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Digitize your laundry business today with laundry washing mobile app like Oxwash.

laundry washing mobile app like Oxwash

In today’s fast-paced lives, we barely get time to do household chores. It isn’t surprising that today we wish there was an app for everything. Similarly, laundry is a tedious task when it comes to household chores.

Imagine coming home from a busy day at work and finding a pile of clothes lying in the laundry bag, it’s a nightmare, we swear! In such a situation, you would wish there was a magic wand that would do the laundry on its own. Well, since magic doesn’t work here, there sure is another solution for this problem. 

The solution is a mobile laundry app! Laundry app development is an addition to the ever-growing mobile app industry. Since people look for convenience these days, laundry apps have become quite popular among users and have given a sigh of relief to many working professionals out there. 

Among many successful laundry mobile apps, Oxwash is making quite a noise for being a convenient and waste-free laundry and dry cleaning app. Looking at its success graph, many laundry startups wonder how they can develop laundry and dry cleaning apps like Oxwash.

If you want to make an app like Oxwash and want to know what makes Oxwash successful, an Oxwash overview might help you. So, let us give you some insightful information about this app. Furthermore, it helps you with your own laundry app development. 

Let us understand how Oxwash works. 

Oxwash is a UK-based on-demand laundry startup that follows a waste-free laundry process and provides sustainable laundry and dry cleaning. It disrupts environmentally costly laundry and dry cleaning by sterilizing fabrics at lower temperatures. Oxwash focuses on engineering the laundry process to achieve net-zero carbon emissions and waste. 

Oxwash has reinvented laundry services with seamless laundry collection and delivery throughout the UK. With a simple, sustainable laundry washing technology, Oxywash makes it very convenient for users to get clean laundry at their doorsteps. With Oxwash, they don’t have to worry about laundry anymore, as everything gets done through a single app. 

Here is how laundry washing on Oxwash works

Placing orders online 

The users can simply place the orders on the app by selecting the items they want to be washed, dry cleaned, or ironed. 

Collection of laundry 

Once the users place the order, the process of laundry collection begins. An experienced rider collects that order from the user’s doorstep on an electric cargo bike. 

Washing and delivery 

The collected orders are then washed in the founder’s factory with space-age technology and delivered back to the users at their preferred day and time. 

What are the benefits of a laundry washing app? 

Very convenient 

The purpose of any laundry app development is to enhance the convenience of the users. The laundry apps are majorly user-oriented. Since people have become busier, this application has become convenient for them. Thus, when the user finds the app convenient, it benefits the developers and owners of the app. 

Professional cleaning of clothes 

Since one needs to be careful while doing laundry, a mobile laundry app does the laundry in a professional manner. Laundry apps like Oxwash take proper care of clothes, wash white and delicate clothes separately, and handle clothes with utmost care.

Increased safety

After the covid-19 outbreak, social distancing has become a priority, and therefore, people prefer not to go out of their houses. As a result, laundry washing apps have emerged as saviors at such times as they collect the clothes from the user’s house and deliver them back with utmost safety. 

Generates revenue 

If you are a laundry owner, laundry apps can help you generate great revenue and earn huge profits. On top of that, a laundry startup app makes it possible to get new customers from different areas and thus, increase their customer base.

Features to develop laundry and dry cleaning app like Oxwash 

If you have a similar idea of developing a laundry and dry cleaning service app like Oxwash, its features are the first thing you need to think about. Undoubtedly, features are none less than a backbone of an app. Thus, you need to prototype the app idea with powerful features. 

Let us explore Oxwash’s features now. 

Customer app

Delivery agent app 

Laundry owner app 

Let’s peep into the cost to develop an app like Oxwash. 

Hiring mobile app developers goes through many steps and factors. One factor that confuses the owners the most is the cost of app development. In fact, the overall cost differs from one project to another due to several factors. 

Here’s a checklist of the factors that affect the variation in the cost of app development.

Here’s a quick trick to estimate the overall cost- Total app development cost= time required to develop an app multiplied by the hourly charges of the developers. 

Do you know hiring mobile app developers from Asia is quite cost-saving? Moreover, you can ring us as we are an Asian country having expertise in developing similar successful projects. Also, we can offer you a consultation, and if everything goes well, we can develop a full-fledged laundry app for you. 

Final words 

There’s no doubt that on-demand apps are a boon today. Laundry and dry cleaning apps are an important sector of this ever-growing industry, and thus, investing in a laundry startup app will be fruitful for many. Thus, begin with analyzing your target audience, understand their pain points, and offer them a digital solution for the same. 

Digitization is dominating all businesses today, and therefore, a digital solution is a key to success. 

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