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For the millennials, Alcohol has become just another means of socializing with their friends and relaxing on the weekends. Just like other on-demand delivery apps, why not an Alcohol delivery app like Drizly?

The liquor delivery application will provide the users with all types of alcohol on demand delivered at their doorstep.

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Develop a Liquor Delivery App like Drizly

The project idea was to provide the app users the utmost convenience in ordering their favorite alcohol and getting it delivered to their preferred location.


Liquor Delivery Mobile App that ensures Safety and Sustainability

A liquor delivery app that ensures safety by detecting the current location of the user, managing minimum order amount & free delivery amount in the cart, and showing liquor shops as per the delivery area, while maintaining service sustainability and incorporating robust security systems.


Liquor Delivery app to Lit up any Moment

We crafted a mobile app that not only customized the search results as per their delivery location but also helped them check the status of pending deliveries.


Let’s give you a preview of our liquor delivery app

David S. Nicholas


Kody Technolab helped me create a liquor delivery app with a user-friendly and intuitive design. Thanks to their Flutter development skills and design expertise, we launched a beautiful delivery app without bugs in a short time.

Features of a Liquor Delivery App like Drizly


Our application streamlines the process of welcoming new users, making it effortless for them to get started. Additionally, our distinctive dashboard provides a wide selection of liquors and their respective types for you to peruse.


This particular screen exhibits a comprehensive list of the various types of liquors that are accessible at our storefront. Furthermore, you can delve into the specific ingredients contained within each category of liquor for further exploration.

User Profile

The app allows users to create and manage their profiles, including contact information, payment methods, and delivery preferences, streamlining the ordering process for frequent users.

Features to Enhance the App’s User Experience

Home screen:

The home screen presents an array of liquor options and affiliated stores. To narrow down your search, you can use filters to sort out by locations, pricing or specific liquor types.

Product detail

The product detail screen offers users a comprehensive view of the liquor’s content, including information such as its ingredients, alcohol percentage, and any other relevant details.

Product purchase:

Checkout a detailed view of the liquor purchase history displaying details like number of times purchased, payment details and other relevant purchase-specific information.

Technology stack of the project

Mobile App:

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