Wines and Spirits Delivery App Development

The infusion of technology in every industry is making physical shopping a thing of the past. Today, a very less percentage of people would prefer to visit retail stores over eCommerce shopping & online shopping stores. Online buying looks “trendy and comfy” to the customers.

Well, Uber likes apps for various shopping industries like grocery, clothing, pet-care, child-care, cash-wash, and many others have just made it easy for people to swipe and shop. This on-demand app development covers wine delivery app development too.

Customers love ordering their favorite beer online and getting it delivered at the doorstep. The online delivery service turns out to be a savior especially when you are running out of time and have a gathering at home. Customers quickly tap on the available liquor delivery app solution on the mobile, select their favorite wine, and place the order.

The COVID-19 times has not only forced people to go for online shopping but also made them realize the comfort they will have from an online application. And this is the main reason why all the businesses turn their business-specific tables and focus on delivering a high-quality mobile application.

Suppose you own a liquor store or wish to develop a store that will sell wines and spirits from various brands. In that case, it is the right time to opt for wine delivery app development. By developing a mobile app, you will see how your sales skyrocket and how you start unlocking various business possibilities. If we believe the reports, the industry is expected to grow around 11%. Another report shows that the alcohol drink market revenue was $1,528,745 million in the year 2019.

For the ones who own the business, you can keep track of the business dealings and other analytics, and for the customers, it allows them to track the order in real-time.

There are several other benefits that your customers and business will have by developing a wine delivery app development service.

For business:

You have a chance to maximize the revenue by engaging customers on the application;

You do not have to manage the inventory manually. Everything is automated and manageable;

You can have a better Return on Investment;

By integrating classic features, you can earn maximum profits;

Especially in covid times, you can avoid cash transactions by developing an application.

For Users:

Users can easily buy products of their favorite brand;

Users can order alcoholic beverages at any time of the day;

Users do not have to stand in long queues and wait for their order;

Even users can avoid cash transactions by using the application;

Users have a variety of branded liquor option to choose from;

Well, if the benefits and profit figures inspire you to develop wine and spirits delivery apps, we suppose the design of the Tannic app will leave you stunned. Tannic is the largest Italian wine shop in the world. It provides more than 13,000 red, white, and sparkling wines & spirits to the users. This application is a unique solution developed with passion and love for various wines. The intuitive navigation and exquisite display of features is something that has attracted maximum users.

We definitely recommend our clients to make an app like Tannic if they are seeking a wine delivery app development solution.

Cost to Develop an App like Tannic

How will a wine delivery app development work?

The functioning of this application is similar to any other on-demand app development solution.Customers log into the app using email-id or social media accounts. Further, they look out for the options in the search feature. They can either use a brand name, liquor type, or store name to do a smart search. Next, they add their items into the cart and proceed to checkout.

At this stage, customers pay for the purchased items either via credit card or debit card, or net banking. The payment type depends on the payment gateways you integrate within the application. Lastly, the order is delivered at the customer’s location.

What are the business models available for doing a liquor delivery business?

There are three business models that you can choose from.

1. Aggregator application:

In this business model, you develop a platform that connects the buyers and the sellers. Customers visit the application, browse products, and place an order. The seller receives the order and delivers it as per the schedule. In return, they pay your platform a specific fee for using it.

2. Brand-specific application:

If you are already into the liquor business and wish to take it online, you develop a wine and spirits delivery app specifically selling your store’s products.

3. Marketplace application:

In this business model, you allow any liquor dealer to come and sell their alcoholic beverages. The seller is responsible for handling the inventory and managing the orders on their own.

For earning through the application, you can either go for,

Commission model: This revenue model allows you to charge a specific amount, often referred to as commission, for every sale made using the app.

Featured listing: Every liquor delivery wants to be in the spotlight for increasing their business sales. You can charge them an amount and show their brands in the featured listing section of the application.

In-app advertisements: Another popular revenue model is in-app advertisements. Here you showcase advertisements of various brands/products or businesses on your platform at the cost of a specific amount.

In the next section, we will look at the list of features to be included in the wine delivery app development.

A wine delivery app solution will consist of four different screens, namely, customers’ screen, admin panel, Delivery executive, and Sellers’ screen. We will look into the features of each section, respectively.

Customers’ screen:


Smart Search;

Order history;

Payment Gateway Integration;

Order scheduling;

Discounts and Offers;

Feedbacks and Reviews;


Order tracking;

Real-time push notifications;

Cost calculator;


Multiple address option;

Share product;

Digital invoice;

In-app chat.

Admin Panel:

Store management;

Gallery management;

Staff and vendor management;

Order management;

Product listing management;

Proms/Discounts/Offers management;

Advertisement management;

Notification, Email, and SMS management;

Customer management;



Reviews/Feedback management;

Delivery executive’s screen:


Accept/Reject Delivery;

View all orders;

Check payment history;

Check reviews and feedback;

Update order status;

View customer location;

GPS integration for navigation;

View order details;

Wine & spirit seller screen::


Add & manage drinks;

Add & manage beverages;

View Reviews/Ratings;

Manage product prices;

Accept/Reject Order;

Real-time order management;

Reports and Analytics;

Inventory management;


In-app chat with the customer;

What is the technology stack to develop an alcohol delivery application?

Well, mobile application development undergoes a series of processes, and a technology stack is an important part of it. Before the selection, you need to go for Lean Canvassing, PRD preparation, and focus on good design /Wireframing, which will help you select the tech stack for your project.

The available tech stack options for your project is,

Database: HBase, MongoDB, Cassandra, Postgres;

Platform: Android, iOS, Web;

Push notifications:, Twilio;

Cloud environment: Azure, Google, AWS;

Navigation: Google Map;

Payment gateway: Stripe, PayPal, BrainTree, Net Banking, e-Wallets;

Cost to Develop an App like Tannic

What does the wine delivery app development cost?

The cost of the wine delivery application will be around $25K to $30k. However, this price may vary depending on the variation of features you include in your application. There are several other factors that also add to the final cost of app development.

Location of the development company;

Tech Stack;

Platform selection;

UI/UX Design;



Third-party libraries;

Hourly rates;

Number of hours;

It is important that you talk to an expert app development company who would give you an accurate estimate of app development. You should discuss your project expectations and feature-wish list for getting the cost of app development from them.

Different app development companies cover different things, and hence their charges may vary. Some of them provide you a complete package, while others might just focus on the application design depending on their area of expertise.


Liquor has become a part of human lives. Even if we do not drink it, we may need it in our house for social gatherings. Hence, every millennial prefers to order alcoholic beverages online and keep them at home.

The emergence of on-demand applications has anticipated liquor owners to come up with an online solution that assists in instant liquor delivery. If you are into the liquor delivery business and wish to develop an app for your growing business, you can connect with us. We are an expert in developing on-demand beer and wine delivery services application.

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