Milkmor was created with the aim to deliver pure milk to people as per their convenience. This milk delivery app has saved consumers from the hassle of purchasing milk.

Project idea

Milkmor is a subscription based door-to-door pasteurized milk delivery app like Supr Daily to deliver premium quality milk to people as per their convenience.

Target audience

Although the majority of people using Milkmor are working and elderly, it has been created for all kinds of users. Anyone who would want milk delivered on a regular basis can begin their subscription orders on Milkmor.

Project Challenges

  • Automated data management system
  • Monitoring daily subscription orders
  • Inventory management & a record of products consumed daily


We developed an application and a web panel to manage and monitor the internal processes as well the delivery schedule efficiently and seamlessly.


Initial inputs from the client about the project were:
  • Desired features
  • Delivery route mapping of scheduled orders
  • Easy wallet management
An in-detail analysis of project information received from the client resulted in:
  • Weeks of research and planning
  • Formation of a system to plan subscription order delivery
  • A dedicated business analyst meeting the client for precise project requirements
After brainstorming with the team, we provided the client with:
  • Final design of the website and mobile app
  • Estimated project timeline
  • Requirement document

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Wireframe & Design

The team of UX/UI designers started working on wireframes and final design once the project requirements were clear.

Main Features of the Project

After the designers were done with their job, the process of milk delivery app development began.


Automated delivery log sheet

The staff used to manually carry out the planning of next day deliveries of subscription orders. But we implemented an automated delivery log sheet for subscription orders. It ultimately reduced the chances of error in delivery and also work of the staff.


Inventory requirement mapping for subscription orders

As the milk was brought from a farm, at the end of the day a stock requirement list was prepared for the next day subscription order deliveries. While this was a manual process, the web app made the entire process automated, ultimately saving time and effort and increasing customer satisfaction.


App displays daily schedule of delivery boys

The mobile app for delivery boys will display their delivery schedule along with the other required details. The delivery schedule is updated every morning so as to avoid any mismanagement.

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Technology stack

Here is a list of technologies that helped us implement the milk delivery app project successfully.

Deepak Mudaliar

Project Manager, Milkmor

“I am happy that we gave our crucial retail milk subscription management to Kody Technolab (KT). We, at Milkmor, wanted to keep an easy and straightforward solution for dairy products ordering and wallet management, which could be easier to operate even for our non-technical subscribers. The team of KT was sensible and methodic to jot down the requirement and followed a strict sequence which made us launch this solution. It was fun to work with them, and I wish them all the best. Special thanks to Jasmin to give personal attention & dedication to this project.”

Jasmin Javia

Principal Business Analyst

“The first challenge in the Milkmor project was to think of a flow to efficiently manage customer’s daily subscription orders and live wallet deduction along with delivery at the doorstep. However, we managed to achieve that successfully due to the combined efforts of the team. The large scale operations of the company made it difficult to understand the complex chain of internal processes. But kudos to the owner as he patiently explained to us all of his requirements, reducing our work to a great extent. “