On-Demand Pizza Delivery App Development

More than delicacies, Pizza has become the comfort food for many people, probably that is why Pizza has become one of the most loved and most popular foods in the entire world. To your surprise, in the United States, more than 400 slices are eaten per second. The other reason why Pizza is so much on-demand is that humans love fatty, sweet, and enriched food. Pizza has everything in it. Cheese is decadent, toppings are enriched, and the sauces are sweet. It’s simple chemistry between humans and Pizzas.

Do you own a Pizza restaurant? Is it getting harder to manage orders, customers, and staff all at the same time? Don’t you think it would be easier for your customer to get their favorite pizzas at their door-step? Ever thought about On-demand pizza delivery app development? Stick to this blog to have a piece of in-depth knowledge about the Pizza delivery application solution.

“There's very little in my world that a thin-crust pizza won't set right.” G.A. McKevett

Why is it beneficial to develop an app for your Pizza Restaurant?

People love the piping hot slice of fresh and hot pizzas, and if you can deliver it at the comfort of their houses or workplace with just click on a pizza delivery app solution: they would surely love it. If you believe us, customers don’t like to compromise with their timings; hence they love the idea of on-demand pizza delivery.

Pizza delivery app development solution is not just beneficial for customers, but it will also help you generate more customers. If we keep the current global pandemic scenario in mind, people are avoiding going to the restaurant. So, for the safety issues and for keeping the social distance, they are shifting to applications, which can be a massive benefit for your business.

So, if you want to develop an app for your Pizza restaurant, we have created this guide just for you. For better understanding, let’s take Dominos. So, let’s see what it takes to make an app like Dominos. Before jumping onto the process, you must understand that features are the foundation for an app development process. Hence, it is very important for you to know what features you will need for your app. Without further ado, let’s delve into the feature list to develop a pizza delivery app like Dominos.

Please note that the development process will start with creating a functional document for your app idea. Want to know Why and How to write a Functional Document for your startup idea? Click on the link.

Feature to consider for on-demand food delivery app

The feature set is crucial for your application as the designing, technology stack, and development will depend on that. Make sure you choose your features smartly.

If you are a booming entrepreneur and looking for something cost-effective, go for just an essential feature with an MVP product. On the other hand, if you are an established businessman, you can go for advanced features for your application.

However, in any case, going for MVP would help you. You can ask your pizza delivery app development company to build a basic app and add advanced features in the updates.

It is the standard model of on-demand that it will require three application in total. One for users, one for delivery, and the other for Admin/restaurant. Each application will contain a different set of features. We will start with the User panel.

Features for User Panel

Login/signup or User Register

Profile set up

Profile set up

Customization of Pizza toppings and cheese

Smart search

Menu page

Discount, offers, and memberships

Quick order placement

Status of the order

Cost calculator


Payment module

Delivery schedule

GPS tracking

Review and rating

In-app messaging/ Chatbot


Features for delivery panel


Accept/Decline order delivery.

In-app chat or call

Geolocation tracking

Push notifications

Navigation map

Features of Admin Panel

Manage Users, Delivery men, and Restaurant

Location management

Promote offers, discount, and promotional codes

Manage payment

App Security

Notification management

Map Location

Manage Refund/Order cancellation

So, these are the necessary features for developing a star Pizza delivery application like Dominos. After sessions of brainstorming and deeply analyzing your business model, the feature set can be concluded. However, if you want to integrate advanced features to give a beautiful user experience, here is the list.

Advanced features to create an app like domino’s pizza

24/7 customer support.

Social media integration for a hassle-free registration.

Select the preferred timings for delivery.

Add multiple addresses.

Daily updates a new Pizza, or even new offer.

The geolocation with real-time tracking.

Robust push notifications.

In-app payment options.

Voice call option.

Wireframes and Designs

After you select the features, the designers will start the Mobile app designing process of your application. Do you know why the design and visuals are the most crucial step to create an app? The reason is, there are a plethora of applications in the app store and play store, and when you launch the app, it is like a drop in the ocean.

So, you should design your app in such a manner that it can easily relate to your users and provide a substantial experience and individual communication. Wireframes and mockups are the stages where you can discover your features and make a roadmap to how users will communicate with your application.

After the wireframes and mockups are achieved, the final design will take place. After you confirm your application’s wireframes and mockups, the UI and UX designers will accomplish the screens. They will generate an interactive prototype that will suggest how your app will feel and how the flow between screens will resemble before the final product.

On-Demand Pizza Delivery App Development

Technology stack for building a Pizza delivery app

Now comes the critical part where you have to select the best suitable technology for your dream project. Concluding features and designing an application is a piece of a cake, but deciding technology is not. Technology stack can be a little tricky but don’t worry; we are here to help.

The list of technology stacks mentioned down below will help you build a robust pizza delivery application.

For front-end development: CSS3 and Bootstrap

For finding the user’s location: Google Places API, Core location Framework

For instinctive interface: JavaScript and Python

For Storage: Amazon cloud storage

For social media Registration: Facebook SDK Login

For backend development: AngularJS

For the Android platform: Java

For the iOS platform: Swift

For database management: Postgres, HBase, MongoDB, or Cassandra

For Payment integration: Braintree, Paypal, Stripe

For Directions: Google maps, Mapkit

For Analytics: Google analytics

For Cloud: AWS, Azure

Development process

We are almost done with the process, and now that you know, it’s time to understand the development process your respected mobile app development partner will follow. The development process is an amalgamation of market research, Designing the UI/UX, product development, and quality analysis. So, let’s see what steps will be taken for your application development.

SOW document

Project management, Delivery milestones, and Deadline

Design the Wireframes

Backend development

Quality Analysis

Deployment or Launch

Cost to Develop Pizza Delivery App like Dominos

Cost to develop pizza delivery app like Domino’s

The most important part of app development is calculating the cost. It can be a little bit tricky to conclude the exact pizza delivery app development cost because it depends on so many factors. For instance, it depends on the features you select, the number of your app screens, design, the technology you choose, and the development method.

However, the development partner’s location, Hourly charges, Complexity, Platform you choose to launch your app, Backend infrastructure, and maintenance of your application will also affect your pizza delivery app development cost.

If we consider everything mentioned above, the pizza delivery application can cost you around 100,000 to 500,000 US dollars to create a complex or heavy application for a single platform.

However, it will cost only $10,000 to $50,000 to create an app that is sober, user-friendly, and fulfills the market needs. Please remember that your application is the blueprint of your business model, and the price should be something you can easily afford.

Final Words

Lastly, know that your hungry customers believe that,


As we mentioned before, Pizza has become comfort food more than delicacies. People believe that a slice of burning hot and delicious Pizza can lift up their mood. If you are one of those restaurants that makes the most amazing Pizzas, it will be super beneficial for you.

The most significant benefit you have with the on-demand pizza delivery app is the vast client base because you can handle both online and offline customers. Don’t you think it’s a win-win for you? Well, we sure think it is.

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