Hyperlocal Delivery App Solution

First, online on-demand delivery services mobile apps transformed the way of shopping. It enabled people to get things delivered from anywhere within a couple of days. Then, embarks Hyperlocal Delivery app solution like Rappi that reshapes the customer experience by offering delivery within a couple of hours rather than days.

The massive success of the Hyperlocal Delivery App Solution intrigued our client and inspired him to make an app like Rappi. Our ingenious development team was ever excited to bring life to this fabulous project and have made it happen. The outcome after launching the app is amazing and inspires aspiring entrepreneurs to consider the fruitful concept for their next project.

  • Time

    4 Months
  • Team

    7 Members
  • Platforms

    Flutter, PHP
  • Type

    Hyperlocal Delivery app
  • Industry

    Online Shopping

Develop Hyperlocal Delivery App like Rappi

The primary concept was to build a Hyperlocal Delivery Application that empowers the customers to receive and send anything within hours or minutes. So, the core idea was to make citizens’ life easier than ever before with a mobile app solution.


Simplify the delivery of anything with the Hyperlocal delivery app like Rappi

Create an app solution that allows customers to send or receive a low-weight concierge from home to office, office to home, friend to friend, stores to home, family to family in the local region.


Make it possiible to get Anything Delivered at Anytime

A go-to solution that lets users enter pick up and drop address and get delivered anything they want from anywhere within the city in a few minutes or a couple of hours using a hyperlocal delivery mobile app on their smarthpone.


After iterating the design a few times to match our client and their client expectations, we finally got the perfect design architecture that turned out incredible!

Yasir Asadel Samaha


After working with them on my hyperlocal delivery app project, I highly recommend Kody Technolab to anyone looking for a reliable, skilled, and responsive team for their app development needs. Their professionalism and expertise make the entire process a breeze

Main Features of the Project


The hyperlocal delivery app allows users to choose from multiple categories to order what they need and get delivered at once without wandering on the app.

Send/Receive Anything

With the option to send/receive anything, users can get the items they forget at home or the office just by entering the pickup and send package option.

My Orders

Users can easily keep and track the history of their previous orders in-app itself and access it whenever they need to repeat the order.

Hyperlocal Delivery App Elemantry Features

Order Status

The app provides the privilege to its users to check the status of their order with accurate time when it gets confirmed, picked up, and is out for delivery.

Restaurant Info

Users can check restaurant details, how long it would take to deliver the order, whether there is any special offer, as well as their bestseller items before placing the order.

Real-Time Tracking

With the integrated map, users can also track the real-time location of the order delivery person and the expected time of their arrival.

Technology stack of the project

Mobile App:

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