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Modern life needs a modern solution for each necessity of the lifestyle. Car Wash Mobile App Concept is one of the solutions that provide the easiest way to get any car washed comfortably. The app accumulated America’s largest professional car detailers network to let the users schedule their car wash as per their leisure. You may need a significant cost to build a car wash app, but it can earn you a remarkable profit in return.

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On-Demand Car Wash App like MobileWash

The car wash app solution is designed keeping millennials’ busy lifestyles in the center to ease their vehicle care.


Develop a Car Wash & Car Detailing Application

Simplify the management of car wash request schedules, the complexity of allocating detailers, and the need for service packages using the appropriate technologies.


Car Wash App Solution that makes vehicle care Effortless

A seamless application that works on various devices’ and provides a scalable and flexible solution to users to book their car treatment services. The additional services, such as clay bar & paste wax, water spot removal, etc., can be added at the time to make an app like MobileWash.


Look into the below images that define the final look of the car wash & car detailing application.

Paul D. Weston


We were looking for an experienced software company that not only helps us create a car wash service app but also acts as our extended team, and we found that in Kody. We hired a dedicated development team, and the rest is history. Kody is highly recommended for startuppers

Main Features of the Project


To create an account on the car wash app, users can add their basic details or choose to sign in with their Google or Facebook account and get going at once.


After signing in, users will have to add their contact details and basic information that may help the app to suggest the right services.


There is a menu at the app’s left that makes the app easy to navigate for users and allows them to access their profile and privacy policy or go back to the home screen with just one click.

Car Wash App Solution Admin App Features

Service Status

Customers can keep an eye on their car wash service status with a constant updating panel showing what stage their vehicle service reaches in real-time.


When a customer books their car wash service on the app, they also get notifications about new car services, offers, and when their vehicle service is done.

Personalized Homepage

The app will display personalized car service suggestions based on the customer’s booking history as well as the recent services they booked.

Technology stack of the project

Mobile App:

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