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Grab Your Hands On The List of Best Mobile App Ideas for 2023


New Year and New Mobile App Trends! Well, it is a tad difficult task to find a mobile app idea that hasn’t been made. Kody Technolab believes in bringing to the audience the best mobile app ideas of 2023 and the future. Our handpicked list of mobile app ideas is unique and well researched. 

Disclaimer: Do not have a second thought if you have any of the below-mentioned mobile app ideas strike you at any point. You never know how developing an application for “that” app idea can earn you billions & trillions of dollars. If you couldn’t make a fortune in the past year, well, we are sure you will make it in the next year by developing an app for any of our best mobile app ideas for 2023. 

Last year we covered the top 20 mobile app ideas (according to our market research), and guess what? Most of them could put money into our client’s pocket. However, it was tough to find a money-making app idea that can become your cash cow in 2023 and years to come. The reason being, there are around seven billion mobile users, and each one of them has its own requirement. It is challenging to bring a solution to the user’s problem, but not impossible. Our curated list of app ideas for the future will unfold new opportunities and bring solutions to many of the user’s problems.  So, here we go.

Cryptocurrency Exchange App 

Needless to say, this trend is going to be a blockbuster in 2023 and beyond. If you have heard about the app name Binance, you probably know the cryptocurrency exchange app development concept. Cryptocurrency exchange applications can be used either for trading or the exchange of crypto assets. 

Also, users can send virtual gift solutions to their friends and families. However, if you initiate a crypto exchange app development, make sure that the app is safeguarded and follows all the laws and regulations.

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Dropshipping app:

Another app idea that will solve the hustle of warehouse management and related problems is a Dropshipping app. Dropshipping is a concept that eliminates the need for inventory management, and the supplier sends the product directly to the customer. 

The Dropshipping app receives the order, passes it on to the retailer, wholesaler, or manufacturer, and the goods are delivered to the customer. Dropshipping applications will save a lot of time and effort, and you can focus easily on other management-specific tasks. An added advantage, this app idea doesn’t need any hefty amount of investment and you can start it even with a limited budget. As a business owner, you would be responsible for the product quality but would have to take any stress of packaging, fragile shipping, temperature maintenance, etc. 

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Stock Reward Points App:

Incentives, Incentives, Incentives, the year 2023 and beyond is going to be the year where customer incentives will play a major role in retaining customers. Loyalty points and reward points have already paved the way for reward point app development, but a new concept named stock share as the reward has emerged and is ringing bells already in the industry. With this app concept, the banks and big brands will get a chance to give a percentage stock share to the user on every debit card swipe made using the platform. 

So hurry up; you have a brilliant chance to be in the first top 10 app launcher in this category. 

Warehouse Management App

This app idea has grabbed maximum attention in recent times. Especially when the eCommerce industry is at its peak demand due to covid, managing warehouse operations without messing up internal operations is a task. 

However, a warehouse management app will control and monitor all the inventory-specific tasks including monitoring of third-party logistics. A WMS app will keep track of receipt of goods in the warehouse, help you allocate shelves, and will ensure that you never run out of goods.  A WMS app will also ensure that the goods bought first into the warehouse moves out of the warehouse first and the labels are attached to it nicely.  Reporting and Analytics is another add-on of the app. It will help you track the location of consignment, etc. It will also tell you about the product that performs well and also a worker who stands out in the organization.

In this app type, you can either develop a standalone warehouse management system, or a cloud-based warehouse management system, or supply chain management. Try any of these solutions; we assure you that it would be a blockbuster app. 

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Water Drink Reminder App:

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle in terms of eating and drinking has been a newly adopted trend amongst millennials. An important element of a healthy day is water consumption. However, the daily hustle often puts a healthy lifestyle on one side. In such scenarios, if you as an entrepreneur decide to develop a water drink reminder app, trust us, it would be one of the most downloaded apps in the market. 

A water drink reminder app will allow users to put a daily or hourly reminder of water consumption. Every time an alert rings, the user is reminded to consume water and thereby achieve the water drinking milestone.  The app further calculates the total water consumption and gives rewards to the users. It is a great app idea to pursue in the year 2023 and in the future. 

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NFT Marketplace App:

Did you know that all the content available over the internet is owned by a brand or a person? This content is referred to as digital content that can be used to make money. How? Through the NFT marketplace app. These kinds of platforms allow digital asset owners to sell their digital assets or bid over them. Digital collectibles can be either image, videos, virtual spaces, virtual sports, etc. 

The NFT marketplace app is backed by blockchain technology that saves everything in the form of a chain. Crypto Goods are also called Non-Fungible tokens because one can not exchange them with similar products. NFTs are non-interoperable and have to be stored with the highest level of security.

An NFT marketplace allows owners to keep track of purchases, and it can not be divided into denominations. So why wait? Start initiating the development and rock the market. 

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Local Buy and Sell App 

The concept of local buy and sell may sound new to many, but it’s like an old tradition of giving unused or less used items to a friend or family member. The only difference with the new concept is, you get money in return. With the stunning number of 1.8B people using online stores, we feel that there is a silver lining for a local buy and sell app like Offerup. 

This type of platform offers a chance to regular customers (referred to as sellers) to sell used products, advertise them and make money.  Other customers (referred to as buyers) browse the list of products, make their selection, and add it to the cart. Are you wondering how you can make money? You can either charge transaction fees or go for in-app advertisements, or charge for delivery. Without a doubt, this is going to be the next big thing in 2023.

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Women Safety App:

Are you excited to do something for society? Do you agree that women’s safety needs to be kept on priority? If yes, you should go for women’s safety app development. A women’s safety app allows users to share and update their location in real-time. A woman can create a group with whom she wants to share the details and feel secure about their journey. GPS tracking and emergency calls should be supported in this app 24*7. If any irregular movement is found, an alert is sent to the respective group or member.  It is an excellent app idea that can either be launched with a freemium model or subscription or free model (limited service). Do you need our help? Don’t forget to call us.

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Dog Training App:

Dogs are humans’ best friends; are they yours? A new craze that has emerged is training dogs at home. This includes potty training, stand up, sit down training, eating training, etc. Audiences have resorted to online apps for getting help with the training. Do you wish to develop a dog training app that would help your fellow dog parents?

In this app type, you should include learning lessons for dogs, a built-in tracker, progress record, daily reminders, etc.  Dog owners would definitely love the concept and vouch for it in the coming years. 

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Here is what we have loved from our past ideas and would recommend if you want to go for app development

Luggage storage app:

We always wondered if there could be an Airbnb for our luggage. Well, sure there is! Luggage storage bags like Stasher, Knock Knock are a few of the apps that allow travelers to drop their luggage in a storage facility and take a quick tour nearby. 

These apps are at the rescue, especially when someone has checked out from a hotel at a tourist place and still has time to board the next flight. Users’ can check out at the nearest location and leave their luggage at the facility, thereby freeing themselves from the lugging.  

However, there are very few names on this list, and you could become that charmer by developing an application for this business idea. You can start the service locally and then move globally. 

Laundry and dry cleaning app:

The biggest hassle of millennials today is managing the laundry. The 9 to 5 errand doesn’t permit them to run their laundry and wait for the drying time. But, this purpose gets solved if they have a handy laundry and dry cleaning app at their disposal. 

They can quickly schedule a service and get the laundry done in just a few taps. Well, I guess this app idea would be a big-time savior in time!

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Pizza delivery app:

How often do you resort to pizza delivery apps to satisfy your pizza craving? Quite often, isn’t it? And that’s the reason why this app idea holds a place in our mobile app ideas for the 2021 list. Pizza is more than a delicacy today. You can never go wrong with this app idea ever. 

Connect with the nearest pizza junction, or make your own brand of pizza. Next, deliver it hot & fresh at the customer’s doorsteps. 

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Delivery app:

“Deliver it fast and convenient” is the new way of doing business. You can develop an app that plans to deliver anything, from medicine to groceries to food. The all-in-one, anything delivery app will make life more convenient for the users to live. 

They can tap a few buttons, search for their required items, add them to the list, and get going. Any delivery app is the fastest-growing market in current times. 

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eBook reading app:

People are loving the new way of reading books over mobile devices and tablets. And this is the reason why every author or bookseller wants to publish an eBook along with a physical copy. 

You can develop an eBook reading app where registered users can read a book at their convenience and place. 

This app becomes a handy solution instead of carrying a physical book while traveling. 

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Car wash app:

“Services-on-the-go” is the new trend being observed in the industry. People love to explore all the services, be it car mechanics or car wash services on the go. This application idea facilitates them to schedule a car wash service at their convenience and time. They enjoy the flexibility the car wash app provides to them. 

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Car service app:

Just like the above concept, you can make a car service app that provides customers with all the required services for their cars. They can search for a car mechanic service nearby or locate a service member who would help them with the problem. This app would ease out the entire process of waiting at the service station in long queues for their turn of car service. 

Bouquets and gifts delivery app:

Did someone say gifts? I am all ears to this mobile app idea for 2021. You can develop an app that will take orders for customized bouquets and gifts. You can add many interacting elements and make the mobile app idea more interesting. 

People will explore various bouquet flower options, pick up their favorite ones, and customize them as per their convenience. However, one thing that you need to ensure with this app idea is, you should meet the timely delivery expectations; otherwise, you may hurt somebody’s emotion. 

Pill reminder & medication tracker app:

Another mobile app idea in the rescue of users is a pill reminder app. Customers’ who register with the app put in their medical details and the pills they consume throughout the day. The app takes note of the pill consumption timings and reminds them via push notification or an alarm tone. 

This application is especially useful when an individual has multiple pills to take throughout the day, and they can not remember the quantity and timing of each of them. 

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Buying and selling cars app:

You might wonder why this one is on the list, right? Well, this app idea is here because people look out for car options online. If you can develop an app that makes it easy for them to take a picture, upload it, and describe it, it would be highly recommended. 

Similarly, people who are looking out for car purchases can easily scroll through the options and make the purchase. There would be certain advanced features required for you to integrate into the application. This app would provide convenience to both the car buyers and the sellers and bring them over one single platform. 

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Snowplow app:

Ahh, here comes an end to the biggest hassle of users living in snow-climate countries. More than the enjoyment, snowfall is a nightmare for many. They have to spend hours and hours behind plowing the snow so that they can get out of their house or drive through the lane. 

However, users can schedule a snow plow service with this app idea and get the service done within their expected time. 

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Agriculture farmer app:

This is a new app idea on the list. This smart business idea allows you to offer services like farming services, farming commodities, crop monitoring, etc. Here, you can also provide services like driverless tractors, automatic watering, animal nurturing, irrigation, and more. 

Agriculture farmer apps will mitigate any heavy labor or tedious work on the farm. The user can request a service and schedule it at their convenience. Users can leverage the most out of the facility, and businesses can uplift their revenue. 

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A few more mobile app ideas that we keep admiring

Packers and Movers App 

To get a trusted and reliable service to help a customer in shifting will help them to a greater extent in taking away their loads of stress. It will be a very innovative way to start a business where you can make an app as an aggregator or you can start the service yourself. This can also be one of the web app ideas so that users can also book an appointment through the web.

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Subscription-based Delivery App

This service requires users to pay a fixed amount monthly or yearly to enjoy a set of services. The services rendered by these apps can be anything like a service, premium content streaming, etc. This subscription amount will add revenue to your startup.

Food Delivery App

People don’t want to indulge themselves in the cooking process after a hectic day. You can build an app to deliver food by collaborating with the leading local restaurants. To let more users use the app, delivery charges must be as low as possible. It is one of the best app ideas for startups to invest in.

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Taxi Booking

This service is also reaching the masses at a very rapid pace. It provides a taxi service to local as well as outstation destinations. The USP of this service is it’s not that expensive, and you will be safely dropped at your destination. You can also add the live tracking feature, which customers can share with their closed ones.

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General Home Service App

The services like flooring, maintaining the ceiling, plumbing, etc., comes under this category. You can contact the local technicians where they can be easily contacted by the customers through the app. It will help both parties in easily finding and getting the work done.

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Fuel Delivery App

Like food delivery where you don’t have to go to a fancy restaurant to enjoy their menu, fuel delivery is basically the same thing. Customers will have to register on the app which will detect their location and they can place the order. The delivery truck will reach the destination and refill the tank. It is one of the very new app ideas.

IoT Powered Apps

There are multiple devices that are launching which work over the internet to perform many tasks. The purpose of these devices is to provide the ability to perform multiple tasks just from your mobile. The market has just started to bloom, and there are various aspects that are yet to be discovered.

E-commerce Store Apps

These apps let customers buy things right from their homes. You can collaborate with multiple brands and sell their products through your platform. These apps will also let users make online payments, and as it works over the internet, there are absolutely no geographical barriers. 

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Movie Ticket Booking App

You can also make a user-friendly app that users can use to book movie tickets for the cinemas near them. The app will act as an aggregator and will collaborate with the city theatres and multiplexes to provide them with ticket booking in a convenient manner.

Online Dating App

It is also one of the best businesses to start in 2021. As it lets users meet new people who have the same set of interests as them, people are opting for these apps. You can also add privacy features so that the app doesn’t get misused. 

Grocery Delivery App

It is also one of the sectors that are not trending in the market for online deliveries yet. There is a lot of scope and options to uncover to build an app that is able to provide grocery items to the customers right at their doorstep. It is one of those mobile app ideas which are considered by many. This business must be started with extra care, and attention as the groceries need to be fresh and clean.

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Fitness App

There is also a market that is very keen to keep their health and fitness on track. You can build an app that will work in collaboration with a fitness band that will physically track the movements along with heart rate and steps walked. The tracker will send the data to the app from where users can keep track and also compete with their friends.

Artificial Intelligence

In the list of best app ideas for startups, AI is also reaching new heights. The technology is very much under process yet, but there are multiple applications where it can be used. You can use AI in almost all the ideas that are discussed above.

Augmented Reality in Apps

Technology is finding new ways to build a connection from the real world to the virtual one. There are many aspects where these technologies can be implemented. Augmented reality lets users project elements with the help of a mobile camera to give them an idea of how it will actually look. 

Marketplace App

This is a portal to sell goods and services in your area. This app can be installed separately, or you can also integrate it within an app so that people can find suitable products and use your other services by staying in the same app. This category is trending on top of the list of best mobile application ideas. The portal helps a lot in finding products at very reasonable rates.

Virtual Reality in Apps

Virtual reality is a viewing experience that lets users wear a headset, and they will find themselves in there what they are watching. The tech startup ideas are not in trend yet, and you have the opportunity to explore them.

Online Music Streaming App

Everyone has access to unlimited high-speed internet these days, and the times are gone where people used to fill up their memory cards with their favorite music. Now, they can just stream their favorite playlist right from an app where zillions of tracks are available. You can also add the in-app downloading feature so the songs can be played offline.

On-demand Doctor App

The trend of getting treated online for minor illnesses is becoming common. You can build an app where users can call the doctor and can consult with them right there. The service can be given on a subscription basis. It is the most useful and one of the best app development ideas.

Salon App

We all know the hassle of getting into a salon and finding the long waiting list in the time where we are all busy and find a time slot to visit. You can use this idea in building an app that will provide professionals to visit the user’s home or can make an appointment in a salon. Apart from that, it will help in saving time as well as effort.

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Liquor Delivery App

Like any other food or product, liquor should also be delivered to customers right at their doorstep. The delivery should be made available to only the adults, and it can be made sure by making it mandatory for users to attach their ID proof.

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Weeding Planner App

Earlier people used to manage weddings on their own and trust me there is nothing more chaotic than that, the hustle-bustle can create a big fuss and you can miss out on the fun part of your wedding and that’s the most important part.

Hence, to arrange everything from scratch for the most beautiful day of a couple’s life you can create a wedding planner app. And since the mobile world has taken over, everything can be managed at your fingertips, you can opt for a wedding planner application development for your startup or existing wedding planning business.

Not only it will improve your brand perceptibility but it will also increase the status as well, The most amazing app ideas to build isn’t it?

Appointment Booking App

Appointment booking apps can be such a blessing for business models that focuses on client appointments and with the right technologies and experienced development company, you can increase your business methodically, it saves more time of yours and your clients, saves money and increases resources.

The appointment app allows your client to schedule appointments through the app so it can be really convenient for your staff to stay up to date.

E-scooter Sharing App

In today’s time when everything is contaminated, and only we can understand the amount of pollution we create every day, and that’s why automobile companies are providing us better options in the form of electric scooters.

For the existing e-bike business or to start a new establishment, developing the on-demand e-scooter sharing mobile app that helps people get the e-scooter at their convenience, can be remarkably profitable for the business venture, environment, and also for all the people out there.

So, you can make money whilst get over all the causes of pollution, and it can be undoubtedly one of the best app ideas.

Flower Delivery App

Whether you are a well-established florist or just want to start your own flower business, you’ve apparently thought about taking your business online. And there is no doubt that on-demand mobile apps are making everything comfortable and manageable, just one click and you get almost everything you want.

So, in contemporary times where the whole world is going digital and gaining more faithful consumers, the flower business as well is booming with the help of e-commerce. Trust me it is on top of every latest app idea of 2020.

Medicine Delivery App

Since on-demand apps have changed the buying process significantly, people can even have their medicines delivered at their doorstep. And the market of medicine delivery is only getting higher hence it is the right time to start your on-demand Medicine delivery business.

It is beneficial for all, from clients to delivery men to you, Isn’t it one of the best mobile app ideas? The rise in medical and health care has revolutionized the scenario, it is high time to digitize your medicine business.

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Weather Mobile App

App development has become a really big division and people are earning millions for their unique app ideas. Since the beginning of humankind revolution, we want to know about weather situations in advance, And in the contemporary age of internet ruling the world, weather application makes it possible to foretell the weather conditions on the go.

Accelerated and sudden climate changes have remarkably increased the importance of a weather app. And with the integration of using advanced functionalities and technologies, you can make successful & Accurate weather forecast applications.

Milk Delivery App

If you are related to dairy business or you are one of those milk retailers looking for ways to increase your milk business then this app idea is just for you. You can attract all kinds of customer base if you build this application.

Let’s admit it e-commerce has given people the opportunity to buy everything from the comfort of their house and milk and dairy shopping being no exception you can give this fascinating experience to your customers.

Customers love the idea of hassle-free home-delivery of milk because no one likes to go out and buy milk every day.

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It would be best to give deliberate thought to these app ideas and then put your best foot forward. The competition is going to be tough with each passing year, and hence make sure that you have an experienced app development partner who would assist you in executing your dream app idea smartly. We wish you all the best for the coming years and beyond. Reach out in case you need any help in developing a scalable on-demand application of any type.

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