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Why use Laravel Framework for Web Development in 2023? Let’s know.

Why use Laravel 2022

A long list of frameworks and platforms will appear when you search for the best framework for software development. As the software development industry is becoming more integral, advanced, and creative, the number of frameworks and programming languages is also increasing and facing stiff competition.

Choosing an ideal app development framework is tough as the options might confuse business owners. However, if you are looking for an open-source framework with robust functionality and inexplicable features, you can give a thought to Laravel. 

Laravel is undoubtedly a great platform but researching a framework before choosing is a must. So, it is essential to know the reasons why use Laravel if you are considering using this framework to develop a project in 2023. 

We have come up with this blog to help you understand the framework better. This blog also aims to clear all your doubts about the framework and give valid reasons why use Laravel in 2023. We will first begin with a brief introduction to Laravel. So, are you ready to be our companion on this ride?

Introduction to Laravel 

Known as one of the well-known PHP frameworks, Laravel is an open-source framework used to develop responsive web apps. Known for providing the best performance, this framework follows an MVC architecture which is also one of its prime features. The MVC architecture enables the creation of secure, high-performing, and future-ready web app solutions. 

Laravel offers elegant features and a creative web app development experience to the developers. One can create feature-rich websites with rock-solid performance using this PHP framework. Hence, Laravel truly deserves to be called one of the best PHP frameworks out there. 

Why use the Laravel PHP framework for web development? 

Now, after going through the introduction to Laravel, let’s know why one should choose the Laravel framework for web development. Let’s get going. 

Highly secure framework 

Laravel is among the most secure PHP web frameworks. When it comes to security in Laravel, everything is in the hands of a web developer. The security risks decrease if the web developers write secure code and organize it correctly. 

Laravel also integrates SQL injections to protect all confidential data and minimize the risks of any security threats. Thus, one can trust Laravel for secure and safe web app development. 

Powerful performance

Worrying about a website’s speed is a thing of the past with Laravel. Its amazing features, out-of-the-box functionality, and tools, such as Redis and Memcached help in improving the overall Laravel app performance. Furthermore, it also enhances the productivity of web apps. 

For new businesses who want to make it to the top of the digital race, speed and performance are the major concerns. Hence, small businesses and startups will benefit a lot from Laravel. 

Laravel’s popularity 

Laravel has earned great recognition for itself through the years, resulting in widespread popularity. Laravel happens to be highly popular among developers globally, and therefore, its community support is also extensive. 

If a developer gets stuck during Laravel web app development, she or he can consult the developers in Laravel’s community and get solutions quickly. 

Reduced time to market 

In the digital world with ever-rising competition, the launch time of the website is crucial. To keep up with the competition, the developers have to be fast to launch their web apps in the market.

Laravel has several in-built tools that can be embedded into the website during the project development. These Laravel tools accelerate the development and thus, reduce the overall time to develop the project. 

Number of libraries and configurations 

Laravel is known for its libraries and potential to support many environments during web app development. There are around 20 libraries in Laravel, including different modules. Moreover, the authorization created by the libraries also assists the compatibility of the software. 

Above all, Laravel sticks to the PHP principles and maintains a user-friendly and responsive environment throughout the software development. 

What makes Laravel the best PHP framework of 2023? Let’s discuss the top reasons. 

Let’s see the reason behind all the hype for Laravel and what reasons make it the best PHP framework of 2023. 

Engine for templates 

Laravel has built-in models that help create great layouts with interactive information. Besides, its widgets enable the integration of CSS and JS code.

MVC support 

Laravel is an MVC-compliant framework that provides built-in support for the IOC principle. The model view controller enables change and modifies the templates and codes effortlessly. 

Eloquent ORM 

The object-relational mapping feature of Laravel promotes database object and relationship interaction through expressive syntax. 

Code separation 

Laravel separates the code from the web application. The Laravel code separation feature allows the HTML designers to modify the webpage easily without any interaction with the developers. 


Artisan is Laravel’s command-line tool which includes pre-built commands that can be run on the command line to perform tasks and avoid repetitive tasks during the development.


The routing feature is very convenient for creating restful applications, group routers, applying filters, naming them, and binding the model data to them. Laravel routes are used to create search-friendly URLs with great flexibility. 

Database query builder 

Database query builder is a great way to create your database queries. Laravel’s query builder syntax is highly convenient, making writing a database so much fun. 

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Which security features does Laravel offer for your application? 

Laravel offers several security features to ensure the security of your app and reduce the Laravel vulnerabilities. So, here are those security features- 

Which are the top Laravel trends in web app development in 2023? 

The web app development trends keep emerging every year, new trends enter the industry and leave everyone awestruck. Laravel web app development trends are widely adopted and used by businesses, clients, and developers globally. 

So, let’s quickly go through these Laravel trends that keep everyone excited and make web app development more fun. 

Smart chatbots 

Small or large, no matter what sized business it is, customer service is an integral part of every business. In the past few years, smart chatbots have revolutionized customer service by resolving customers’ problems and queries quickly and smoothly. Moreover, the chatbots enable the customers to interact with the customer service representatives within a few seconds in the web app itself. 

PHP development outsourcing 

PHP development outsourcing has paved its way to becoming one of the top programming languages in the past few years. Most attractive and good-looking sites today are developed using PHP, and thus Laravel makes the best use of it. Laravel offers robust features and leverages Windows, Unix, and Linux to develop the best web apps with PHP as a programming language. 

Internet of Things 

IoT is the gateway to developing a successful and trendy Laravel app. Internet of Things is trending among Laravel app development as plenty of industries and businesses have started recognizing the strength of IoT. With the Laravel framework, businesses can gain a lot from the IoT implementation in the web app. 

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The future of the Laravel framework in 2023 and beyond 

Laravel has become the favorite PHP framework of many businesses and developers. Looking at its widespread success, we can say that more businesses will choose this framework for developing successful web apps. Moreover, with the introduction of new innovative Laravel trends, it has become an ideal framework for web application development. 
With exclusive features and great functionality, as well as with the increasing popularity of Laravel, its future seems quite promising. Thus, if you have an upcoming project, you can opt for Laravel web app development. Hire Laravel developers from a reputed and reliable Laravel development company and make your dream project come true.

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