Lotus was created with the aim to provide its users the option to practice Yoga & Meditation at their own convenience. It helped all those people who could not always manage to go to a Yoga class as well as keep track of their health by practicing Yoga.

Project idea

Lotus is a Yoga & Meditation app with an engaging user experience for people who want to keep up their fitness but can’t attend classes regularly.

Target audience

Lotus is meant for the millennials and mostly for women who are a fan of having a healthy lifestyle but can’t regularly attend a yoga class or prefer practicing yoga from the comfort of their homes.

Project Challenges

  • People who want to start practicing Yoga
  • People who want to practice Yoga at home but need some guidance
  • People who travel frequently but need to keep practicing Yoga


The client was provided with a Yoga app solution with video classes that can run both online and offline as well as a means to communicate with the instructors. Furthermore, features such as keeping track of their health and yoga sessions were included too.


The client provided us with ideas on:
  • The target audience
  • Aim of the application
  • Revenue model
After thorough analysis of the client’s idea we devised a plan:
  • 3 weeks of research and planning was needed
  • Back to back meetings with the client to understand their expectations
  • Business analyst prepared a requirement document along with an estimated project deadline
After internal discussion, the end result was:
  • Wireframes
  • Non Disclosure Agreement
  • Testing plan

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Wireframe & Design

Once the requirements of the project were clear, our team of designers started working on the wireframes and final design of the application.

Development Process

After client approved the design, we began working on the actual Yoga and meditation app development process.


Yoga Sessions

One of the key features in any Yoga application are yoga sessions which your audience definitely expects to see. Videos recorded by the teachers or images to show exercises are a sure shot way to connect with the audience.



The dashboard will provide the users with an option to choose their difficulty level of Yoga as well as exercises as per specific problems. Thus, it will act as a quick link to whatever your requirement is.


Overall Progress

This page in the application will show you the outcome of your Yoga practice sessions. The user can view the overall progress in their health since the time they have started practicing Yoga & Meditation.

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Technology stack

Here is an exclusive list of technologies that helped us successfully complete the project.

Lisa T. Holmes

Owner, Lotus

“We are satisfied by the application we received from Kody Technolab. The team knew exactly what they were doing and were extremely clear about the crucial points in the project as it could have changed the course of the project. Overall an extremely responsive and hard working team.”

Het Shah

Project manager

“We enjoyed working with Lotus. Polishing the business logic and user experience turned out to be quite a challenge but we don’t have any complaints as we are happy with the end result that we managed to achieve. “