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Develop Buy-Sell Marketplace App Like Listia
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Brief Guide On Developing Buy-Sell Marketplace App Like Listia

Sanjay Kidecha,

Are you tired of all the used or new things lying around at home that you don’t use anymore? Do you wish to get rid of all those things and declutter your home? Imagine giving away these items and getting other valuable items in return for free. What a great deal it would be, right? 

We know this sounds too good to be true. But what’s not possible in this era of technology? It is now possible to exchange your used and new items and get other things for free in return. This great free exchange of used goods is possible with a buy, sell, or trade mobile app like Listia.  

Listia has been around for some time now and has steadily climbed the ladder of success. Many business-minded enthusiasts are also considering developing a peer-to-peer marketplace app like Listia, taking inspiration from its success. However, developing a full-grown app isn’t an overnight task. 

Before beginning with app development, there are a few things to focus on such as the business model of the app, cool features of the app, and so on. Moreover, understanding the app development process is also necessary. Don’t worry though, this article will take you through all of them one by one. 

Without any delay, let’s begin with an overview of Listia and move along step-by-step. 

what is listia all about

What is Listia all about?

Listia is a mobile marketplace app that lets the users exchange the things they don’t need with the things they want, all for free. The users can earn points and props by listing things they don’t use and exchanging them with things they love, like jewelry, electronics, clothing, gadgets, books, toys, gifts, and much more. 

Listia initially received its funding of $15,000 from startup funding firm Y Combinator. It was launched on August 6, 2009, and later that year in October, it received $400,000 funding from Implistic Capital in an Angel round. By 2010, Listia was listed among the top 100 websites of 2010 by PCMag. 

Here’s how Listia helps the users- 

Declutter- Listia lets the users sell all the things they don’t use and declutter their houses. The items vary from DVDs to cell phones, jewelry, and the yard and garage sale. 

Earn credits- Offer points to earn by selling the stuff.

Get stuff from other members- The users can discover and get stuff from other members of the Listia rewards store. 

How does Listia work? 

Listing items on Listia is simple and smooth. All you need to do is click clear pictures of the items you want to sell, add some details, and post them on Listia quickly. Furthermore, the app will show you what the other nearby users are trading and lets you buy or bid on things you are interested in. The app also notifies whether you got the item or not. 

The users can give Listia a try to let go of the stuff and get new cool stuff in return. Listia is a great online alternative to selling things offline at a local garage or yard sale. 

what is the business model of listia

What is the business model of Listia? 

Listia has come up with a system called Listia credits to help facilitate the trading on the app. The users can earn points on the app when they sign-up and then earn more with every item placed on the marketplace. The users don’t bid items for cash, instead, they bid points they get when they sign up. They can also get points by referring the app to their friends. 

If a user wants to buy an item but doesn’t have enough points, they can buy credits or points on the marketplace app, which is the main business model of Listia. Listia enables people to buy 50 points for $5. 

Moreover, the users can also earn credits on the app by leaving feedback, completing offers on the site, participating in promotions and advertisements. 

How to make an app like Listia? What development process to follow?

As we are done talking about the overview and business model of Listia, let’s talk about the next important steps, i.e., the app development process. Firstly, you need to hire a mobile app development company that has the expertise to develop an app like Listia. 

You can check out this guide to help you choose the right software development company for your next project. 

Now, let’s see which steps fall next in line. 

Market research

When you study the market inside out, you will know if there is tangible demand for the solution you will offer. And what problems cause people to demand such free stuff buy-sell app solutions.

Prepare a lean canvas model

The lean canvas model is a one-page business model template that helps define the app’s pain points and challenges. It’s like a strategic document that helps assemble any app or startup hypotheses. 

Prototyping and wireframing

Wireframes are like guidelines of an app that the designers follow during app development. It provides a clear overview of the app structure, layout, and architecture of the app. 

On the other hand, prototypes are the app’s design and advanced UI, enabling it to test the app’s navigation and get early feedback about the app’s design. 

Design and development 

Now comes the longest part of the whole app development process. Here, the designers use the best templates to give the app a unique and personalized look. 

And during the development part, mobile app developers integrate the best features and develop an app. 

Test and launch 

Lastly, the app goes through quality assurance so that the Q A team can rectify any errors and ensure a flawless app to launch. 

How to develop an app like Listia?

Let’s dig deep into the cost of developing an app like Listia. 

People often get worried about the cost of app development. However, you shouldn’t let the cost factor hold you back from initiating your app development. First and foremost, the cost of app development varies from one project to another, depending on a list of factors that affect the variation in cost

One of the factors you must pay attention to is the location of the developers. Developers from different countries charge different rates for their services. Among these countries, development companies from Asian countries charge less than European companies. 

Hence, if you wish to develop an app like Listia under the estimated budget of $15,000 to $60,000, hiring an Indian software development company would be the right decision. 

You can even hire mobile app developers from our renowned software development company having expertise in developing sell and trade apps like Listia. 


A peer-to-peer marketplace app like Listia is a great app to declutter your house and get amazing cool things in return. Its amazing features like an easy listing of products and Listia credits have attracted many users, tech enthusiasts, and startups. If you, too, are going crazy over Listia’s functionality and powerful features, you can also make an app like Listia of your own. 

Hire mobile app developers from a reliable company and discuss all that you want in your app. Be upfront about your core requirements with the app development team you hire before starting your journey.

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