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How Kody Technolab Works For App Development? Transparent Approach For You To Trust Us.

Kody Technolab Works For App Development

The most curious question of every entrepreneur (we can bet on this) is, “How exactly does the respective app development company work?”, which in our case is, “How Kody Technolab works for app development?”. They wish to know the comprehensive step-by-step procedure to make themselves double sure about their selection of the app development partner. All that is written on websites are good and convincing; however, a detailed blog can do all the magic. It depicts a step-by-step process right from scratch when the client approaches a company with their requirements until the end, i.e., the release. This process remains constant irrespective of the project size & scope and explains roles and responsibilities in detail. 

So, instead of explaining “how we work for a mobile app development project?” We decided to come up with an article that explains everything in one place. I understand that every app idea is unique as well as fascinating, and our well-defined process helps us find the nuances. Our years of experience in the field have given us the confidence to deliver applications in any niche. Kody Technolab also provides “hire mobile app developers” services for entrepreneurs who are looking for veteran developers in this field. 

The next section will explain our comprehensive process once the client has approached us with their respective mobile application development idea

Step 1: Project Ideation and team strategy:

You need to trust us when we say, Your idea and Our strategy will work in the right direction. When you approach us with your project idea, the very first step we do is to check the availability of domain expertise in our team. 

We do not move ahead without having the right minds at work. If your project requirement involves onboarding new talent, we ensure that we have that first in place. 

Kody Technolab believes that without the right expertise at disposal, no project can reach its finalization stage. At some point, you might fumble, and we do not want to put you in that position ever. Therefore, we take enough precautions in advance to avoid any blame game during the mobile app development process

We want to ensure that the engineers can deliver your project involving any level of challenges efficiently, and therefore, we run with this clear objective in mind. 

Step 2: Project initiation call with the team:

Mobile app development is a  long journey to commute together. And any miscommunication or delivery misunderstanding can result in a mess. Hence, we schedule a call involving your primary team and our team of business analysts, onboarding managers, designers, and account managers.

The mobile app design process is a two-way street, you share your requirements with us, and we share our strategies.

We sit down and pen your business requirements. We try to figure out how you want to move ahead with your project, and based on that, we document the same. Each one of the team members attending the call knows their responsibilities. Designers write down what is important to them for the next stages, business analysts prepare the functional requirements document and system requirements specification document. 

Step 3: Exchange the prepared documents for further iteration:

Once we are ready with the functional requirements document and SRS document, we share the same with you. These documents comprise all the expected feature requirements and functional requirements of your project. 

The document sharing is done to give you a clear picture of our project’s understanding based on your sharing over the call. 

If anything else is required, the same can be edited and reworked. The document outlines the project estimates, the scope of work, the intimation date, the initiation date, and the completion date. 

Kody Technolab thinks that well-crafted documentation lays a strong foundation for project development. 

Step 4: One step at a time, from document to design:

Kody Technolab doesn’t hesitate in reiterating the project if required. For us, client satisfaction matters the most. After you have approved the project specification documents, we take them forward to design.

Our designers execute the expected features by preparing a mood board. It is a visual representation of your project, how it will look in the end. The designer holding expertise in preparing mockups and sample screens mixes the colors and finds the best combination. The font style, button style, feature icons, etc., are decided at this stage. Wait.. wait… The same will be shared with you too. The hard work we have put into coming up with this color scheme usually excels; however, we can iterate the same for you if you do not like it. Until and unless you wave the green flag, we wait for your approval. 

Step 5: Time for the next advanced step, Clickable prototype development:

We are in no hurry to complete the project unless you say so. The next step that we proceed with is clickable prototype development. Our designers articulate a prototype, either digital or paper, for your project. 

Usually, clickable prototypes are preferred today because it helps in building an empathetic relationship with you. A clickable prototype shows how a user will move from one screen to another and which buttons will be placed where? It helps you in validating your project design before it is undertaken for app development. You can experiment with your ideas and come up with a more suitable user flow and thereby user experience. A validated prototype can be shown to some prospective investors and ask them for funding. 

Step 6: Defining project deliverables & milestones:

A major setback for many mobile app development companies is not tracking the milestones. Once the client has approved the design, we move straight to the deciding of project milestones

Project milestones are small tasks that we plan to achieve within the given timeline. It helps us keep every task’s deliverables in sync, and thereby we achieve the timeline. We usually follow Agile project management methodology for our projects. However, we also have knowledge about various other methodologies, which we can adapt to if required. 

Step 7: Time to check the project rationals by Feasibility study:

The feasibility study is an important concept introduced in the mobile application development process. It helps you evaluate the project scope, objectives, and cost. By performing a feasibility study, we also check for all the risks involved with the process and take preventive measures at the earliest. 

The primary concepts of the feasibility study are:

Performing feasibility studies during the early stages of app development helps us increase our team’s focus and aids in decision-making. 

Step 8: Architecture Design study:

Here comes the most important step of software development, the system architecture. The system’s software architecture decides how the application will interact with each other and which components will be required to integrate into the system.

Kody Technolab helps you select a suitable software architecture that will help induce the desired functionality and quality attributes. Software architecture selection aids in identifying system requirements that can anyway affect the app structure or raise the potential risk. 

Once we are done with this, we move forward with the app development. The pre-decided technology stack and the requirements mentioned in the document are put into action. 

Step 9: Quality testing is the key:

The prime dictum of software development is to release a fully functional bug-free product into the market. Our quality assurance team works dedicatedly to check every feature and functionality included in your product. 

We take the responsibility of testing the product in the said environment and running the test cases as per your choice of the testing procedure. 

As mentioned above, we strongly adhere to our best practices in releasing a flawless product. Our quality analysts write test cases and run repeated tests to check every point of interaction over the product. We like to put ourselves, neither you, in an embarrassing situation once the product is released into the market. 

Kody Technolab also ensures that no security concerns are affected by introducing any new features or functionality. 

We have written a detailed guide on the Quality assurance procedure and Kody Technolab’s approach towards the same. You can read more about it in the blog. 

Step 10: Preparing for the app launch:

Congratulations! We are almost ready to launch your product into the market. We pat our backs to successfully reach the completion stage (I am sure you would love to give us the credits). 

Your application is prepared to cover all your expectations, features, and platform-specific functionalities.  All the APIs and third-party integrations used within the application are reconfirmed before the official launch of the application. The software content is also optimized to ensure that the application is discoverable by Google crawlers. If everything is in place, here we go with your application’s release. 


I hope your question, “how we work for mobile app development projects?” has a satisfactory answer after this blog. However, there are certain things that can be cleared only if we get in touch with us personally. We have a perfect blend of practices and strategies on which you can bank for your project. 

For any further questions, our doors are always open.

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