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Technological advancement has helped us uncover a lot of potential in the industry, specifically the healthcare industry. It has helped doctors and patients combat the “availability issue of doctors, any time, anywhere.” If you look at the numbers and the economies of this industry, you will be thrilled.

You would instantly wish to try any of these healthcare app ideas mentioned in the blog. The number has grown over five times to $33.59 billion between 2012 to 2018. It is a highly profitable industry, fostering numerous services in a variety of ways. Some of the medical apps for doctors help in connecting patients & doctors virtually/physically, while some of the other applications provide health-specific consultation. There are many different types of healthcare applications in the market. In this blog, we will introduce you to various concepts of healthcare app ideas, give examples of each, and highlight key features of the application.

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Now, let’s begin with our main topic,

Healthcare and medical mobile app ideas:

The advent of advanced technologies has made it possible for doctors, patients & the government to leverage these technologies and have comprehensive data management.

This system allows the professionals to store, share and analyze health-specific data/information across the platforms. It assists in the speedy diagnosis of a serious health situation, and patients can avail of medicines accordingly. Healthcare apps have improved the healthcare service quality and have also helped in minimizing human error.

These pocket doctor applications have reduced the paperwork and have resulted in a faster prescription generation. On top of that, most of the data shared across the platform are safeguarded under HIPAA compliance.

In the next section, we will discuss the various categories of healthcare app ideas. Keep reading...

Medical reference apps:

With the heaps of data available from the researches, studies, & patients, there are chances of missing an important piece of information by the doctors.

However, they also need to keep themselves updated with the latest news available across the world (meaning, shouldn’t miss any important update).

A medical reference application comes in handy for such situations. It can be the finest solution wherein physicians, medical students, and nurses can refer to a case study or a piece of drug information within minutes.

A great example of this application type is the Medscape application. Some noticeable things about this app type are, it has various sections for drugs, medical conditions, and diseases along with the images.

One can refer to these sections and find out a reasonable solution. Medical reference app keeps professionals updated with the medical news and drug discovery going on in the industry.

Must-have features of medical reference application are:

- Smart search across various categories;

- High-quality videos and images;

- Detailed drug information;

- The latest news and medical researches;

- Medical tests and quizzes;

- BMI calculator.

 Healthcare Startups

Doctor-on-demand application:

Finding a reliable doctor in an unknown region is a real challenge. Along with this challenge, it is important to address a medical situation without getting flabbergasted. A doctor-on-demand application serves this purpose.

It allows users to book a doctor’s appointment in the shortest time possible. If not, it also allows patients to have access to doctors via virtual video calls.

Doctor-on-demand application serves as a blessing in disguise, especially for old age and physically challenged people who find it difficult to consult the doctor instantly. This kind of application makes it possible for them to appoint doctors at any time of the day.

Doctor-on-demand applications automate the entire booking process and make it quite easy for people to schedule appointments.

A great example of this app type is Zocdoc. This application helps patients find doctors who serve within their insurance network. Patients can filter doctors based on reviews, credentials, language spoken, and personal information.

Must-have features of the doctor-on-demand application are:

- Smart search by locality, specialty, and availability;

- Push notifications;

- Instant doctor appointment booking;

- Booking history;

- Free appointment slots;

- Schedule/reschedule appointments;

- Find nearby doctors.

Healthcare networking applications:

Social networking application for doctors? Yeah. That is exactly how this app type functions. It helps doctors to connect either for networking or for medical advice.

This app type has a community of doctors specializing in various fields. A practicing or a licensed doctor can open the application, run down a search for the doctor operating in the given medical field.

Healthcare networking applications help doctors seek medical advice over a critical or unique situation. This app allows them to share files, drug databases, and research works.

An excellent example of this app type is, DailyRounds. This application works on the concept of social networking + medical journal. Doctors can connect with each other and discuss national international medical issues. It allows them to share images with other doctors for a speedy diagnosis of a disease or a health condition.

Must-have features of healthcare networking application are:

- Instant file sharing & image;

- Journal;

- Chat options;

- Medical events;

- Access to medical files and research papers;

Health tracking application:

It is a taxing task to order and organize piles of lab reports. A health tracking application can help clinics place everything in place—datewise reports, doctors’ diagnoses, allergies, critical tests, statutes, etc.

This app type can integrate data directly from the clinic and laboratories. It serves as a great help to medical staff to give a specific flow to the set of data.

The application sets up a patient’s profile having all the nitty-gritty details about the patient.

An exceptional application functioning under this category is VitalHub Chart. The application captures all the insights related to a patient and stores them under its umbrella. The clinic professionals can dig out any report or a use case by running a smart search over the app.

Must-have features of health tracking application are:

- List of patients and related records;

- Lab reports;

- Prescription management;

- Critical health condition notification;

- Order a lab test;

- Access to Electronic Health Records;

Medicine Price Comparison:

Drug prices may vary from one brand to another. It is difficult for a regular consumer to figure out which one is available at a lower price. A medicine price comparison application allows people to compare prices between stores and brands.

It can help customers make purchasing decisions swiftly. Customers can also customize their order by placing the whole order from multiple stores.

One good example of a medicine price comparison application is the GoodRx application. It assists in making a swift comparison between prices of medicines, medical products, masks, gloves, pharmacy kits, etc.

Must-have features of medicine price comparison application are:

- Smart search & filter;

- Multiple brands price comparison;

- Drug store information;

- Drug information;

- Order from multiple stores;

- Schedule order;

- Drug substitutes information;

 Healthcare Startups

e-Prescription applications:

Some patients have frequent medicine refill needs. In such cases, e-prescription mobile applications help them generate an e-prescription that can be directly sent across to the pharmacy.

Hence, patients can avail of medicines without waiting for hours or days to have a doctor-authorized prescription. This type of application helps in setting up a comfortable ecosystem where doctors, pharmacies, and patients work in complete alignment.

One of the prime examples of apps in this category is iPrescribe application. It covers more than 3500+ FDA-approved drugs that can be ordered by a patient from their respective pharmacy. All the critical patient’s data is collected and processed to give a medicine prescription online.

Must-have features of e-Prescription application are:

- FDA-approved drug database;

- EHR integration

- CRM integration;

- Patient’s profile;

- Pharmacy store information;

- Push notification;

- Delivery tracking;

- CMS integration;

- HIPAA compliance;

- Legal laws & regulations compliance.

Weight-loss/Diet tracking application:

The millennial generation is highly, highly health-conscious (might sound hype, but true). They do not wish to compromise over the diet for any good reason other than medical.

An application in this category helps them to remain in shape, no matter what. A solid proof of this workout application is that the fitness industry is expected to cross $14.7 billion by the end of 2026.

A weight-loss diet tracking application monitors the daily intake of food, counts the calories consumed, and suggests exercises that can help patients reduce/maintain their weight.

A highly talked about application in this category is, FatSecret. It assists patients in following their diet calendar and keeps track of their weights. FatSecret monitors each activity of the patient and provides quality-diet solutions accordingly.

Must-have features of Weight-loss/Diet tracking application are:

- Barcode Scanner;

- User Profile;

- GPS tracking;

- Diet Calendar;

- Weight monitoring;

- Calorie counter;

- Footstep/exercise counter;

- Suggested Diet profile.

Medical calculator application:

One of the noticeable hassles for doctors and nurses working at a clinic is to keep track of the medicine dosages, weights, and other tests. A medical calculator application functions best in this category. It functions with a hidden formula complex that helps doctors deliver medical treatment with utmost accuracy.

A medical calculator app can also be used to calculate heart scores, pregnancy due dates, weight, diet, etc.

A renowned example of application in this category is MDCalc. Anyone practicing in the healthcare industry including, doctors, professional assistants, nurses, pharmacists, medical students, can access the application.

Must-have features of medical calculator application are:

- Various algorithms to make smart decisions;

- Variety of medical calculator categories;

- Easy navigation;

- Medical literature;

- Medical study graphs;

- Medical calculator comparisons;

- Intuitive UI/UX.

Medical record application:

We all have been through a difficult situation where we need to recollect our old medical data from the piles of files. We just go blank while searching, especially when we have a long medical history of a disease or a medical situation.

A medical record application becomes handy during such situations. It allows patients to upload their medical reports, lab tests, and patient history directly into the app. The application stores the data in an encrypted format and creates a respective store house.

A great example of an application in this category is the Healow app. It allows patients to swiftly export the file and send it across to doctors if required. The application sets up an easy communication channel between the doctors and the patients.

Must-have features of Medical record application are:

- Swift upload;

- Patient’s profile;

- Easy Import/Export;

- Chat with Doctor;

- Share Files;

- Create medical history-wise categories.

Women’s wellbeing healthcare application:

A woman goes through a lot of changes, both physically, emotionally, and mentally throughout her life. There are times when they can not judge what is happening to their body or to their emotions. A women’s wellbeing healthcare application can serve as their best friend during this journey.

An application in this category defines various medical situations for a woman to understand what she is going through. It helps them track their ovulation, fertility window, periods, diet, multiple therapies, motivational music, medical research papers, and a lot more.

It also helps them connect with a gynecologist if required for any treatment.

Popular applications in this category are Clue and HeadSpace. These applications keep track of everything and anything. It serves as a digital doctor, especially in times when a woman needs friends to consult a medically generated emotion or symptom. The application motivates them to remain healthy and focus on the tasks they are doing.

Must-have features of Women’s wellbeing healthcare application are:

- Period Tracker;

- Ovulation tracker;

- Fertility Window;

- Diet tracker;

- Push notifications;

- Motivations music library;

- Medical research articles;

- Various exercise;

- Flow calculator


So, here comes an end to the healthcare startup ideas for founders. Just like any other on-demand application, you can combine features, functionality, and offerings of two or more apps in one. For executing any app ideas for your healthcare startup, feel free to contact us by filling out the form below. We assure you that we will get back to you within the shortest possible time and a promising business solution.

Our solutions are robust in handling sensitive medical data and ensure its protection throughout the stages. Be rest assured when you collaborate with us for your next project.

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