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How to Prepare a Budget Forecast & Reduce the Cost of Hiring Flutter Developers   


When it comes to hiring a Flutter developer, the hiring budget can vary significantly between companies. Generally speaking, a startup might have a limited budget, while a larger business might have more financial resources to draw upon. As such, the right budget for a company to meet the Flutter developer’s hourly rate depends on various factors and the scope of the project. It’s essential to consider the amount of experience that you need in your new hire, as well as the market rate for the talent. 

The hiring budget is one of the most important aspects of any hiring plan. It is essential to clearly understand the cost of hiring a Flutter developer. The size of the company, the complexity of the project, and the level of expertise required for the job also affect the budget planning for a company to hire a Flutter developer. Additionally, it is crucial to factor in other costs, such as taxes, benefits, and training costs. 

Getting a little deep, a hiring budget is a financial plan that outlines the amount of money allocated for recruiting purposes. It is important to consider the right budget when hiring a Flutter developer, as the cost of hiring may vary depending on the company’s needs. For example, a company may choose to hire a full-time Flutter developer, or they may opt to outsource the work to a freelance developer. This decision will determine the budget required for the hiring process. 

Budget-related Challenges of hiring Flutter developers  

According to Paul Graham, founding partner of Y Combinator, it is impossibly hard for people with no tech experience to identify and hire good programmers. “So how do you pick good programmers if you’re not a programmer? I don’t think there’s an answer. I was about to say you’d have to find a good programmer to help you hire people. But how would you even do that if you can’t recognize good programmers?” Graham says. 

As a result, you only end up hiring Flutter developers who just look suitable but are not. And that may cost you a lot more than just money. 

That’s not it. There are more challenges you may encounter while finding the “good Flutter programmer,” such as: 

More often than not, companies have to bear the additional cost in order to source potential Flutter developers. If you are a CEO or CTO, you must hire HR or recruitment agencies to search for potential Flutter developers for your project. Now how long it would take is hard to tell, as finding good developers is like finding a needle in a haystack. 

There are job portals where developers create their profiles to be found by recruiters. On the flip side, in order to contact them, companies and recruiters have to pay an upfront fee or buy a subscription plan. However, there will be no guarantee that you will find a suitable Flutter developer. Hence, you will keep paying every month until your requirement goes on. That’s a drag. 

Since you don’t have any Flutter experience, you will have to learn Flutter or employ an experienced developer to conduct the interview. Each interview will take a significant time for your developers and disturb their workflow. Consequently, there will be more waste of time. 

Suppose your HR sources the right candidate from the portal you subscribed and the candidate passes the interview your developer takes. You finalize them and are ready to onboard, but they do not show up on the date of joining. Yes, it happens. They might get a better opportunity, or anything may come up. At the end of the day, your time and resources get wasted for nothing. 

Your project may require additional expertise. So, you will also need to invest in training after hiring in-house Flutter developers; it will be your responsibility. Given when their knowledge expands, so will the final output. But there is no guarantee the developer you are spending on training for will last even till the project delivery.  

It is the biggest challenge for non-technical CEOs and recruiters to avoid wrong hiring. Even technology companies also suffer from this when they cut developers too much slack. When you find out you have hired the wrong developer, all the costs of a recruitment agency, hiring time, and effort all go down the drain. Additionally, you might have to pay severance packages and potentially legal fees to safeguard your reputation in the market. 

What factors affect the cost of hiring Flutter developers? 

Developers’ location is one of the most catalytic factors that affect their rates. When you decide to leverage the global talent pool by hiring Flutter developers remotely, you will see the dramatic fluctuation in rates in different continents.  

For example, on average, Flutter developers from the USA charge $50 to $150 or more per hour. On the other hand, Flutter developers from an Asian country like India charge about $20 to $40 per hour. We will expand on this difference later in this blog. 

Developers’ hourly rates also depend on their experience. Given that experienced developers can complete the task faster than a developer who has delivered just a couple of projects. 

However, utter is roughly five years old technology, which means there will be Flutter developers with a maximum of 5 years of experience. They may have worked as a mobile app developer for 7 to 10 years. But cannot have more than 5 years of hands-on experience with Flutter.   

At Kody Technolab, our Android and iOS developers have been playing with Flutter since its dawn. As a result, they have become the best of both worlds as they can leverage native experience to create extraordinary cross-platform apps. 

Industry-specific experienced developers charge a bit higher than Flutter developers working for general industries. Suppose you want to develop or convert your legacy app into Flutter. Would you rather hire Flutter developers who have created social media apps or complex legacy apps? The former ones, right? Even if they charge more, you will bet on them as they already know how to carry out such projects. 

After delivering numerous projects belonging to a specific industry, developers gain the next level of knowledge of that market. Consequently, now they can easily understand what the audience would expect from the solution their client is about to build. Hence, the solution crafted by industry expert developers is more likely to be successful and fruitful for the company.  

Another crucial aspect that can alter the Flutter developer rates is the pricing model. You can hire Flutter developers according to your project requirements based on the available hiring models, such as part-time, dedicated, project-based, or hourly. In each engagement model, the hourly rate and benefits of hiring may differ a bit. Think of it as Amazon Prime plans. You will save more when you subscribe for quarterly and annual than monthly.   

The more complex your project, the more you may need to pay. It is because the Flutter developers who understand the complexity of your project will obviously charge more than those who don’t. By complex project, I mean an app that requires advanced features besides general ones, a custom UI/UX design, and multi-platform availability.  

How long your project is going to be may also affect the Flutter developer rate. For example, building a static app that doesn’t require connecting to the internet or database may not take much time or demand long-term performance observation. Hence, developers may charge their average rate to develop such apps.   

However, Flutter developers are likely to charge average to high rates to build an app that will require frequent updates, performance enhancement, and post-development maintenance. Or they may gradually increase their charges as the project complexity increases.  

Okay, those were factors affecting Flutter developers’ hourly rates. Now, if you want to lessen these factors’ effects and save more, just keep going on!  

How many ways can you hire Flutter developers? 

Hiring Flutter developers in-house and bearing all their expenses or paying freelance Flutter developers high hourly rates are not the only options. The blog aims to provide a strategy to help you save like a boss without compromising on quality, and so it will. So, let us explore how you can hire Flutter developers and save more. 


It is easy to gain access to a vast talent pool by outsourcing your Flutter project, with offshore or onshore developers working with Flutter daily. The best part is you get all the services in one predefined package, which includes timely delivery, post-development support, and iteration in response to your feedback. The best part, there will be neither overtime pay nor statutory pay.  


It’s evident by its name that freelance Flutter developers work remotely. You can find freelance Flutter developers on platforms like Upwork, Topper, LinkedIn, etc. They work independently and on more than one project simultaneously, so I would not recommend hiring freelancers, even though it’s affordable. However, I wouldn’t recommend hiring freelancers unless you have a less critical task or job to complete. 

Full-time engagement model 

Flutter development companies, just like outsourcing, offer exclusive, robust app development services for long-term projects. You can hire Flutter developers from them when you need to extend your existing team or get your project developed by professionals. 

The Flutter developers work exclusively on your project and are directly affiliated with the company, so you won’t have to bear maintenance costs like with an in-house team. This results in the exact solution that you describe in your requirement, aligned with what you want.  After witnessing the rising demand for hiring remote cross-platform app developers worldwide, we have compiled an ultimate list of Top Flutter Development companies to ease your journey. So, ensure you do check out and save the list.

How can I hire flutter developers under my budget without compromising on the skillset?  

There is no shortcut to cutting the cost of hiring Flutter developers. But there is a strategy you can learn and apply to ensure your hiring doesn’t go beyond your budget. The plan is to understand how the cost of hiring Flutter developers is split into different segments. When you know what area in the app development takes how many hours, you will be able to strategize your project and, thus, budget. So, would you rather start small and save bucks or spend your fortune to create the final product?  

If you also love saving money, then read on for the sake of the information worth thousands of bucks but we are giving away just to reduce your money wastage. Because that is what we do! 

Cost-effectiveness By The Complexity Of Mobile App Development 

It’s the universal truth that your mobile application’s complexity level plays a significant role in the development cost. The same term applies to Flutter mobile development. There are multiple stages where this complexity level is associated with the app development process and extends the time and cost. For example, 

App Type: 

Mobile App Categories: 

Considering Build Fire’s rough guide on the cost to hire developers to design different categorized apps 

All in all, you need to resolve the below cases to figure out what it would take you to hire Flutter developers. 

Options for hiring remote Flutter developers 

Whether you hire developers from Flutter App Development Company in India or the USA, there will be multiple models or packages. These packages are called engagement models and are designed differently to make it easier for software clients to get started. So mainly, you find three types of engagement models- part-time, hourly hiring, and a dedicated team. 

The cost highly depends on the model you choose to have developers work on your project. Besides, each model comes with its own benefits and drawbacks. Hence, it would be safer if you analyze your end goals before making any choice. 

Part-Time Hiring Model: 

Suppose you have a project that needs ongoing support, and there is not enough work to hire dedicated developers. If that is the case, then the part-time hiring model is for you. You can expect it to be less expensive as you hire developers for a few hours a month. They work on your project on a mutually agreed schedule, and you have complete control over them during that period. 

Hourly Hiring: 

The usage-based hourly model may work well if your project lacks expertise and/or needs more developers temporarily. You can also go with it to upgrade new features, migrate your app to a new platform, or there are any less urgent tasks. Developers work as they are instructed, and the billing is done as per actual hours. However, you need to properly plan for resources in advance to avoid waiting. 

Outsourcing Dedicated Development Team: 

If we were to follow hiring trends, then outsourcing a dedicated app development team is one of the most followed and successful. Your team would theoretically consist of a project manager, flutter developers, designers, testers, and resources based on your requirements. The paramount convenience of the model is that there will be a full-fledged army working on your project. Outsourcing a dedicated team from offshore or nearshore is the best idea for long-term and comparatively larger projects. 

“But hey, ever had a question why outsource Flutter developers rather than hire in-house?”  

So, get ready for the shower of reasons why you should hire Flutter developers from an outsourcing agency situated in another corner of the world.  

Get the ultimate interview questionnaire for free to ensure you hire the best Flutter developers.

Why outsourcing flutter developer is better for saving the cost of hiring flutter programmers 

I think it’s better to understand the whole concept of outsourcing Flutter developers by comparing it with the in-house approach side-by-side. So, let’s get to it. 

Particular Outsourcing  In-house  
Workplace  Remote location On your side 
Wages to pay Hourly or project-based fix  Monthly salary 
Statutory benefits  Handled by the agency who offer Flutter developers for hire Everything will be on you that roughly account for 20% of the salary 
Hardware  Will bear by the agency You will have to provide every hardware and software 
Team expansion Easily scale up or down the number of developers working on your project without recruitment hassle. You will need to hire an agency or HR to recruit Flutter developers, which is not child’s play. Moreover, the recruitment agency will take an average of 10% of the developer’s annual salary, which is enough to make a hole in your pocket. 
Conflict management Just reports the concerned agency and you’ll easily get a skillful replacement in no time. You might get into a debate and fire someone and start the recruitment all over again. 
Termination  Requires a prior 30 days’ notice. Dismissal conversation that will leave you with a heavy heart. 
Accountability  Quality assurance with a clearly defined scope of work and responsibilities. If a developer blows up something, you will need to hire higher expertise to solve the issues that may extend the project timeline. 
Downtime  They usually have other projects lined up, so they strive to complete the project on given deadlines.  Since they are permanent in your organization, they work slowly and have more downtime. 
Overall cost Fixed cost and monthly or weekly payment. Salary to pay until they resign or you relieve them from the organization. 

How much do flutter developers charge per hour? 

When calculating the cost of software development, the developers’ location is no exception. Needless to say, the cost of living differs dramatically in different countries, which significantly impacts the rate of development. No matter if you hire freelancers or outsource a dedicated team of developers, the cost sharply varies geographically. Let’s peek into the average rate for Flutter development in different countries.

North America (USA & Canada)

Flutter Developer Hourly Rate: $45 – $74/hr

In North America, particularly in the USA, Flutter developers charge an average hourly rate of $45 to $74. The wide range is attributed to the high demand for mobile development expertise and the region’s robust tech industry presence, leading to competitive rates for skilled developers.


Flutter Developer Hourly Rate: $50 – $150/hr

European rates for Flutter developers start from $50 and can go up to $150 per hour, depending on the developer’s experience and the project’s complexity. 

Basically, the higher end of the spectrum often reflects developers with specialized skills or those working in countries with higher living costs.


Flutter Developer Hourly Rate: $20 – $40/hr

In Asia, the hourly rates for Flutter developers tend to be lower, ranging from $20 to $40, given the region’s cost of living and the competitive nature of the tech market. Still, the region includes a large pool of developers. However, the rates can vary significantly between countries, reflecting differences in economic conditions and the local demand for tech talent.


Flutter Developer Hourly Rate: $50 – $100/hr

Australian Flutter developers typically charge between $50 and $100 per hour. The country’s strong economy and high demand for tech innovation drive these rates. 

Latin America

Flutter Developer Hourly Rate: $30 – $50/hr

In Latin America, the hourly rate for Flutter developers is generally between $30 and $50. However, the cost of living and economic conditions in various countries across Latin America influence the rate variability.

How much do veteran Flutter developers charge hourly? – charges by experience level 

Developers’ skills, expertise, and experience differ with years and the number of projects they deliver, and so do their charges. Primarily, you find two types of developers based on their proficiency:  

Junior developers with 0-1 year of experience and intermediate; 

Senior developers with 2-5+ years.  

Speaking of Flutter, developers you encounter are more likely to be mid-level skilled since the technology has been around for some years now. 

Nevertheless, the average salary of a skilled Flutter software developer in the USA falls around $84000 PA. Therefore, again, the ball is in your court, and it depends on your project requirements. Whether you should hire skilled Flutter developers or juniors who can get the job done. 

What makes hiring Indian flutter developers a fair deal for businesses? 

Remember I mentioned the factors affecting the hourly rate of Flutter developers to elaborate on why Indian Flutter developers’ rates differ dramatically from other countries. So, let us dig deeper into this and find out why this is so. 

Highly cost-effective 

Companies outsource their software development tasks to India primarily to save money. When you consider all the additional operational costs that come into play, such as office space rent, electricity charges, and more, then the savings you get from outsourcing software development to India become significantly higher than hiring an in-house team.  

So, outsourcing software development to India is an excellent option if you’re looking for cost savings. Additionally, this allows you to invest time in core competencies rather than managing in-house developers. 

No recruitment hassle 

Since Indian software agencies offer their skillful and experienced Flutter developers for hire at cost-effective rates, you can bid adieu to your recruitment struggles. Every resource you need for Flutter development will be available at a Flutter development company. So, you don’t have to bother interviewing any candidate anymore. 

Large Pool of Talent 

According to a report, India is one of the top two countries for software development outsourcing based on digital competitiveness, total workforce, population, and literacy rate. Besides, India has a considerably larger number of Flutter developers. Meaning you get many options to choose from and never settle for less than high-quality Flutter apps. 

Cutting-edge technology expertise  

Given the high outsourcing rate in India, Flutter developers, specifically at Kody Technolab, keep themselves up to date with what is happening in the market. Hence, while outsourcing your Flutter developers from India, you don’t have to worry about the competitive advantage.  

The highest rate of successful software service outsourcing  

On the 2021 Kearney Global Services Location Index, India ranks 1st (out of 60 countries) with an overall score of 7.09. This index evaluates the countries’ ability to deliver services based on factors such as financial potential, talent availability, business environment, and digital resonance. – Time Doctor 

So, we discussed nearly everything about the cost to Flutter developers and Flutter developers’ hourly rate. Now, let us talk a little about what it would cost to convert any existing app into Flutter. 

How much would it cost to hire flutter developers just to convert my existing app into flutter? 

There may be occasions when you are required to convert your existing app written in a native programming language into Flutter. For example, you want to add additional functionality but don’t have enough time to code them individually in Android and iOS.   

Fortunately, Flutter has a unique power called add-to-app, allowing you to integrate it as a library or module into your existing application piecemeal. Later you can import this module into your iOS and Android application and render a part of your app UI in Flutter. You can also use Dart logic as a shared library.  

Now, you may wonder, “How much do Flutter developers charge to do that?” So, let’s get to the business. Before that, do not miss out on our guide to gain an understanding of how to convert your existing app into Flutter.  

How much does it cost to integrate Flutter into an existing mobile app? 

Well, converting your existing app into Flutter is the relatively most cost-effective way to Leverage Flutter’s power. Because you don’t have to rewrite the entire code in Flutter. However, the same as we discussed earlier in the blog, there are some factors that may affect the cost of converting your app into Flutter. Such as,  

On average, it takes from $5000 to $30000 to convert your existing app into Flutter based on your requirements. Or else you can hire Flutter developers at the rate of $20 to $40 from India’s one of the fastest growing Flutter companies, Kody Technolab. 

Are you confident enough to hire flutter developers now? 

Even though Flutter is a new cross-platform technology comparatively, it’s pretty much more popular than its counterparts because of its technical superiority. Hence, companies of all industry verticals are rushing to employ Flutter in their technology stack. However, when the recession is on edge and can strike the global economy at any time, it is not safe to bear the cost of hiring Flutter developers in-house.  

The safest bet is to hire remote Flutter developers in such a situation. But with multiple options to hire Flutter developers remotely (freelancers, dedicated, part-time, etc.), confusion arises in choosing the right one. The real struggle is for the CEO and CTO trying to hire Flutter developers without technical experience.  

Thankfully, there is an option to outsource the resources, and companies like Kody Technolab exist. At Kody Technolab, you can find suitable Flutter developers at a fair rate as we have a giant pool of Flutter talent. 

Moreover, our Flutter developers also have native app development experience, as they were doing the same before Flutter arrived. Consequently, they can build amazing cross-platform apps leveraging Flutter and Dart’s ability that feel and look precisely like Native iOS and Android apps. 

Flutter also allows you to create apps for desktops, wearables, windows, and up to six different platforms from a single codebase. And Kody’s Flutter developer will help you if you want to offer this robust connectivity for your app users.

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