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How to Hire Flutter Developers? [Includes 50 Questions For the Interview] 

how to hire flutter developers
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What will we discuss and how will we help CEOs and CTOs to Hire Flutter Developers?

Technology vision and its execution are paramount when it comes to project development as it defines the future state of the company. Along with the vision execution, there are other multiple affairs in which you (CEOs and CTOs) are put against the wall such as which product to release, which geography to enter, which features to add, how to ensure the budgets adhere, how to manage investors’ expectations, the establishment of the right teams, etc.

These operational tasks are vying for your attention in the organization and it becomes a period of great turmoil to decide the priority of tasks. But, isn’t that too much to handle? Truth be said, being the company’s leaders, it becomes vital to learn how to resolve the conflict.

Out of this grandeur list of tasks, we will be discussing technology selection here and the best practices to hire proficient developers in the selected technology.

How will we help?

Technology selection decides the quality and integrity of the business and technological challenges. This can be easily solved by strategizing the hiring of development teams, be they offshore or onshore. For this to happen perfectly, you need a skilled outsourcing company. And there comes the role of a technological prowess holding company.

Well, we are in a position to consult you in the best possible conduct. We (Kody Technolab) hold a strong stance in helping CTOs and CEOs in the hiring aspect. We are happy to help you solve one of the crucial app development tasks: Hiring resources. 

Which technology did we choose and Why did we choose Flutter?

Technology selection is a significant brainstorming task because you need to utilize technology that the market demands. If we look at the current adoption of iOS over Android, it seems peremptory to develop a dynamic application accessible across multiple platforms.

Flutter is a maestro in this segment of cross-platform app development. It has ruled out all the drawbacks of cross-platform app development and gained immense love from the community.

This is why there is rising demand and difficulty as well in hiring Flutter developers. We will provide a fix for this problem. As mentioned above, our goal is to make you comfortable hiring Flutter developers.

We will go step-by-step into the process of hiring and also acknowledge you with all the nitty-gritty requirements. 

For the records: This article is backed by our research, and experience in client handling, and will help you in hiring the finest team of Flutter developers.

Table Of Contents

  1. Introduction
  1. Why are Flutter developers high in demand?
  1. What should be your approach toward hiring Flutter developers?
  2. How to hire Flutter developers?
  3. How should you consult a software agency with your Flutter project?
  1. Where will you find the right team of Flutter developers?
  2. How will you choose your country for outsourcing your project or hiring developers?
  1. Which are the top 5 Flutter development companies in India?
  2. What makes Kody Technolab different from other competitors?
  3. What should be the ideal budget for Flutter app development?
  4. How to select the right team from an outsourcing company (Our secret guide)
  5. How long is the onboarding process for hiring developers?
  6. Concluding Thoughts

Let us discuss why there is rising demand for Flutter developers.

Flutter is definitely the most sought-after technology of Generation Alpha. Software engineers are flocking to be called “Flutter developers”. And as they say, supply is directly proportional to demand, there are hundreds of thousands of developers who register themselves in the flutter community to become ace Flutter developers.

Even though flutter technology’s learning curve is easy, not everybody succeeds. The implementation is solely dependent on the skills of software developers. And the ones who master it, are hired by the top Flutter development companies.

This leaves you with very limited options for hiring Flutter developers and that is where any CTO’s and CEO’s vulnerability lies. Nevertheless, we have simplified the hiring process to a great extent.

Keep reading further to know,

Why is Flutter in demand and what all things can Flutter help you accomplish?

Flutter is a classic cross-platform mobile app development framework used globally. Flutter can cover a huge number and types of applications under its umbrella. Why it is in high demand, let’s find out.

Click below to download our curated checklist.

How can you utilize Flutter at its best?

Flutter’s package ecosystem extends support to multiple hardware and services. In order to know how you can make the best use of Flutter, it is important for you to know what you are building.

Meaning, do you want to build a music streaming application or a journal app like Reflectly, or a game application?

Your application type can be categorized into three different groups, small, medium, or large-sized applications.

 Small size appMedium size appEnterprise app
Development time2 to 3 monthsUp to 4 months8 to 10 months
Cost of app developmentUnder $10,000Between $10,000 to $30,000Can go up to $1,00,000

Small-sized applications will give your business visibility and can be built at a very cost-effective price (hardly costs $10000). It is the best choice when you are running with minimum time and effort.

The budget range of medium-sized applications is usually between $10,000 to $30,000. However, for this app-sized development, you will need developers having experience of nearly 2 years in Flutter.

Let us explain this by citing an app types example here:

App typeFeatures: Expected time of completionCharges
On-demand appSignup, add to cart, order status, payment gateway integration, User profile, and GPS support.Up to 500 hoursUnder $10,000
Music streamingStreaming protocols, chatbox, push notifications, multiple third-party integrations, camera usage, etc,Up to 700 hoursBetween $10,000 to $30,000
Game app2D,3D animations, voice notes, chat box,multiple integrations, notifications, user profileUp to 1000 hoursCan go up to $1,00,000

Once you know what you want to build using Flutter, it is the time to connect yourself with an elite & experienced Flutter development company.

The experts can very well explain how you can use hot reload functions, widget integrations, and a lot more that Flutter has to offer. Flutter has that x-factor required to develop a cluster-free app. You can read more about how flutter works here.

Also, it is equally important to know when you should switch to Flutter.

When will you know that you need Flutter for app development?

Flutter’s implementation can be gigantic. If you wish to develop a 2D cross-platform application or a highly demanding app, Flutter is the ultimate choice.

Also, if you are running with a shortage of time and money, Flutter can be your savior.

When should you switch to Flutter? 

  1. It is better to switch to Flutter when your code is going haywire and you do not know what code will change with the function.
  2. Also, when you desire to launch your app on iOS and Android both, without disturbing the codebase, it is best to switch to Flutter.
  3. Flutter’s underpinning language is Dart, whose learning curve is easy, which is also one of the reasons why you would find a pool of developers in the market. This will give you huge access to a bundle of Flutter developers for hire.

Is it possible to convert your existing application to Flutter?


Do you believe that the above reasons are compelling enough to make a swift switch to Flutter? If you are now thinking about how you will convert your existing app to Flutter, we have got you covered. Please read through the blog.

In all, we can say, Flutter has it all. And it is quite the right decision to choose Flutter for your app development.

The next question is, what to hire and how to hire?

What should be your approach toward hiring? Yes, it matters!

Recruiting teams for your project is the biggest challenge for leaders, especially with a leaner budget(if applicable). But, you have to embrace it and deal with it in a way to maximize outputs.

Here are some of the challenges which you may encounter during the hiring journey.

  1. You may face difficulty finding quality candidates;
  2. You have dedicated minimum hiring costs;
  3. Constant dilemma regards outsourcing the project or building an in-house team;
  4. You do not have a dedicated hiring team.

These are definitely the top things that you or any CTO or CEO will commensurate about. However, we have tried to place together all your vent offs and provide an easy solution to your question, “how to hire Flutter developers?

How to hire Flutter developers?

The first thing that you need to deal with is to decide whether you want to hire teams that work remotely on your project or developers who would work as in-house teams.

If you are going with the first option, which is outsourcing Flutter development, we have listed an exhaustive guide on our blog page. Please go and read through it.

It shares consequential outcomes of outsourcing and helps you decide on job roles for new hires.

If you are choosing us as your outsourcing partner, here are the various engagement models that you can choose from. 

 Hire dedicated developerHire a team of dedicated developersEnterprise hiring
How many developers will you get?12 to 55 to 9
What will be their working hours?8 hours a day8 hours a dayDepending on your requirements
Progress reportsSend dailySend dailyAs and when requested
Communication channelSkype, Email, Slack, GoogleMeet/TeamsSkype, Email, Slack, GoogleMeet/TeamsSkype, Email, Slack, GoogleMeet/Teams,

Now, if you choose to go with the other option, that is nearshore app development, is altogether a new struggle. Both of these options have some pros as well as cons which we can explain in depth when you talk to our executives.

The next question that is imperative in this segment is:

How should you consult a software agency with your Flutter project?

Well, being unprepared shouldn’t be on the list for you by now. This is the stage where you would have to export your project vision & passion to a reliable Flutter development team.  

For this to happen, you need to have a clear & crisp understanding of your project. Meaning,  

 When you have the answers to all of these queries, you can directly arrange a conference call with your prospective company or in that case, even with us.  

Our approach 

Specifically speaking for our teams, 

We will sit with our business analyst, marketing teams, and development heads to discuss your project vision in depth. Together, we will decide the set of tasks and necessary milestones which we will be accomplishing step by step.  

We will give you a blueprint of our approach which you can assess and validate. We all share project estimates with no hidden costs for you to know and calculate expenditures effectively. We will be having complete charge of the deliverables and maintenance thereafter.  

 If you are satisfied with our well-organized and coherent approach, then only we will initiate the next step which is coding. 

When it comes to the mode of communication, 

We believe in keeping our clients up-to-date with the progress. We communicate the project progress through your preferred channel. Our daily calls and reports will let you know the status of the project. 

To sum up, we will be offering a complete package of app development where you would just have to monitor the project’s progress. 

Where will you find the right team of Flutter developers?

Your business deserves the best talent. But convincing developers that you are building a billionaire business, come and be a part of it should be a convincing speech.

With an expected number of 45 million developers by 2030, it seems it will be a world of developers in the coming times. Also, you will find 62% of developers are below 35 years of age. So a young talent pool is on its way to development.

You can say you have access to developers’ hubs located in various geographies. You need to dig deep to find the best tech talent from a variety of networks. If doing this job isn’t a possible solution, you can also hire a recruiting agency and get it done.

Top Countries With The Most Successful Cases of Outsourcing Flutter Developers

How will you choose your country for outsourcing the project or hiring developers?

The first step to hiring teams is to see if they fit your approaches and culture. Other things to consider on the list are:

We are just compiling what we have discussed earlier. You should know that you are here to hire based on the skills and experience of the developers.

A skillful developer from a developing country will charge similar to one high-rate developer from a developed country.

In a nutshell,

Higher charges for app development in no way suggest that the ones doing it at a cheaper rate will deliver poor quality.

The United States without a doubt holds the technological superpower, but India has an abundance of tech talent. In recent times, India is one of the preferred offshore hubs for outsourcing Flutter projects. Do you know why?

Here are the reasons why you should consider hiring Indian software developers.

It is surprising to know that nearly 80% of UK and US-based CEOs, and CTOs prefer India over other countries. A few prominent reasons are:

1 India gives access to the largest pool of software developers:

Let’s discuss the figures. Evan Data Corporation’s report records 26.9 million software developers out of which 12% are Indians. Also, Progressive Policy Institute suggests that India will be World’s biggest developer base by 2024.

That’s one of the huge reasons why you should prefer hiring from India.

2 Language will not be a hindrance to Indian developers:

Language compatibility is extremely important when you are developing a billionaire project. In India, most developers can converse in English and proficiently discuss the deliverables in the said language.

If we speak for ourselves (Kody Technolab), our teams are trained to communicate in English. Also, if there is a major time zone difference, our developers can make arrangements accordingly.

3 Hiring from India is economical:

Well, did you check our hiring model chart stated earlier? Do you feel we charge a reasonable amount in return for our work? So, this is the case in India too. You would see a decrease of 20-30% in your company’s expenditure if hired from India. Hiring from India will help you optimize your software development costs.

Also, if we look at the annual salary of the top five countries providing off-shore development services, India still looks reasonable as compared to other Asian countries.

PositionCountryHourly Rate
1India$10 – $25
2China$20 – $25

The Hourly rates of developers in other parts of the globe are:

1.Ukraine$17 – $20
2.The USA$100-$175
3.UK$60 – $80
4.Canada$40 – $60
5.Eastern Europe$25-$50

4 Indian developers offer the utmost flexibility:

Be it the time zone difference or working methods, Indian developers are flexible enough to accommodate all your needs.

Again, speaking for our team at Kody Technolabs:

5 India’s IT market maturity:

Indian businessmen believe in making huge investments into the startups and businesses they believe would prosper. This is why India has recently become a startup hub.

Additionally, startups or ventures that are funded are also committed enough to utilize these investments and train the team of software developers. This dedication ensures that India will produce a proficient team of software developers.

6 Reliable Indian IP laws:

India has been into outsourcing for a long time now. It provides a well-defined contract and outsourcing enforcement which easily matches with the western regions of the world.

Also, when it comes to cybersecurity and data security norms, India adheres to a strict policy for the same.

All of these comprehensive reasons make India the best-preferred outsourcing company in the world. Even big giants like Google seek such commitments while hiring which is why they prefer India.

We hope we have convinced you to hire from India. Now let us simplify this hiring process a bit more.

Which are the Top 5 Flutter Development companies in India?

Flutter consolidates loads of advantages and has drawn out trouble spots for many developers. The exclusivity using which Indian Flutter developers deliver projects has left employers in Aww.

Having said that, it is important that you choose Flutter development companies who understand your project and provide an effective solution adhering to your budget and timeframe.

We have shortlisted the top five Flutter development companies in India. Well, the numbering is irrespective of the performance.

  1. SunTec;
  2. HCL Tech
  3. Kody Technolab;
  4. Tech Mahindra
  5. Radency;

All of these are multi-process IT outsourcing companies that offer a bouquet of various other services. Their analytical methodologies will help businesses in leveling up their productivity and performance.

Well, Yes, we proudly list our names in the top five why? Let’s find out. 

What makes Kody Technolab different from other competitors on the list? 

Our work policy:

We have been in business for around 10 years now, and every client of ours is different. We work rigorously to justify & execute their business idea uniquely. Kody Technolab incorporates

We enable CEOs and CTOs to make the best use of technologies and build a competitive solution. We strongly believe that “we can only win when our customers win”.

We differentiate from our competitors in the following manner:

Our engagement models:

Our engagement models vary with time and material. Meaning, we allow customers to approach us with their requirements and we give an estimated time for completion. The clients are charged only for the services they need from us.

Second, we also give a fixed price model where the customer comes to us with the project idea and we decide on the entire execution. The precise estimate is given by us with no hidden costs involved. If the client agrees, we move ahead with the execution.

Third, hire a dedicated team model. This you would have seen earlier how our various engagement models vary to satisfy clients’ needs.

Our services:

You can say, “we have everything under one roof”. We offer a wide array of development services that you select depending on your project needs.

Lowered Prices:

We beat everyone’s prices, yes, quite literally. You will not find our competitors delivering the same results at such an affordable price. You may refer to our engagement models to find out our cost-effective rates.


Our work culture functions with utmost flexibility. We respect our client’s needs and engage at their convenience. As mentioned above, our team adjusts according to various time zones

Our people:

As they say, “people, Your people, the right people will make the biggest difference to your company’s success”, and we believed it. We have hired the best of employees and empowered them with skills and knowledge.

We have trained employees and also have checked their business acumen before hiring.

Our management team looks after the emotional well-being of each employee and regularly checks for their disappointment.

Our culture and way of approaching customers are different and we personally look after even clients’ selection.

Our leadership position comprises experts who support employees and make it a stronger team.

We care about our employees and pay them comfortable wages. Our company culture consists of honesty, self-improvement, and communication. Our positive work culture influences our teams’ to deliver milestones timely.

We trust our teams and we know they will satisfy all our client’s needs.

All of the above checkpoints will help you select the right team for your Flutter development project.

What should be the ideal budget for app development? 

The features of the Flutter application impact app development the most. As we have mentioned above, a very basic application will start from $10,000 and a very complex type can go up to $1,00,000. Please refer to the chart stated above.

Other factors that affect the cost of hiring Flutter developers are:

You should run a quick analysis of the finances and overall cost by sitting with your team.

How to select the right team from an outsourcing company? (specific to Kody Technolab)

If you are choosing us as your development partner, we have a very simple procedure for selection. Our team has already checked for the acumen they possess.

However, this task is simplified further when you will download the checklist and Interview questions we have framed.

How long is the onboarding process for hiring developers?

We realize that clients approach us with either emergency or short-span deliverables. This is why we have kept the onboarding of developers a quick job.

It takes hardly 1 to 2 days to finalize a developer, discuss the arrangements and decide the commitment clauses. Once this is performed, we (you) are ready to start your project.

What if you are not satisfied with our work? 

We understand that you are paying us a huge amount of money to get your work done and that’s why we ensure that we do not compromise over any aspect. However, if you are not satisfied or want to withdraw the project, the decision solely remains yours.

Then after we only charge for the work status established by us. We deliver complete rights to you and you may transfer the project to somebody else’s account.

Second, if the project takes too long to complete, we may sit together to decide on the deliverables. You may question our developers and get reasons for the delay. If you are still dissatisfied, you may take your call.

We ensure that we do not breach any contract or trade off our words.

Concluding Thoughts:

We understand that scouting for developers can never be a one-size fit scenario. It solely depends on your industry vertical and your set targets. We hope we have simplified and assembled everything regarding hiring Flutter developers under one roof. Our extensive guide will help you in scrutinizing the hiring of developers. If you want to proceed with our Flutter developers, here is the direct link to connect!

Please feel free to contact us regarding any other query too! Wish you all the best in your future app development.

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