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In this new era, where every single little thing is found online, these grocery apps have also emerged so dramatically. Grocery apps like Instacart, bigbasket, etc. have taken the grocery app market by storm and they still continue to expand worldwide. The future is crystal clear that this market is going to be another huge revenue-generating business in the near future.

Moreover, the majority of people are moving from traditional ways of shopping to online stores because of many convenient offers and other factors such as shopping without having to move physically. And hence, why not buy grocery items online? And since there is a huge market and need to be fulfilled, on-demand Grocery Delivery Application development is something many people are moving towards in order to provide solutions & value for people’s needs.

Moreover, there are chances of earning a good revenue from On-demand app development. So if this is your reason for being here, you must have questions about how to develop On Demand Grocery shopping App or how to start with this from scratch and more. Well, here is a step-by-step process, which you can follow in order to make an App like Bigbasket:

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Sketch an Idea to Build On-Demand Grocery Delivery App

Well, sketching an idea or concept of a product helps a lot with the development of an MVP for further testing and feedback by the early adopters. So in order to sketch a basic idea or concept around Grocery Delivery App Development, a few factors to be taken care of is the need for development, people for whom the need has arisen and the typical or extra features a product can provide, etc.

Moreover, apart from the convenience of shopping about anything including groceries from your home, there are a few more benefits of shopping at these apps, which is why users have been attracted to them as compared to the offline retail stores. Here are a few reasons:

Why Develop a Grocery Delivery App like Big Basket – Identify the Need

In this era of mobile taps, people have become so busy that they don’t get time for going out to buy their groceries, especially when they are working and at times the market is closed too. They need an economical solution that can bring groceries to their doorstep, and hence the need for grocery apps came up. They are the new age weapon to fight with time.

Moreover, the millennials don't want to waste their valuable time in going here and there for daily needs like grocery and all. Also, the new generation neither wants to bargain nor they know how to bargain. So for them, grocery apps are an easy solution. If we try to sum up the reasons in 3 heading that would be-


People don't need to roam around the whole city physically to buy some good groceries. All they need is their mobile phone with an internet connection and they can choose the best product as much as they want and their groceries will be at their doorstep.

Time saver

In this time deficient world these apps are the human race weapon in the race with time to save some precious time for the family. This is another critical reason to choose grocery apps.

Money saver

From an economical point of view also the grocery apps are advantageous. They save money in multiple ways such as saving your travel expenses; it gives discounts, loyalty points and many more.

A few other benefits of grocery apps include:

Rich in UX and UI

Multiple Payment Modes

Enhanced Navigation

Order Tracking Option

Digital Wallet

Easy Checkout

Product Categorization

Real-Time Easy Order Placement

on-demand Grocery Delivery Application

Market Analysis to Develop on Demand Grocery shopping App

Once you are done figuring out what your grocery app’s development will be providing your potential audience in terms of product or value, you must analyze the market so your grocery app can be slightly better and different from others existing in the marketplace, which includes the following to be taken care of:

Does the market have similar grocery apps?

Who is your potential audience and their location?

What advanced features can make your grocery app better than others?

Who is your competition in the marketplace? Are they making any mistakes?

Does your competition provide products better than yours?

Types of Grocery Apps

There are various different kinds of grocery apps in the market, which perform different kinds of functions and businesses in different ways. Apart from that, if we categorize these common types of grocery apps they can be categorized as 4 types below:


Aggregators are of those kinds of grocery apps that bring together all your nearby grocery stores to a common platform. They enlist them all on their app and the customer can choose anything from these and add them to their cart. After dropping all their needs to the online cart the customer can check out by paying the money through different payment options available.

Once the order gets confirmed by the stores, it can track in real-time until it reaches your doorstep. All the responsibility is on the store and not on the app maker.

Market place

With very little difference, marketplace is more or less the same as an aggregator. The only exception here is that it has got its team of delivery boys who will pick up the groceries from the store for the customer and take them to the customers' doorstep with responsibility.

Single store

Single store can be called a virtual grocery store, which does everything from updating the online menu to delivering the order to a customer collecting money, from maintaining the app to resolving customers' issues. You have to take care of every single thing piece by piece.

Grocery chains

There are many powerful and rich grocery chains like Walmart who prefer to have their mobile apps as well as own on-demand delivery solution. It can be seen as a micro-level operation of single stores. You manage everything as said earlier from updating the online menu to delivering the order to a customer, collecting money, from maintaining the app to resolving customers' issues.

Benefits of Our Grocery Delivery App

Gone are the days when people used to go to local vendors to buy groceries in their area, gradually the concept turned into supermarkets and wall marts. But after a certain period of time, the grocery stores started getting online the buying process changed and e-commerce has already become the holy grail of retailers. So, If you’re already thinking of developing an app like a big basket, let’s see how it will be beneficial to your users.


If you develop a grocery delivery application, the first drill is to make your app user-friendly. Your users are here to save themselves a significant amount of time and giving them an app that is feature-rich and user-friendly will definitely keep them engaged and the possibility of visiting your app again also increases.

Online payment

Although you can integrate all types of payment options in your application but Online payment is a must because millennials don’t like to keep the cash. And if we talk about worldwide statistics of online payment ration, about 80% of people prefer cashless payment.

In-app chat

You can integrate in-app chat feature in your Grocery delivery app like Big basket so that your users can have all the solutions to their problems in real-time. Your customers can communicate with you directly and their queries can be resolved in the application itself.

E-wallet option

You can also integrate E-wallet in your Grocery Delivery App Development, to make the payment process easier and more secure.


The most important feature you can combine is Schedule. Your customers can schedule delivery, schedule date, and even schedule next month’s grocery delivery according to their convenience.

Order Tracking

Order Tracking feature is the most engaging feature, your customers can track the delivery via geo-location tracking system in their smartphone.

Grocery Delivery Mobile App Development Process

We as a Grocery Delivery Application Development Company have the simplest mobile application development process. We have listed out the hassle-free process so you can have a basic idea of what are you investing in.

1. Query submission

2. Discussion with the sales team

3. Concluding requirements

4. Handing over the project to Project Manager

5. You’ll directly coordinate with Project Manager

6. Our Testing experts will test every little detail

7. Designers will make a Framework of your application

8. After you approve the design, Developers will develop the application.

9. Deployment and future-proofing

10. Maintenance

on-demand Grocery Delivery Application

Which Type of Grocery App is Best Suited for Your Project?

Every type of Grocery app has its own kind of risks and advantages. Now the type of grocery app that you need can be decided only by you based on the level of risk and responsibilities you want to take, the market type, and your targeted customers.

Moreover, Aggregator platforms need you to take fewer responsibilities and risks, your brand integrity and values depend on the enlisted grocery shops. The marketplace is good to retain brand reputation but the risks are too many. However, the main advantage here is that you have full control of everything i.e. from taking customer orders to delivering them, and customers don't come in contact with the actual seller directly.

Moreover, single stores are best from a control point of view, however, they need heavy investment and financial aid.

Must-Have Features for Grocery apps

Identification Factors

This involves the following in order to understand the customers briefly:

Social Media Sign-in or Sign-up

User Profile Management

Forgot Password

Verify email or Phone Number

Operational Features

This involves the following features for clean and smooth shopping experience:

Product Search

Filter search

Payment options and gateways

Coupons or Discount codes

Search Suggestions


Shopping Cart


Counter for quantity

Customer Customization

This involves the following:

Customer Location

Pin address

Address Search


This involves the following in order to ensure better product performance:

Feedback of multiple scale services

Delivery boy rating

Support and help

Product Quality Rating

Review and feedback

Delivery Time

This involves the following in order to ensure convenience:

The pick-up time slot

Delivery person's tracking

Delivery person's contact

Express delivery

Order Cancellation and more

make an App like Bigbasket

Technologies Needed to Build a Grocery Shopping Mobile App

App Platforms: iOS, Android, Web App

Back-end: Python, .Net, Java, Node.js

3rd Party Apps: Google Maps

Push Notifications: APN, Twilio, Firebase

SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification: Twilio, Nexmo, Sinch

Cloud Environment: AWS

Payments:  Braintree & PayPal, E-Wallets, Stripe

Real-Time Analytics: Spark Streaming, Apache Flink

Mandrill: Relevant to emails

Database: Cassandra, MongoDB

Traffic Analytics: Flurry, Google Analytics, etc.

How Do Grocery apps Work?

Well in order to run a grocery app for the delivery of goods that a user prefers, you will require having the following:

Ordering App used by your users

Delivery App used by the Drivers

Admin App used by the Merchants, Vendors, or the Admins

Cost to make app like Big Basket

To calculate the cost of developing a grocery delivery app like Big Basket, we have a certain way of counting it according to your requirements, features, customization, platforms et Cetra. So, if we talk about the above-mentioned process it will start from $10,000 to depending upon your preference.

Run a Mock-drill & Launch Your Grocery App

Once app developed, your grocery app is all ready to be launched on Play Store or app store, etc. and shared on various social platforms or more in order to reach more potential users across the targeted geography or beyond. Moreover, a mock-drill test or MVP testing and feedback can help in marketing the grocery app a lot more before it gets launched.

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