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How to Develop a Car Repair and Service App like CARFAX App?

develop a car repair and service app like CARFAX app

Do you wish to book an Uber Taxi? Yes, you have a booking app for that. Are you having mid-night food cravings? Yes, go and order it on an online application. Do you wish to have your salon at home? Book it online and have your salon at home. But what if you are stuck in the middle of the road and need a car mechanic badly? Do you have an app for that? Well, yes, there are on-demand car apps available that fulfill this need for car care. In this blog, we have discussed a few vital features that an on-demand car-repair app development company needs to know. Keep reading… 

 “Our lives will be facilitated by a myriad of adaptive applications running on different devices, with different sensors, all of them collecting tidbits about everything we do, and feeding big digital brains that can adapt applications to our needs simply because they get to know us.” –Márcio Cyrillo

On-demand apps are addictive! The reason being, these applications understand the user’s requirements instantly which further influences them to use the applications. One such addictive app example is an on-demand car repair app. Hundreds of thousands of automotive enterprises have expedited the development of an on-demand car-repair app that would help the customers and earn them profits in return. 

In addition to that, the global automotive repair and maintenance industry services are expected to reach about US $440 billion with just a few on-demand applications. Imagine how much you will contribute with your next on-demand car repair application? 

If you are a startup company and looking out for a development partner, then you should read this blog before approaching them.

We have listed down a few essential features that a car-repair app needs to have in order to impress users and succeed in the market.

Account setup and user tutorial: 

Since the customer will land upon the app for the very first time, you need to include a tutorial that gives them step by step instructions of their journey within the application. Tutorials make them understand the application better and thereby they would love to communicate with the app. In the same tutorials, educate them about the account setup procedures and the details which they would be required to fill in. Allow them to log in to the app using their social media accounts.

Service scheduling: 

Customers arrive at such on-demand car repair applications to find a solution to their emergency problems. In such tough times, they can not afford to wait for a specific day/time to get the bookings done. Hence, you need to ensure that your application has a convenient service scheduling feature so that the customers can book the service at their own preferable time.

Ensure reasonable yet convenient price: 

The best way to decide on the service price is to consider all the investments from mechanics, database maintenance, to the servers. After considering all of the above, decide a price. However, do not sound too pricey. Because it would be of no use if your prospective customers do not entertain your fixed price. 

Customers understand that since they would be getting services at home or at their convenience, they are ready to pay a bit higher. But, not a tad higher price than the traditional mechanical service. 

Therefore after considering all these factors and also your profit, decide the service price on the application. Keep your customers in mind and convenience them to pay a bit higher price for satisfactory services. 

Have a cost calculator: 

Transparency is the key to a successful business. Keep a cost calculation feature that allows the customer to calculate and check the price of the mechanic service they opt for. This will allow them to take more decisive actions. 

Real-time tracking and notification: 

Live tracking is one of the must-have features for car repair app development like carfax. It allows the customers to track the mechanic in real time until it arrives at the desired location. 

This way, the customer can have an idea about how long the mechanic will reach the location or is he/she facing any difficulty in finding the spot. Live notification is also a good way to retain the customers on the platform. It keeps them informed about their service updates. Customers love this experience of getting updates and feel more connected to the application. 

Not only this, keep them updated with the latest offers and discounts for the services by push notifications.


Mechanic search filter: 

Your customers may come from varied geographic locations. Hence you need to develop a car repair app that has a mechanic search filter on the app which allows the customers to filter the search based on the location and the service requirements. 

Seamless payment methods: 

The main purpose of car repair & service app development is customer’s comfort and satisfaction. If they are satisfied with the services, they will pay for the same. At this last step i.e making the payment, it is important that customers are comfortable with the payment methods. 

Give them a variety of options to pay either with a credit card, app wallets, net banking or cash on delivery option. You can also integrate different payment gateways for the customer’s ease and convenience. Additionally, ensure that these transactions are seamless, secure and convenient. 

Create a mechanic version of the app: 

We know that customers are the king, but what if there is not a single service provider on board. Hence, you need to consider the mechanic’s requirements too and design the app accordingly.  To build a car repair app like carfax, create a mechanic dashboard. Give comprehensive information to the mechanic including the request date & time, schedule, status and updates.

For every request they receive, allow them to update the status and process the service. Since mechanics also require tools and equipment to perform the task, a clear work order makes this easier. Also, the mechanic should have an option to track the customer’s location whenever he/she receives the request.  A mechanic should know by which payment method is he going to receive the payment. 

A car repair app development company needs to take into account the mechanic’s perspective and then build an on-demand car repair app. 

In-app chat: 

There are times when the service request goes wrong or the customer needs some help in order to solve a problem. Hence, have an online chat feature that helps the customer to get connected with the service provider instantly or seek some help through chat. 

Ratings and feedbacks : 

In today’s time, people judge a service provider through their ratings and the feedback received. The reason being, the people trust the feedback written by the real customers. Therefore have the rating and feedback feature available on the app where the customers can leave their review about the service taken. Good feedback will boost the mechanic’s morale. 

Ensure an interactive design: 

A great design amplifies the user experience. Therefore to make an app like carfax car care, you need to ensure that the app has all the features and designs intuitive. Hire mobile app developers who know how to design interactive UI and user-friendly. By ensuring this, you will compel the user to keep coming back to the application and avail of the services. 

Get in touch with the technicians: 

Before you jump ahead and go for mechanic application development, it is advisable to get in touch with the mechanics. It would be a waste if you get your app developed without having the technicians to serve the customers. Hence, connect with technicians, create a good pool of them, define the database and then go ahead with the app building activity. 

Looking at the feature list, it looks like an on-demand car repair app is the most advantageous app on the list which takes care of customers’ convenience and safety. Even an on-demand app like carfax gained a global rank of 1888 and a category rank of 13 in the marketplace. There are a lot of market opportunities for you to explore and mark your spot. 

If you are wondering how you will go ahead with the developed application, then check out the information below. 

The first and the foremost thing that you need to do is collaborate with garages and mechanics. Convince them about your app idea and bring them on the board. Ensure that the services they cater to customers are of high-quality. 

As you grow in the business, new collaborations will keep coming to you. Pick up your partner wisely and solely in your benefit. 

How much does it cost to build an on-demand car repair app? 

Variations, suggestions in features and functionality affect the final cost of app development. Therefore it is not possible to give an exact estimate of the cost. Location, complexity, platforms, designs, service & maintenance, etc affect the final cost of app development. However, you can ask your mobile app development partner to give you an approx cost before you move ahead with it.

What is the development process for building an on-demand car repair app? 

It is important to have your development strategy and planning ready before you initiate the development process. It gives you an idea of how your app is going to work and where you should place the buttons and the columns.

Here is the step  by step procedure of how you can move ahead with the development:

Research the idea:  

A thorough study of the idea and competitors is a vital part of any app development. How they have implemented the app idea, their design, their market, keyword strategy everything needs to be understood well by you. Once you know every single detail of the app idea, approach the app development company and design a prototype

Define the Statement Of Work document: 

Once you are ready with the app feature details, prepare an SOW document. This document keeps everyone aligned with the project requirements and lets them know their allotted task.

Fix the shipping dates: 

After designing the mock trial of the app, decide a date on which the app will be launched into the market. This date boosts everyone to work collaboratively and complete the project in the stipulated time. 

Backend development: 

Once you have finalized the design and wireframe, ask the developer to take the task in their hands. An experienced developer will initiate the process and connect the database with the app. 

Quality testing: 

A bug-free application always succeeds. Hence, ask the quality testers to check every functionality and feature before it is launched into the market. 

Now that you are ready with the final product, it is time to deploy the final product into the application market. It is the artwork of designers, hard work of developers and expertise of testers that help your app to succeed. 

Summing up:

An on-demand app should engage and interest the end-user. You can also include GPS navigation, speech recognition, Maps, etc and make your on-demand car repair app stand out from the competition. If you have any such ideas, get in touch with us!

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