On-Demand Delivery App like Dunzo

The app was developed with the aim to pick up and drop whatever you need and wherever you need along with multiple payment options. There is no restriction as to the item that needs to be delivered.

Project idea

The project idea was to provide convenience to millennials and ease their ever busy lives with a doorstep delivery app for food, grocery & more.

Target audience

The target audience for this delivery app development project was mostly the millennials and also working people of other age groups. However, its user-friendly interface makes it possible for everyone to get started with it.

Project Challenges

  • Optimal route calculations
  • Delivery scheduling
  • 24/7 working system
  • Live tracking & Real-time location


The ultimate solution of the above mentioned challenges was to implement a type of microservices to manage scheduling data, use a low latency network-based protocol and multiple sockets for live tracking and open street routing machine for optimal route calculation.


Initial inputs for the project were:
  • 24/7 service availability
  • Optimal route calculation to reduce delivery time
  • Live to track
A careful analysis of the project idea resulted in:
  • Brainstorming with the developers’ team
  • An outline of project requirements
  • 3 weeks of research and planning
The outcome of in house discussions was:
  • Business logic plan
  • Project estimation
  • Application testing plan

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Wireframe & Design

Here is a small preview of what went behind the designing of a seamless pickup and drop application!

Main Features of the Project

Here is our developers’ journey to make an app like Dunzo!


On-Demand or Pre-scheduled Deliveries

The app will give users the option to book a drop off service on-demand or schedule it for later. The drivers are available on call always to make sure that the item exactly reaches where it needs to be and at the required time.


Number of Packages & Its Type

The user can choose from the various types of package options such as documents, boxes, clothes, food etc. Our app algorithms will show users the approximate cost. The cost is calculated on the basis of type of package, package quantity, time of delivery and pickup/dropoff details.


Email Confirmations

The Email confirmations will instantly notify the users when their package is picked up or delivered. The users will have the option to include the Email address of the recipient so that they can receive the confirmation as well.

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Technology stack

Below mentioned are some of the technologies that helped us to build a delivery app like Dunzo for multiple devices.