Hairly Beauty & Salon

Hairly was developed with the aim to give users the ease of booking and managing their salon appointment on the go as nobody has the time or patience to wait in a queue once they reach the salon.

Project idea

The idea was to give users access to multiple salons and book their preferred date and time for appointment without having to individually visit their apps/websites.

Target audience

The app can be used by almost anyone, but it is majorly used by the millennials who have to manage their salon appointments in between their tight schedules.

Project Challenges

  • Validation booking time slots
  • Building UI and Animations


We provided the client with a dynamic mobile app with an easy to use navigation tool that will keep the users hooked to the app.


Some of the initial project ideas from client were:
  • Multiple salons in a single app
  • Multiple payment options
  • Easy management of customer data
An analysis of client’s input resulted in:
  • Brainstorming sessions with the Android & iOS team
  • An outline of the project requirements
  • Meetings with the client to decide the scope of work
After internal discussions we provided the client with:
  • The final requirement document
  • Project estimation
  • App testing plan

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Wireframe & Design

Let’s give you a preview of our ingenious on-demand salon app like Style Seat!

Development Process

Let’s give you some information on the salon app development process!


Seamless Schedule Management

Efficient schedule management is necessary to avoid any glitches once your customer has arrived. Therefore, we implemented a web based dashboard which will help allot tasks to the employees.


Push Notifications

Push notifications will include automatic reminders to the customers about their upcoming appointments. Such push notifications make the customers feel important as they receive personalized updates. Thus, retaining your customers for a longer time.


Multiple Payment Options

Multiple payment options increase the convenience of customers to choose their favourable payment mode. The level of convenience is directly proportional to customer satisfaction. Therefore, a high level of convenience means satisfied customers who will continue using your app.

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Technology stack

Have a look at the technology stack we used to create a responsive and engaging salon app solution!

Amanda M. Crandall

Owner, Hairly

“The team at Kody Technolab has the experience of working across industry verticals and that could be seen from how quickly they understood the project requirements and our target audience. We did not have to put in much effort to communicate with them about what we expect from the project. But we can definitely say that we are quite impressed by the final outcome.”

Jatin Patel

Project manager

“The entire process of making the Hairly app was smooth due to our extremely co-operative client. It was a great experience to work with the team and we would want to partner with the team in the future too.“