Milkmor was created with the aim to deliver pure milk to people as per their convenience. This milk delivery app has saved consumers from the hassle of purchasing milk.

Project Idea

Milkmor is a subscription-based door-to-door pasteurized milk delivery app like Supr Daily to deliver premium quality milk to people as per their convenience.

Target Audience

Although the majority of people using Milkmor are working and elderly, it has been created for all kinds of users. Anyone who would want milk delivered on a regular basis can begin their subscription orders on Milkmor.

Project Challenges

  • Automated data management system
  • Monitoring daily subscription orders
  • Inventory management & a record of products consumed daily


We developed an application and a web panel to manage and monitor the internal processes as well the delivery schedule efficiently and seamlessly.


Initial inputs from the client about the project were:
  • Desired features
  • Delivery route mapping of scheduled orders
  • Easy wallet management
An in-detail analysis of project information received from the client resulted in:
  • Weeks of research and planning
  • Formation of a system to plan subscription order delivery
  • A dedicated business analyst meeting the client for precise project requirements
After brainstorming with the team, we provided the client with:
  • Final design of the website and mobile app
  • Estimated project timeline
  • Requirement document

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Wireframe & Design

The team of UX/UI designers started working on wireframes and final design once the project requirements were clear.

User persona

To create a user-centered app design, we identified and validated critical business and users’ objectives. To keep users and business stakeholders involved throughout the process, we emphasize user personas. For the milk delivery app, we studied demand & supply, the importance of milk, buying patterns, etc., and came up with a few user personas.

    Regina Tiedeman

  • Age: 25
  • Location: New York
  • Occupation: Counselor


Regina’s working time is 9 am to 5 pm, and she departed for her office at 8:30 am daily. She lives alone and needs milk every morning before leaving for the office. She buys milk form her nearest vendor or sometimes orders online when she has a short time.

When there is a workload, she forgets to bring the milk, or sometimes she needs to manage with quality. The unavailability of milk frustrates her sometimes. She could not keep track of milk expenses.

Regina needs a solution that solves her daily milk delivery problems, and she does not need to go to any vendors. She seeks an online milk delivery service. So, she can pay online, keep track of expenses, schedule the delivery on the weekend, and also can order other dairy products.

    Katherina Neilson

  • Age: 38
  • Location: New York
  • Occupation: Housewife


Katherina has 13 members in her family. She takes care of their every need, including milk. The family needs milk and other dairy products daily. She has subscribed to an online vendor to deliver milk and other products.

The family is highly dependent on a particular milk brand, so she always has to verify the same at the time of purchase. She faces a problem at payment time as her vendor has limited options.

Katherina is looking for an online delivery service where she does not have to compromise with the brand and can pay through any payment method.

    Tom Ripley

  • Age: 30
  • Location: New York
  • Occupation: IT professional


Tom lives alone in the town and works in a software company on the night shift. He requires milk 4 to 5 times a week; he does not need it on weekends. He buys milk when he walks home after his shift daily.

After working a whole night, he also forgets to buy milk sometimes and then regrets. And sometimes he forgets to pay in a hurry and sometimes he pays but forgets to collect the milk in a hurry.

He also tried some online delivery vendors, but it did not work for him as the quality was poor. He needs a solution where multiple vendors and brands can be available to order milk and other products so that he can have milk delivery on time and can pay on the go.

Mood board

The first and very important step of the Milk app development process is setting up a mood board that is user-centric and our designers created the mood board in a way that the users felt connected with the product immediately. It is one kind of library that contains the app theme colors, fonts, and other designing objects.

User flow

The user flow is the layout of the user’s movement throughout the application. It is a series of steps the user will take through the app to achieve a goal. For example, end up buying a product process it will take a user to log in first, search for the product, wishlist it, payment step, and lastly checkout.

Main Features of the Project

After the designers were done with their job, the process of milk delivery app development began.

01. Onboarding

The app welcomes users with a tour of its milk marketplace and gives a small demonstration of the features and its capabilities.

milk delivery app milk delivery app milk delivery app milk delivery app

02. Sign Up/In

To order or make any purchase on the app, users have to sign up the app once and for all the access to the app’s feature. After signing up, users can keep their profile logged in or log out as per their convenience.

03. Subscription

Users can subscribe to a plan as per their milk and other dairy product requirement. Any user can change and update their subscription once the first gets subscription over.

04. Menu Screen

The menu screen shows all options, features, and services and supports available on the app. By choosing an option, users can have the details related to the respective subject

Milk Delivery App Development Fresh Milk & Cow Ghee Delivery App Milk Delivery App Development milk subscription application

05. Profile

The profile contains users’ details from the contact number to address. If any user migrates to somewhere else or relocate, they can update the new address as well as contact number if it changes too.

06. Delivery boy

Milk delivery app solution involves the delivery boy profile as well. Delivery boys require to log in to the app and add necessary details. Those details keep visible to users so that they can contact and track the delivery boy.

07. Dashboard

There is an ultimate dashboard in the milk delivery app for the admin panel to keep track of every order, activity, subscription, payments, reviews, complaints, stock, revenue, and other meaningful aspects.

milk delivery app