an off-the-shelf software you will be completely dependent on your software provider. Just in case they went bankrupt or decide to no longer maintain the application, your business will be highly affected along with the data.

We all know how important it is for a start-up to retain all it’s data. In such a case you will be left with two options. Either you change your business processes or find a vendor that provides a similar solution. In both the cases it will be a sudden expense which is difficult for a start-up to cope up with.

Final Thoughts

There are a few factors that determine the success of a start-up at the initial stage and a software is one of them. Therefore, it is better to make a careful selection between a ready made software and a customized application based on your business requirements.

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