Multi-currency Money Transfer App Solution

Building money transfer apps like Revolut is a hot trend in the banking and finance industry as it eliminates the need for a specific money converter. The Multi-currency app solution offers more than just a currency converter solution. By making an app like Revolut, FinTech companies provide an ultimate handy solution that lets its users pay in any currency.

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Making money Converting and Payment Convenient and Efficient

The app would allow users to convert funds from one currency to another, send and receive money in any currency, and facilitate currency exchange services to execute transactions.


Make it the ultimate Multi-currency and Payment App with Advanced Features

The money transfer app is supposed to have a user-friendly interface with easy navigation, and features, such as real-time currency conversion rates, transaction history, and account management. And security was the utmost priority.


Global Multi-currency and Money Transfer App

A Multi-currency application that provides the global audience with a solution to send and receive money regardless of the currency worldwide.


What they said is all mater to us!

Jackson Harcus

Founder & CTO

Working with the team at Kody Technolab on the development of a Multi-currency Money Transfer App was an exceptional experience. The process was smooth from beginning to end and the outcome exceeded my expectations. The team was highly knowledgeable and responsive, constantly striving to ensure that the app met all of my specifications. The result was a user-friendly, efficient, and industry-compliant app that I highly recommend to anyone in need of custom software development services.

Customer Portal

Features that Add Icing to The User Experience

QR Code

The QR code scanner feature is to facilitate touch-free payment transaction that happens in a fraction of a second with complete security of the data and payment.

Transaction Summary

The app offers a downloadable and shareable transaction summary that helps users confirm the transaction.


Based on individual spending and transactions, the app also offers rewards and discounts in a scratch card that users can access from the reward section, scratch, and claim the reward.

Store Panel
Spending Analysis

The app will also allow users to track their spending patterns, set a budget, as well as insights into what they spent on.

Earned Points

When a user avails a reward or earns points, they can also share this with their friend just by tapping on the “Share it.”

Convert Currency

The user has to choose their currency and the one they want to convert their money into and voila, the app will convert their money just like that.

Technology stack of the project

Mobile App:

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