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Thinking about Outsourcing Laravel Development Services? This Ultimate Guide has Got Your Back.

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Have you finally decided to give shape to your ideas and are going to begin with web app development anytime soon? To be honest, it could be daunting to understand the market, identify the customers’ pain points and offer relevant solutions to them. And well, if you think these are the only initial factors to take care of, let us tell you that you are not even half-way there. 

We are not trying to scare you but familiarize you with all that you need to know to start your digital journey with utmost confidence. So, among the many initial decisions of starting an online business, one of the most crucial ones is to pick a framework for web app development. Among the many frameworks out there, Laravel has earned quite a name for being one of the best PHP frameworks. 

If you, too, have heard of the popularity and performance of Laravel and are intrigued by it, the next step for you is to outsource Laravel app development services. We will not say outsourcing Laravel development services is a piece of cake, but it’s not rocket science either. 

Through this extensive guide, we intend to help you understand the Whens, Whys, and Hows of Laravel development outsourcing. Furthermore, we will take you through the process section by section and dig you deeper into why IT outsourcing is ideal for your business. Let us get going.

Is outsourcing Laravel development a good idea? 

Laravel is designed to be easy and rewarding, and that has made it a top choice for web app development. Moreover, its syntax is exquisite and impressive, which always catches the attention of businesses wanting to make a mark in the industry. 

Below, we will see where Laravel development services are the most relevant and when you should go for outsourcing Laravel development. We will have a close look at these points next. 

Companies specializing in data management and backend 

Content-oriented app development and CRM platforms are two examples of this. There are two ways Laravel could be used here- either integrate the Laravel framework with an existing CMS or build one from the root with high scalability and performance. 

Enterprise-level web apps 

If your industry falls under media, healthcare, eCommerce, and other high-traffic websites that require data processing, Laravel development outsourcing is a go-to option. 

Beginners and startups 

Since Laravel is quick, powerful, easily understandable, and accessible for young web developers, many beginners and startups prefer this PHP framework and outsource Laravel development. 

Medium-sized businesses 

Laravel is also a highly preferred PHP framework for small and medium-sized businesses due to its microservices architecture. This feature leads to the creation of a website with immediate updates quickly. 

What do you get from outsourcing Laravel development? 

You must be wondering what makes outsourcing Laravel development worth it. Well, that’s what we are coming to next. Below you will find a few solid reasons to outsource Laravel development services for your next project. Let’s dive into it. 


There’s an age-old debate between hiring an in-house development team and outsourcing the development services. In most cases, in-house hiring can incur significant outsourcing costs. This includes salaries, benefits, recruitment fees, and infrastructure costs like office space and equipment.

This is also the main reason many foreign clients outsource India-based Laravel developers because they build a high-quality web app at costs that don’t dig a hole in their pocket.

A solid combo of talent and technology 

Finding the right combination of talent and technology is like hitting the jackpot, and by outsourcing Laravel development services, the jackpot might be yours. When you outsource Laravel developers, you can come across some of the best-talented developers with a great knack for technology. Thus, outsourcing such talent is only going to benefit you in the long run. 


Many businesses have agreed that outsourcing Laravel developers is, in fact, a time-saving approach. But why is that so? Well, when a project is assigned to an outsourcing team, the whole app development process speeds up. On the other hand, hiring in-house developers and setting up the whole infrastructure might consume a lot of time. 


Transparency is one of the most amazing traits of outsourcing development teams. It’s because when there’s transparency between both parties, there will be better coordination with the clients at every stage of the development process. This way, there’s an assurance that the clients’ requirements are met piece by piece. 


With the increasing number of security threats, businesses can’t afford to take a chance. Outsourcing development teams from a reputed outsourcing company take complete care of the security by conducting rigorous quality assessment tests throughout the development. In addition, some Laravel developers go above and beyond to offer extra layers of protection.  

How to go about outsourcing Laravel web developers? What steps to follow? 

Following a process step-by-step is always a good way to do something well. Outsourcing Laravel developers is no exception. So, closely analyze the steps below and keep them in mind while you start your hunt to outsource Laravel developers. 

Understand your project’s scope well 

No matter what the project is, understanding its vision, mission, and core values is mandatory for business owners. It is crucial to understand the project’s requirements and even write them down to come back to it if required later on. 

Once you know your project’s scope to the core, hiring or outsourcing the right laravel developers simplifies. It is because you will be able to discuss your requirements more clearly with the developers you opt to outsource. 

Do a little research about the potential developers. 

A little research goes a long way. Before outsourcing the Laravel developers:

Then if you think the developer is a good match for your project, you can proceed to the interview part and have a one-on-one conversation with them. 

Interview and shortlist the best options 

After interviewing the promising developers, it’s time to evaluate their skills, experience, and technical knowledge. Besides these points, a few other factors that could help you decide better are their communication skills, ability to identify your requirements, and understanding of your long-term goals. 

Finally, after evaluating the above-mentioned skills closely, make a decision and choose the best among the shortlisted candidates.

What are the major pros and cons of hiring remote Laravel developers? 

Everything has its own share of cons, no matter how many pros it has. It applies to hiring remote developers as well. It is always good to know the pros and cons of Laravel development outsourcing to understand it better, and that’s what we are doing here. 

However, Laravel development outsourcing is just one IT outsourcing example. Companies can outsource many other IT services, such as network management, cybersecurity, or even customer service support.

So, let’s take you through a few pros and cons of hiring remote developers. Follow them with us, okay?

Here are the Cons of outsourcing Laravel developers- 

Let’s explore the possible advantages and outsourcing problems you can encounter:

The switch is simple.

Replacing an outsourcing Laravel development company is easier than replacing the in-house team. Another benefit is that the businesses can keep track of the working hours of remote developers but putting tabs on an in-house team is difficult sometimes. 

Less hustle 

Hiring a new in-house developer requires many changes to be made in the organization, such as changing the seating arrangements, assigning a new device, etc. However, hiring a remote developer saves you from all this hustle. 


This is probably the most attention-grabbing feature of outsourcing Laravel development services. When you deceive to outsource developers, you forego the many costs associated with hiring a new in-house employee, such as having to way parge wages, pensions, office equipment, etc. 

Expert developers 

When you choose a professional outsourcing company or agency, you will get access to expert Laravel developers. You can conduct an in-depth research, check their portfolio, and trust them to bring their best to the table. Moreover, expert developers don’t need to be micromanaged as they know their way around the latest technology and trends. 

Talking of the downsides, here are a few cons you should know of. 

Lack of communication

Many businesses refrain from outsourcing developers because of the lack of communication. After all, it’s easier to talk with someone face-to-face. With a remote developer, the lack of communication can become a challenge often.

Different time zones 

Outsourcing web app developers opens doors to global talent, but the different time zones is considered a downside. Thus, one must take their time zone into consideration when you hire a remote worker from another nation.


Oftentimes businesses feel skeptical while hiring remote resources because of privacy reasons. Outsourcing development services means other agencies and developers would get access to sensitive information about your company. Thus, there must be trust between both parties. 


Since there’s no face-to-face contact with the outsourcing team, businesses fear falling victim to fake developers or companies. Hence, companies need to complete background checks, look at reviews, and generally exercise due care while looking for a remote development company.

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What roles and responsibilities to look for in an offshore Laravel developer? 

There is a pool of talent out there, but what roles and responsibilities do the developers must possess? Whether you hire remote developers or in-house, mentioned below are rules and responsibilities you must look out for in a Laravel developer. Please have a look. 

Here are the Laravel developer roles to consider- 

Here are the Laravel Developer responsibilities to consider- 

Here are some common interview questions to ask while outsourcing Laravel developers 

We have framed a few interview questions that you can ask the Laravel developers. Come read along with these questions with us. Here we go! 

Why go with the Laravel framework for web and app development when there are several other PHP frameworks out there? 

This is probably one of the most common questions you can ask to a potential developer. Watch closely how the developer answers this question because it would state how well she/he knows the platform and what reasons they give to choose Laravel among the rest. 

What is dependency injection in Laravel? 

This is another question you can ask them to have a clear idea of their hold on the framework and its features. As the Laravel Service Container or IoC resolves all dependencies in all controllers, the developer must be able to answer the same. 

How does the HTTP middleware work? 

HTTP middleware refers to a filtering technique for HTTP requests. It’s a plus point if the Laravel developer answers this correctly. It would show that they are well-versed with several tools and technologies revolving around Laravel. 

What post deployment support and maintenance services do you provide? 

This is one question that shouldn’t be ignored. Suppose you hired remote developers, and they build a great web app, but what about the support and maintenance? Ask them if they offer support and maintenance services and would resolve their issues in due time. 

Closing words 

From what we discussed in this blog so far, we understand that working with remote developers or outsourcing Laravel developers isn’t as difficult as it seems. In fact, outsourcing resources is a great option because it is far less expensive and time-consuming than hiring an internal developer.
As Laravel has emerged as the best PHP framework in the past few years, outsourcing developers are also taking over in-house teams. If you wish to hire Laravel developers from an outsourcing Laravel development company in India, reach out to Kody Technolab. We are your most trusted choice for offshore web and application development. Lastly, Do not hesitate to contact us if you require any additional assistance.

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