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Develop a Dark Grocery Delivery App like Gorillas
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Understand the Gorilla Business Model and Develop a Dark Grocery Delivery App Of Your Own- Have a Look at The insights.

Manav Patel,

Grocery store apps are making quite a noise these days, and why not? Who wouldn’t like to order groceries from the comfort of their home and get them delivered to their doorstep? These grocery store apps are even more useful in today’s time when people are maintaining social distance due to the Covid-19. Hassle-free ordering, contactless shopping, doorstep delivery- a grocery delivery app covers it all! 

When it comes to successful grocery apps with unique features, we cannot miss dark grocery app like Gorillas. Gorillas is a super-fast grocery delivery app based in Germany which accepts grocery orders through its Android and iOS mobile apps. 

Gorillas app was launched in May 2020, and it has grown ever since. Today, it has become one of the leading grocery delivery apps in Europe. Gorillas app has a capital of $335.4 million today. There’s a lot to learn from the success of Gorillas and it has inspired many. Thus, investors to small businesses and startups are attracted towards developing a grocery store app to digitize their business and achieve success similar to Gorillas.  

If you, too, are excited to develop a dark grocery app like Gorillas and want to make a difference in people’s lives, you should look at Gorillas’ business model, see how it works and make money. This will help you plan better and analyze what will work the best for you. 

business model to develop dark grocery app

What is the business model to develop dark grocery app like Gorillas? 

Being a successful grocery store app, Gorillas makes money by selling things profitably and charging the delivery fee. The Gorillas business model allows the customers to select the groceries they want, order them through the app and get them delivered within 10 minutes. 

Grocery ordering on Gorillas is convenient and straightforward for people of all age groups. They can place the order with just a few simple steps which are easy to follow for everyone. Here is how you can order groceries on Gorillas- 

  • Register online or download the Gorillas app
  • Enter your location and payment details
  • Browse through thousands of items, and order them through the app
  • Get the groceries delivered to your home within 10 minutes

Gorillas grocery store is powered by delivery companies like Instacart that work with other retailers to distribute the products to end customers.   

How does the Gorilla store make money? 

Gorillas earns money from their sales and delivery charges. Have a closer look at both of these monetization models if you want to develop dark grocery app like Gorillas of your own. 

Sales of products 

Gorillas has a unique business model as it sources the items and then stores them in their warehouses. They don’t sell groceries from other retailers. As a result of this, they make money with their sales. Whenever they sell a product, the sales profit is calculated by subtracting the cost related to the storage and maintenance from the overall sales. 

The good part about this monetization method is that Gorillas can decide the price at which they wish to sell their products and thus earn profits from selling these products. According to experts and industry professionals, this monetization strategy is considered to be more profitable. 

Delivery fees 

Gorilla charges a delivery fee of $2 for every delivery. The purpose behind charging the delivery fee is not generating profits but covering the delivery cost. Since Gorilla stores all the products in its warehouse, the warehouse staff collects the orders and ships them through the delivery agents. 

Gorillas’ delivery time is fast because it ships the items directly from its warehouse without any involvement of retailers in between. Gorillas might even switch to using robots to speed up the whole shipping and delivery process.

dark grocery app like Gorillas

Why develop a dark grocery app like Gorillas? 

‘Why do I invest in this app idea?’ is the question that crosses every owner’s mind, and it’s quite obvious too. The concept of developing a grocery delivery app is quite popular these days, but what actually its benefits are? We will brief it out for you. 

Here are some reasons why grocery delivery mobile apps like Gorillas are worth a shot- 

  • It saves time and cost 

An online grocery delivery app will help users handle their everyday chores with a few clicks. There’s no need to leave home, travel to the nearest store to buy groceries, and wait in the long queue. Thus, receiving groceries at home saves time, cost, and effort. 

  • Affordable business model 

Developing a grocery delivery app has an affordable business model, which means those having a small budget can start a grocery delivery business with a small investment. 

  • Optimized customer service

The business model of Gorillas is very optimized. It facilitates 24*7 order fulfillment, maintains accuracy in orders, and offers a promising quality of products. These are the benefits that make dark grocery stores like Gorillas quite popular. 

dark grocery app

Which features are a must to develop a dark grocery app like Gorillas? 

Here are the features one can’t miss while developing a dark grocery delivery app like Gorillas- 

User side application- 

  • Client profile
  • Menus/items in stock
  • Easy navigation
  • Installment door
  • Request status
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Order history
  • Order tracking
  • In-app chat 

Delivery agents’ application- 

  • Profile
  • Accept or Reject order requests
  • GPS map for location tracking

Administrator panel- 

  • Users’ information
  • Rundown of stores 
  • Income tracker
  • Order history
  • Payment history 
  • Dashboard
  • Analytical tools
cost to develop an app like Gorillas

What is the cost to develop an app like Gorillas? 

The cost factor matters the most to everyone while developing any mobile app. Different projects have different requirements, and therefore, the cost of app development differs for everyone. A few factors affect the variation in app development cost, such as the number of unique features, third-party add-ons, integrations, hourly rates of developers, etc. 

However, if you hire mobile app developers from India, it will cost you less compared to other Western or European countries. Though, the average cost to make an app like Gorillas will vary somewhere between $20,000- $100000 depending on the features and factors mentioned above. 

Moreover, if you are looking for a mobile app development company that has expertise in dark grocery app development, Kody Technolab can help you with it. Just discuss your project with our team of developers, and they will come up with effective solutions to build the app for your vision. 

Wrapping up 

Helen Keller said, “ideas without action are useless,” and these words have become a source of motivation for many. If you too have an idea of developing a grocery delivery app in your mind, it’s time to take action.

Consult with experts, get their opinion, and transform your idea into a beautiful reality. If you have an excellent idea, we have the solution. Our enthusiast team is always up to work on ground-breaking projects and develop apps that endure the market. 

Don’t delay it anymore; it’s the time to make your dream come true! 

Manav Patel

Manav Patel is the founder of Kody Technolab. His visionary ideas and passion for technology have backed Kody Technolab's success. He nurtures the team with his knowledge and skills.

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