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Is Laravel Really Rewarding for eCommerce Websites?

Laravel for eCommerce

eCommerce websites are more complex than other types of websites because they have to handle multiple users, transactions, and activities at the same time. Laravel for eCommerce websites is an excellent choice as it has all the features needed for managing digital stores. 

As you know, Laravel is a PHP framework that Taylor Otwell developed. It is one of the most popular frameworks for creating web applications and websites. Laravel is built on Symfony, a full-stack framework that provides developers with a complete set of tools to build applications.

Therefore, the framework is highly flexible and scalable, which means it will be able to scale with your eCommerce business growth. It also goes along with other languages. So, you can choose between different languages like PHP or JavaScript when building your application. Hence, it’s important to note that Laravel is not just another tool; it’s a complete platform made up of valuable components:

Why You Should Choose Laravel for eCommerce Website Development

Laravel is a PHP framework that has been around for a while, but it seems that more and more companies are choosing the Laravel framework for eCommerce. This is due to its easy set-up, fast development time, and robustness.

The framework has already been used in many eCommerce websites, such as Sephora from the beauty industry, for education, and more. Laravel is a popular choice for eCommerce websites that have complex requirements. For example, multi-currency support, payment gateways, shipping integration, geographical location tracking, and user management with authentication and authorization.

Top Reasons to Choose Laravel for an eCommerce Web Development

Laravel’s Pre-installed libraries and ready-to-use packages

One of the best things about PHP frameworks, and probably the top reason to use them, is that they come equipped with their own libraries and packages. Moreover, the functions of the framework packages bring high scalability, self-determining operations, and omnichannel support (that’s what you need to be where your customers are). 

Oh, and yeah, you don’t even have to spend any penny to leverage such special packages. Bonanza! Now you can use the money you save to hire a leading Laravel development company, can’t you?

Planning with no constraints 

You do not want an eCommerce store that just looks and feels like every other online store. To make your digital store unique, you need a technology that goes along with your current and future planning. That is why we preach Laravel because from its easy documentation and architecture to features like ORM and Artisan, Laravel lets you build an eCommerce website from scratch with no constraints. 

Automation at its best

Companies should automate as many tasks as they can to save time and focus on what is more important. Right? Well, Laravel agrees with the term and offers fantastic themes and packages for hassle-free content management for eCommerce sites. Bagisto, Aimeos, Mage2, and more Laravel tools are ready to deliver you an error-free online shopping store development experience.

Secure architecture

Security for the eCommerce websites is as important as revenue for the business or more than that. But it also does not come easily. So, how would you save all the sensitive data your customers feed on your online store to shop from you? Don’t stress. Laravel has got your back here, too! It provides robust security tools that protect your site from threats, such as cross-site scripting and SQL injections. 

Moreover, you will easily encrypt passwords using the Bcrypt hashing algorithm. Again, don’t worry if you cannot understand this technical term. Ask your Laravel developers.

Quick turn-around time 

With all the handy tools, libraries, packages, features, and compatibility, you can develop your eCommerce Laravel website in a record time. Laravel features save developers time writing redundant codes, helping them structure your project creatively and conveniently. 

Benefits of Using Laravel for eCommerce

Laravel is budget-friendly 

Laravel is a great choice for businesses looking to create web applications quickly and easily. It can be deployed to various servers with zero downtime, lowering project development costs. Additionally, it is a self-sufficient platform that does not rely on third-party resources or apps to provide different features. Thus, Laravel appears as a money-saver web development platform.

Hassle-free Store Management

All Laravel-enabled eCommerce businesses get access to a dynamic dashboard. It allows them to easily keep track of product releases, purchases, deals, discounts, and even customer feedback. Moreover, the software is cloud-based and accessible 24/7 every day, which makes monitoring the entire online store from anywhere, anytime.

SEO-driven Content Management System

You want to be your eCommerce website to be SEO-friendly so that you gain more organic web traffic and conversions. The Laravel framework helps you generate SEO-friendly URLs. This means that your Laravel website will be more easily found and indexed by search engines, making it more likely to show up in search results. 

When your website is indexed, it can bring traffic to your web application or website. Laravel makes it easy to create SEO-friendly websites, making it an excellent choice for web developers who want to improve their website’s visibility.

Integration with third-party tools

Laravel’s clean APIs make integrating third-party apps easy – something that almost every eCommerce website needs to do at some point. The framework enables efficient integrations, whether a payment API (like Stripe, Paypal), site search API, product information API, marketing API, or CRM. Therefore, Laravel is a good ally for eCommerce companies.

Effective testing and maintenance

Unit testing and debugging are crucial parts of creating a successful online store. With Laravel as a foundation, developers can quickly validate the code and database. This saves time and makes for a smoother process overall. Additionally, Laravel makes it easy to maintain the code, making it an easier task to keep up with. Since the framework has a Model View Controller (MVC) architecture, it allows working on logic and presentation layers separately.

Popular eCommerce Websites Built Using Laravel

From fortune 500 to startups hundreds of thousands of top companies use Laravel in their website. And if we reckon only eCommerce sites that have employed this PHP framework, here are the list of some growing websites with Laravel.


You have most likely heard of this amazing leading online learning platform that boasts thousands of courses for diverse categories. The platform was built using the Laravel framework and launched in 2007. With over 20+ million learners from 195 nations, Alison, an easy-to-use platform, is revolutionizing how people upskill.

Neighborhood Lender

Neighborhood Lender is the leader in mortgage and No-Closing Costs financing. The platform is built on top of the Laravel framework. The company’s audience is widespread across the USA, from South Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, and Maryland to North Carolina. The user-friendliness and interactive platform have helped finance thousands of home loans to borrowers. 


AlphaCoders is a well-known platform that aids content writers to connect with potential clients and collaborate to earn more through lucrative opportunities. Built with the Laravel, the user-friendly and high-functioning platform with unique features is swelling worldwide. 


CheckPeople is one of the many sites that were built using Laravel. It allows users to find basic information about other people, including criminal records and background checks. However, what sets this site apart from the others is its simplicity. From design to navigation, the website is easy to use, which is why more and more people are attracted to it.

Tools That Optimize Laravel-Based eCommerce Stores

Despite being inherently perfect for eCommerce platform development, the most beloved PHP framework, Laravel, boasts amazing tools and packages. Such tools help accelerate the performance of your eCommerce stores from both business and customer perspectives. Do you wish to know these fantastic Laravel tools? Let’s go!

Redis: It is an open-source tool often referred to as a data structure server. Redis easily integrates with Laravel apps and helps you minimize the load time of your eCommerce website.

PHP-FPM: An alternative to PHP’s FastCGI implementation, PHP-FPM (FastCGI Process Manager) comes with additional features to optimize the speed of sites with high traffic. You can ask your Laravel developers to integrate this to boost your app’s performance. 

CDN: If you want to accelerate your eCommerce Laravel app’s speed a little more, CDN–Content Delivery Network is an essential component to consider. By speeding up the response time, CDN enables you to penetrate a broader market and reach a massive audience.

Leverage Laravel for your eCommerce site!

Now, if someone asks why you chose Laravel for eCommerce development, you can count the reasons and benefits you just learned here. You also have insights into tools you can use to boost the performance of your Laravel eCommerce website. The only thing that remains now is how to make an eCommerce site with Laravel. For that, you must consult with a leading Laravel development company. I hope you get the idea! 


1 Why choose Laravel for eCommerce?

Laravel is the most popular PHP framework with expressive syntax and tons of tools, packages, and libraries. It saves time from writing redundant codes and offers great scalability, which is crucial for online shopping sites. 

Moreover, it provides you with top-notch packages for eCommerce development as well as optimizing your site for SEO and performance, too. Hence, thousands of eCommerce companies rely on Laravel to offer fast shopping experiences to their customers.

2 What are some useful Laraverl eCommerce packages and tools?

3 What is the leading Laravel development company for eCommerce?

Many Laravel development companies have first-hand experience developing eCommerce solutions worldwide. Some of them are:

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