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Outsourcing Flutter App Development: Let Us Decide Together

outsourcing flutter app development

We believe in letting the write-up speak for itself. Hence, we leave it to you to decide the relevancy based on your project requirements and complexities. But we will be highlighting what it is like to hire a flutter team or a developer and how you should manage them all together.

Flutter is promising and is capable enough of making entirely new things possible. It is pretty obvious to expect magical results from Flutter because it is backed by Google. Flutter allows developers to use a single codebase to make applications for mobile, desktops, and the web. It has surpassed all the limitations of traditional ways of building applications and has successfully made a strong market presence. Needless to say, we agree 100 percent with the words “Flutter is the future of app development”. 

Flutter is modern and is being developer’s first choice for app development. Here are the reasons why;

Having said all this, Flutter is relatively new and still evolving. You may find it difficult to hire proficient in this field, which is why you can either outsource your IT project or hire specialized developers in the field.

Here are the responsibilities that you should look out for in a Flutter developer/agency.

It doesn’t matter whether you are planning to hire a Flutter app developer or outsource the project to a team, you can always expect them to cater to the following responsibilities.

Designing and developing a Flutter application:

Whatever option you go for, the team should have extensive experience in helping entrepreneurs design a unique & functional Flutter project. They should be able to design a working option for a flutter or native systems also.

Developing a clean and sustainable code:

Coding capabilities are everything that one should be looking for. Definitely, you are not paying hundreds of thousands just to enjoy functionality that “only works”. You are paying it for code development that would be stable for the years to come and wouldn’t be affected if any update is introduced.

Should extend support during all the stages of app development:

A developer’s proficient input is all we need for successful app development. The team of developers should be with your project right from the initial discussion till the final release. They should be able to deliver valuable inputs and identify drawbacks at an early stage of app development.

Capable enough to find bugs and errors: 

The team’s job doesn’t end at development. It is their duty to test the app functionality rigorously and keep track of all bugs and breakdowns.

The next topic of discussion is, how will you choose an outsourcing Flutter development company?

Flutter is an open-source, feature-rich platform. It allows development teams to build robust apps having animated interfaces and that too using a single code base. 

However, the team you choose should have a niche knowledge about its implementation, which is why the selection procedure is very very important.

You are adding expertise, and resources to your team while selecting the Flutter development company.

An outsourcing flutter development company offers full-cycle development, unlike freelancers. Since we have already mentioned the roles and responsibilities of Flutter developers, you know what things to give priority to while selecting.  

A few other things to look out for in a Flutter development company are:

Location of the outsourcing Flutter development company:

The location of the company matters exclusively during the selection. This is because the company will work as your extended team and therefore shouldn’t have a major time zone difference. This will facilitate easy communication. 

Team strength :

Remember, you are here to hire Flutter experts. Therefore, it is necessary to check if the developers’ team is qualified to perform the task.

Project cost or Hourly rates:

Hourly rates or project cost is an important factors in deciding the outsourcing Flutter development company. You should first define your project expenditures internally and then start looking out for companies that would work within your budget. Also, discuss if there are any hidden costs that may be included later in the bill.

Mode of communication:

There are plenty of project communication tools available in the market today. And the development company might be using Skype, Teams, Zoom, Slack, etc for their communication. You need to discuss your preferable choice and tracking methods for the project.

Company culture:

You should check how the company is behaving with their employees. You can run a background check to double-check the trust factor.

Say, for example, if the company has a high fluctuation rate, there would be a scenario wherein developers move in and out constantly. This will disturb the entire project cycle and deliverables.

Set up the trust with your team:

You have done all your research and narrowed down the search result for the selection. It is now time to select a trustable option. You should now check for the company’s references and analyze their past work.

There should not be a reason in the future for not trusting them on matters like competency and commitment. Do all the hard work beforehand, so that you do not have to face failure.

Outsourcing teams will work with you in partnership. And trust me, people do make blunders in the haste of selection. To save yourself from that blunder, you should get in touch with us immediately.

We are one of the early adopters of Flutter in India and our rates are quite competitive and affordable.

We also decide on contracts and work on a milestone delivery basis and believe in maintaining complete transparency throughout the process.

Which industry can thrive with the Flutter framework?

The capabilities of the Flutter framework are industry-wide, enabling businesses to develop outstanding mobile applications that increase user engagement and foster success. Let’s investigate these industries and learn how Flutter’s magic benefits them.


In the highly dynamic e-commerce industry, speed and user experience are a big mystery. Flutter’s single codebase approach ensures that the e-commerce apps can be deployed on any platform. This way, the user will have a seamless shopping experience on both Android and iOS devices. Furthermore, Flutter’s high-level graphical interface toolkit helps create visually gratifying and user-centered interfaces, sustaining user involvement and consequently increasing sales.

Fintech (Beyond Banking):

Innovation in FinTech is an area of interest for technology developers who are out there to invent new ways of solving financial services issues through technology. FinTech development with Flutter in mind is an excellent way to increase the security and user-friendliness of financial apps, which is essential for building investment platforms, money transfer services, and many more FinTech applications. Having secure sensitive financial data is crucial and Flutter’s amazing job in it is something worth pointing out. Protecting user financial data is of the utmost importance. The usage of a language that is also well-known for its security features i.e. Dart together with integrating the platform’s security measures ensured robust protection of the user’s financial data.


The healthcare industry is rapidly embracing mobile technology to improve patient care and engagement. Flutter’s ability to build safe and easy-to-use apps makes it an ideal technology for applications such as appointment-scheduling platforms, telemedicine solutions as well as medication management apps. Data security (in the same way that banking) of Flutter is addressed solely so that sensitive customer information remains protected. Additionally, the capability of Flutter to hot reload makes the development of real-time health data tracking, integration, and visualization with wearable devices more time-efficient.

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The retail industry thrives on delivering an engaging and personalized user experience. They strive to be personalized to their customers. Flutter helps create rich UI elements that enable the building of stunning and interactive apps. Users can view items, receive customized recommendations as well as seamlessly purchase them. In addition, Flutter services allow retailers to link their payment gateways and loyalty programs to ensure a smooth payment process for their clients that promotes customer satisfaction and sales.

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The logistics industry’s two most critical features are efficiency and real-time communication. Flutter being the powerful framework that enables feature-rich apps with an offline function (in some cases) gave the logistics companies the edge to rework and improve their operations. Drivers of the delivery services can get important data about the delivery routes, track packages without the internet, and provide immediate feedback to users. Besides, Flutter’s qualities for building solid applications for an enterprise are perfect for creating internal management logistic tools that would optimize delivery schemes, check inventories, and make the general operation more efficient.

Travel & Hospitality:

The travel and hospitality industry is increasingly reliant on mobile apps to provide booking, itinerary management, and location-based services to users. Flutter’s ability to create feature-rich apps with offline functionality (in some cases) makes it an ideal choice. Users can access booking information, manage itineraries, and even leverage basic location services even with limited internet connectivity, ensuring a seamless travel experience.

Flutter’s versatility extends to diverse industries. Its emphasis on cost-effectiveness, security, and exceptional user experience positions it as a valuable tool for a wide range of sectors. By understanding Flutter’s strengths and how they align with specific industry needs, businesses can leverage this powerful framework to build innovative and user-centric mobile applications that drive growth and success.

How can you maximize the efficiency of the team and boost its potential?

You must be confused and don’t know how to hire the flutter developers then no worries in this section we’ll navigate you to find your ideal flutter partner. While selecting a development partner, you are building a long-term relationship. If the company is successful in delivering the project as per your expectations, you two definitely have a long way to go.

Hence, it is important to set up potential standards as below:

Opt for Agile development:

Making it agile is the best way for project development. The agile development method is suitable for outsourcing flutter development company. It helps you keep track of project development, and milestone deliveries and assists in the progress of the project. 

Focus only on the core features and functions of the application:

It is advisable to opt for MVP development so that you can decide which features you need to include in the app and which ones you can easily ignore. 

Including too many features at a time will complicate the entire scenario and put the app’s success in jeopardy.

Be clear and precise with what you want in your application:

It is pretty obvious that at every stage of app development, you would feel that something is still missing. And to satisfy this feeling, you are more likely to stuff the application more than it can withhold.

This is why we advise that you pen down your requirements, discuss the same with your development team and amend only the things that are required for a healthy execution.

Time for decision:

Flutter is the fastest-growing platform. Both parties have to stay up-to-date with the latest changes and updates that the platform releases. Divide the work equally, so that all the members involved in the development have sufficient time for brainstorming the execution process. 

In our opinion, it is one of the best decisions to outsource your Flutter development project to a trustworthy company. Because, they hold the knowledge, expertise, and required skills. But again, if you are running low on budget, you can possibly think of hiring freelance workers.

Kody Technolab can be your go-to option for Flutter development. We provide full-cycle flutter development services and everything in between. For any queries or suggestions, feel free to ping us on the number.

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