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Hands-on Approach To Home Services App Development Like Handy

Sanjay Kidecha,

We all have heard intriguing genie folklores in which a hero finds a magical lamp and rubs it accidentally or sometimes intentionally. A genie lives in that lamp, and when it is rubbed, he appears and says, “Your wish, my command.” Develop A Book Home Services App Like Handy, The genie is capable of granting wishes whenever the hero summons him.

What if the lamp and genie were actual, and we would have a personal genie? Our lives would become so much easier, right? We could do anything without making a move. Technically, we all have the lamp in the form of smartphones, and on-demand services apps are genies. As users, we can summon any service we need or want, not rubbing but by tapping on phone screens. 

Making an application like Handy is no less than being a Genie people cherish. Developing mobile applications have become a new norm for businesses. In contrast, on-demand service app development lets brands serve their customers most conveniently. 

Let’s Know Handy That Works Like Genuine Genie

Handy was started in 2012. The notion came to a young college student. He was working as a real estate developer in Budapest. He found it difficult to find a reliable handyman to get the required job done. A few years later, after realizing that the issue is common everywhere, he developed Handy with his Harvard Business School classmate.

Handy’s USP is that it offers a range of home services with a seamless 60-second booking process. Handy got you covered from installing appliances & furniture, cleaning & dusting to Plumbing & Electrical services. Handy is the easiest way to book background-checked professional cleaners and handypersons in the U.S., UK, and Canada. 

Who would like to go out searching for local handyman services when you can book one in just 60-second on Handy? 

Handy also partners with online furniture retailers and wholesale brands and lets customers schedule installation services right at the purchase time. People tend to accept such service provider apps faster as they take less time to get the job done. And we are the Home Service App Development company that creates a user-friendly app solution to make the process even easier.

List of Categories Covered by Handy

List of Categories Covered by Handy

To develop a book home service app like Handy, you should know what type of services you can offer. Learning and integrating the most popular home services will help you define the primary services your app should provide.

  1. Cleaning Services
    1. Home cleaning 
    2. Move-in & Move-out cleaning
    3. Local & Deep cleaning 
    4. Commercial sanitization
    5. Affordable maids
    6. Housekeeping 
    7. Same-day cleaning
  2. TV & Electronics
    1. TV mounting & installation
    2. Home theater AV setup
    3. Hiding TV wires 
  3. Furniture Assembly
    1. Desk Assembly 
    2. Outdoor & Office furniture assembly
    3. Exercise Furniture Assembly 
  4. General handyman
    1. Air Conditioner Installation & Uninstall
    2. Carpentry & Repairs
    3. Handy Helper
    4. Home Repair Services
    5. Interior Painting
    6. Knobs & locks Installation
    7. Hanging Pictures & Shelves
  5. Plumbing
    1. Drain & faucet repair
    2. Sink replacement
    3. Toilet repair & replacement
    4. Faucet installation & other plumbing services
  6. Electrical
    1. Light switch & outlet installation
    2. Smart security camera installation
    3. Ceiling & batch fans
  7. Painting
    1. Crown molding painting
    2. Accent wall & interior painting
    3. House painting 
  8. Smart home
    1. Wi-Fi Router setup
    2. Video doorbell, smart lock, thermostat installation
  9. Window treatments and Window blind & curtain installation
Home Services App Development

Formal Strategy For Home Services App Development Like Handy

Ideation & Planning

Without planning, you cannot execute mobile app development. You need first to learn your market demand from different perspectives. For example, you’ll know the most demanded services from a customer perspective and how they like to deal with them. From a professional service provider’s perspective, you’ll learn how they want to be paid and what schedules they prefer.

From a business perspective, you’ll know the resources you need to intertwine customers’ and professionals’ needs and build an ultimate marketplace. The best practice to put your market studies in action is to draft the Lean Canvas business model. It allows you to create a business model for a Handy-like marketplace app, including revenue strategies and all business aspects.

Attributes Of On-demand Mobile Apps

If you want your on-demand app to attract a maximum audience and build a long-term relationship, you need to incorporate the below features. 

  • Seamless registration with personal information or social media account and a quick booking process; 
  • Navigational intuitive user interface to make the user experience engaging;
  • Handy features like real-time tracking, push notification, and in-app chat with professionals;
  • Multiple payment gateways, including debit card & credit card payment;

App Designing & Development

App designing is crucial for developing an app like TaskRabbit or Handy as the design becomes your brand’s face. In order to create a unique and striking UI/UX, start with wireframing. Wireframing lets you illustrate your app screens and features a layout in a sketch form. You can quickly iterate and create multiple wireframes using wireframing tools like Sketch.

Next, after finalizing wireframes, you should create an interactive app prototype to validate the app design. The prototype is also used to validate the app concept and raise funding from investors. Once the prototype is confirmed, designers prepare the final app design.

Check out how an elite mobile app design process looks like.

App development is based on the platforms you want to deploy your app. For example, Handy is available on Play Store and App Store. To create an app for iOS and Android devices, you need to hire mobile app developers to write platform-specific code. 

Meanwhile, you must test your app at every development stage to ensure robust security and zero bugs in the app. However, one last app testing is inevitable to confirm the app is wholly configured before the app deployment.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Application Like Handy?

The Home service app development cost is variable. In fact, the cost of app development depends on the factors like technology stack, number of app features, app design complexity, and app platforms. That said, these factors increase/decrease app development hours. And as development cost is calculated hourly, it ultimately fluctuates the final budget. 

Learn more about factors affecting app development costs and how to manage them.

Another significant factor is the development rate that differs from country to country. For example;

  • North America – $70/hour
  • Western Europe – $55/hour
  • Eastern Europe – $40/hour
  • Ukraine – $40/hour
  • India – $25/hour or less

Seemingly, hiring developers or outsourcing your home service app development project from India is a cost-effective solution.


The on-demand home services market is growing, with new tech startups emerging every other day. On-demand delivery apps have already made their permanent residency on millennials’ smartphones. Now is the chance for online home services to knock at the mobile-driven generation’s door. Online on-demand home services can fulfill home improvement needs that otherwise need people to wander and ramble in search of professionals.

Sanjay Kidecha

Sanjay Kidecha is the Chief Operating Officer at Kody Technolab, where he seamlessly blends his expertise in operations, finance and technology to drive innovation and operational excellence. A passionate advocate for digital transformation, Sanjay writes extensively about how various industries can leverage technology to stay ahead. His insights on emerging trends and practical guides helps leading companies navigate this fast-paced tech world.

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