Interesting Engineering Highlights Kody Techolab’s Athena and Its Advanced Surveillance Capabilities

Interesting Engineering has featured our smart AI-powered surveillance robot, Athena. They mentioned Athena, the latest addition to Kody Robots powered by Kody Technolab’s security arsenal, is a marvel of modern technology that belongs in a dystopian science fiction movie. Presumably, that’s deliberate; its presence is designed to look foreboding to rule-breakers.

Interesting Engineering mentioned that Athena is equipped with 360° Ultra HD recording, allowing it to see everything in its environment, which will cause privacy advocates to pause. 

Along with highlighting Athena’s advanced capabilities, they’ve raised important questions about privacy and security. It’s as yet unclear what databases Athena will check faces against, but the question is whether a mobile robot should ever have that power. Additionally, Interesting Engineering highlighted that Athena can record vehicle plate numbers and correlate them to specific locations.

Named after Athena, the Greek goddess of both wisdom and war, our robot is designed to embody wisdom in its approach to security and effectiveness in addressing potential threats. However, we understand the concerns regarding privacy and data security.

To address the concerns raised in the video, Athena uses a reinforcement technique for facial recognition. In behavioral psychology, reinforcement is responsible for learned behavior, ensuring that Athena’s recognition capabilities are accurate and effective. For privacy issues, we prioritize data security by utilizing local servers for data storage, coupled with the latest encryption techniques to keep the data encrypted and safe. This ensures that all data remains secure and private, mitigating any potential risks associated with its powerful surveillance capabilities.

We are committed to balancing the advanced technological features of Athena with robust privacy protections, ensuring that our AI-powered surveillance robot not only wields the wisdom to protect but also respects the privacy and security of all individuals.

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