Brown Bag

Brown Bag is an on demand liquor delivery mobile app to enable its users to order alcohol from a range of wine, spirits and beer whenever and wherever they want as most people don’t prefer to visit a store and pick up their choice of alcohol.

Project idea

The project idea was to provide the app users optimum convenience in ordering their favourite alcohol at their preferred location.

Target audience

The app belongs to the general category so almost anybody can use this alcohol delivery service app. The only condition is that the user should be more than 21 years of age.

Project Challenges

  • Detecting current location of the user
  • Minimum order amount & free delivery amount management in cart
  • Show liquor shops as per delivery area


We crafted a mobile app that not only customized the search results as per their delivery location but also helped them check the status of pending deliveries.


Initial project ideas from the client were:
  • Real time order tracking
  • Flexible pickup & delivery schedule
  • Cost calculator
The project idea analysis resulted in:
  • Inputs from the design team
  • Brainstorming sessions with Android & iOS team
  • A rough draft of project requirements
The result of in house meetings and discussions was:
  • Final requirement document
  • UI/UX design
  • App testing plan

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Wireframe & Design

As the project requirements were already finalized by this stage, our creative UI/UX designers started working on application design.

Main Features of the Project

Let’s give you a sneak peek in the process of how to make an app like Drizly!


Real Time Order Tracking

Real time order tracking is a common and must have feature in all on delivery applications. The customers are provided with this feature so that they can track their liquor order till the time it reaches their doorstep.


Flexible Pickup & Delivery Schedule

The flexible delivery schedule will give customers to choose their preferred date and time of delivery in advance. Moreover, if delivery is not possible at the chosen address then the user can pick up his order from a nearby store.


Cost Calculator

In this feature, the customer will be given the option to compare and calculate the cost of booze at various stores nearby. It will enable them to make a purchase as per their budget.

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Technology stack

Here is the extensive list of technologies that helped us in seamless liquor delivery app development!

Max McCabe

Owner, Brown Bag

“We recently worked with the Kody Technolab team and we have to say that they managed to exceed our expectations in every way. Whether it is their professional approach to the project or the implementation of project - everything was done as per the industry standards. We would definitely recommend Kody Technolab for business projects.”

Jigar Shah

Project manager

“The in house team was glad to work with a client who had a clear vision of what he wants in the project. His ideas and clarity made it easier for us to make decisions quickly during the course of project and reduce the time to market.“