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Beauty Tips App Development like IPSY
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Enhance Makeup and Beauty Shopping experience with Beauty Tips App Development like IPSY

Manav Patel,

Have you ever found yourself obsessing over a particular makeup product? Have you ever wished for an app where you can get personalized makeup, skincare products, and beauty tips as per your skin type and skin tone? If yes, we are all in the same boat. 

People today maintain a strict skincare routine as they have become conscious of their skin health more than ever. Moreover, there are many mobile apps to get skincare and beauty tips online today. This has become possible with beauty and makeup tips app development. 

Beauty and makeup tips mobile apps have reinvented the way we discover beauty and follow skincare for naturally healthy and glowing skin. One such leading beauty and makeup tips app is IPSY which combines personalized products and deals in over 20,000 makeup products. It aims to provide an amazing beauty experience to the users. 

Many businesses dealing in beauty and makeup products wish to develop an app like IPSY to digitize the whole skincare and beauty experience for their customers. If you are one of them, we have some great insights to share with you. 

First thing first, we will begin with an overview of the IPSY makeup and beauty tips app. This overview will help you understand the features and business model for IPSY to develop a similar app of your own. 

What is IPSY precisely?

What is IPSY precisely? How does IPSY work? 

IPSY is a makeup and beauty tips app founded in 2011 by Michelle Phan, Marcelo Camberos, and Jennifer Goldfarb. It is currently available in Canada and the US. It delivers a set of personalized beauty experiences to its users. It enables the users to discover their personalized beauty products and try their favorite brands at a great value. 

IPSY brings the very best of makeup, skincare, body, fragrance, and beauty tools. From well-known brands to personalized makeup products, IPSY fulfills all the distinct needs of the shoppers. 

With the IPSY mobile app, the users can

  • View their personalized products
  • Select one product from IPSY glam bag, three products from Glam bag plus every month. 
  • Discover top makeup items and share reviews 
  • Shop from 20,000 top brands at huge discounts of up to 70% off
  • Learn from thousands of makeup tutorials and guides for skincare and health. 
 IPSY make money

How does IPSY make money? 

IPSY earns its revenue via subscriptions, eCommerce and private sales, events, and product placements. 

Let’s look at the revenue models of IPSY closely.


The major part of the revenue generated by IPSY comes through the monthly subscription fees that the users pay to receive their personalized box. The products of the box are customized based on customer preferences. 


In 2017 IPSY opened its own online store called Shopper. Like any other eCommerce store, IPSY purchases the products at a wholesale price and then sells them at a profit margin. Thus, they earn revenue through their eCommerce store sales. 


IPSY earns a little revenue from in-person events hosted by IPSY. IPSY hosts events to promote the beauty influencers it works with or to introduce its new products. Thus, it earns revenue through the tickets sold for these events. 

Product advertisements

IPSY has become a valuable advertising platform for many cosmetic and skincare brands. Thus, IPSY allows these brands to promote their products on its app and earn compensation through those brands in exchange. 

beauty and makeup tips app development

Which features are a must to make an app like IPSY?

Let’s have a quick look at the features of different panels included in an IPSY like app.

Features of user panel- 

  • Login detail form
  • Payment system integration
  • Subscription plans
  • Rating and reviewing 
  • Appointment booking tab
  • In-app chat with experts 

Features of beauty experts panel- 

  • Login detail form
  • Payment system integration 
  • App browsing and buying history
  • Appointment booking tab
  • Subscription plans 

Features of admin panel- 

  • Panel management 
  • Customer care management 
  • Payment option control 
  • Marketing and promotion
  • App management

Here are the additional features that might catch your attention- 

  • Integrated in-app social media 
  • Product shopping
  • Blogs by skincare influencers and experts
  • Skincare videos
  • Skincare app tracker 
beauty tips app development cost

Let’s discuss the cost to develop an app like IPSY 

This is probably the most confusing yet important thing to discuss. The cost of app development varies from one project to another as the factors that affect the variation in cost also differ in every project. 

Among these factors, the most important one is the geological location of the developers. Developers from different countries charge differently. Here are the average hourly rates of different countries- 

  • North America- $49- $199
  • United Kingdom- $49- 5149
  • Australia- $49- $110
  • India- $18- $49

It defines that if you hire mobile app developers from India, the overall cost would come down and become affordable. 

If you want to hire skilled developers with in-depth industry knowledge and experience, connect us. We can help you achieve the desired results by developing an app of your vision. 

Putting it all together. 

IPSY’s success story is an inspiration for many. If you too want to create an app like IPSY for the users, you must discuss your project requirements with a reliable team of app developers. In this era where people have become conscious about healthy skin, an app like IPSY has great potential to succeed in the industry.

Being a leading mobile app development company in India, we can help you with beauty and makeup tips app development with the best features and robust functionality. 

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