Medone: Build a Medicine Delivery App like Tonic

Our Medicine Delivery App Concept focuses on providing hassle-free medicine delivery services to customers faster and easier than ever before. Customers can find their medicine just by uploading a prescription with a user-friendly UI/UX design of the app. The Medicine Delivery App Solution can be more profitable with listing the local pharmacists.

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Develop a Medicine Delivery App like Tonic

Pharmacy App Development idea emerged during the attack of the giant pandemic COVID-19 that has locked everyone in their houses. In such situation, when going out is not safe, a medicine delivery app can fulfill emergency medication needs.


Medicine Delivery App Solution That Refills Prescription

Create a fast-medicine order solution with a user-friendly UI/UX design to allow customers to find the medicines just by uploading a prescription and get them delivered ASAP from the nearest local pharmacy.


One-stop solution for all sorts of Medicine Delivery at the Doorsteps

A medicine delivery app that partners with local pharmacists and provides hassle-free medicine delivery services to customers faster and easier than ever before.


Implementation of the idea and feature layout design, the Medicine delivery app will appear similar to the below prototype images.

Charles S. Cadogan


Kody Technolab has a brilliant team! We collaborated with them for our medicine delivery app development, and they splendidly delivered the app on time and also provided great support even after development.

Main Features of the Project


On the first time opening of the app, customers will get a warm welcome with bite-size insights into the app functionality.

Upload Prescription

The feature enables customers to order the prescribed medication just by uploading the prescript, saving customers time to find and order the medicine quickly and helping to get it delivered from the nearest pharmacist.

Medicine Details

Before adding to the Cart, customers can review the medicine details along with the price, review, and the retailer name.

Features to make the Customer journey easy on the Medicine Delivery App

Medicine Categories

Pharmacists can list their medicines according to the category using this feature to reach to customers quickly. Medicine categories may include Pain Relief, Soaps & Handwashers, Baby Care, Feminine Hygiene, Cosmetics, etc.

Available Store

Before adding to the Cart, customers can check the list of available stores nearby user locations with store reviews and ratings.

Track Delivery

The app comprises a map that allows customers to track their order with its real-time status, know the expected time of arrival, and contact the delivery person if required.

Technology stack of the project

Mobile App:

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