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develop a fashion app like zalora
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Transform users’ shopping experience with a fashion shopping app like Zalora.

Sanjay Kidecha,

Fashion doesn’t have any limits or boundaries, it’s an ever-evolving and ever-transforming industry. Everyone wants to keep up with the changing fashion trends to look fashionable and therefore, the demand for fashionable clothing is touching the sky. 

Over the past few years, the fashion industry has been revolutionized with technology to keep up with this growing demand. Visiting different stores to buy our clothes is ancient now. Today, a fashion shopping app is more than enough to buy clothes from any brand online. With just a few clicks and scrolling, you can find the right outfit in no time. 

While we are talking about fashion shopping apps, how can we forget about Zalora? Fashion enthusiasts and startups always wonder how to make an app like Zalora of their own. 

“How did Zalora achieve such great success? How does Zalora work?  What is the business model for Zalora?” These are a few questions that consume their head all the time. 

If you are wondering how you can develop a fashion shopping app like Zalora, we have put together an overview of the Zalora app for you. Let’s begin! 

zalora an overview

Zalora- an overview. Let’s see what it is all about. 

Zalora is a leader in the fashion world. The Zalora app is all about selling supreme quality clothes online with style. It is a prominent retailer app with more than 600 million users globally. Besides, it is claimed to be the most superior eCommerce retailer in Asia. 

What’s more? The Zalora fashion app is also a part of the global fashion group, the leading online fashion destination in the emerging market. Zalora is quite popular in several Asian countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. 

Today, Zalora is fulfilling the fashion needs of millions of people throughout Asia. From stylish and premium dress to high-quality accessories, it has products in a variety of ranges from different brands. 

Thus, Zalora’s success journey always inspires startups and entrepreneurs who wish to develop a fashion shopping app of their own and for all the right reasons. 

How does Zalora earn money? Here are its revenue models

Zalora has majorly two modes of revenue. Let’s shed some light on them. 

Transaction fees 

Its primary source of revenue is its direct sales. It earns from the transaction fees paid by its sellers. Zalora charges a 25-30% commission from the sellers when their products are sold through the app. 


Another way Zalora makes money is through advertisements. In the Zalora app, advertisements are displayed on their mobile and desktop platforms. It generates revenue via different ad formats, such as click-through rate (CTR), cost per click (CPC), and cost per impression (CPI). 

develop a fashion app like zalora

What are the distinguishing features required to develop a fashion shopping app like Zalora? 

If you want to develop a fashion shopping app similar to Zalora, here are the features you should pay attention to. 

Advanced search option 

An advanced search feature allows the users to search the product they are looking for quickly. In an app like Zalora, where there are many clothes, advanced search features help search products quickly and give instant results.

Real-time tracking 

This is undoubtedly one of the must-have features of a fashion shopping app. This feature allows the users to track their product and delivery status after placing the order. It also shares the live location of the order and the estimated time of delivery. 

Wishlist feature

Since a fashion shopping app has thousands of products, a wishlist feature allows the users to save the products they like but don’t want to buy at that time. The users can go to the wishlist anytime and buy any product whenever they decide to buy it. 

Multiple payment methods 

An online shopping app should have multiple payment methods to offer a better experience. This allows the user to choose their preferred payment method on the app. Zalora uses payment methods like card payments, mobile wallets, net banking, etc. 

Social media sharing 

Social media can do wonders for an app, and thus, this feature is quite helpful for the users. This feature lets the users share the products they like with others directly through the app. As a result, the visibility of the app also increases. 

In-app chat 

An in-app chat feature makes it quite easy for the users to ask their queries in the app. The in-app chat works as an internal communication channel between you and users. These features provide them with a more personalized shopping experience. 

Furthermore, apart from the features mentioned above, the Zalora fashion app lets the users do the following- 

  • Shop by category 
  • Do a visual search
  • Receive push notifications
  • Get recommendations
  • Browse the outlet store 
develop a fashion app like zalora

How to develop a fashion app like Zalora?

Let us quickly take you through the steps involved in fashion shopping app development. Here we go! 

  • Market research and analysis 
  • Decide the business model for app development 
  • Choose the platform, i.e., Android, iOS, or hybrid 
  • Focus on the MVP features 
  • Front-end and back-end development 
  • Testing and launch 

To ensure a smooth and successful app development, hiring a reliable mobile app development company is a must.  Here’s a handbook to select a software company that might help you choose the right developers for your project. 

cost to develop an app like zalora

What does it cost to develop an app like Zalora? 

Now comes the tough question- “What is the cost of development?” Well, firstly, the cost of app development differs from one project to another. Secondly, the overall cost depends on several factors involved in app development.  Explore the factors that affect the variation in the overall cost of app development here. 

As the hourly rates of developers differ from one country to another, hiring mobile app developers from Asian countries will save you a lot of bucks. 

If you are short on budget but don’t want to compromise on the quality of app development at the same time, you can hire mobile app developers from our esteemed mobile app development company. We will help you with the best industry solutions. 

Let’s conclude it 

Enough of keeping your app development idea to yourself; it’s time to let the world know your potential. It’s your time to bring your fashion app development idea to life and become a fashion leader like Zalora. 

Meet the right industry professionals, discuss your requirements and execute the app development. Moreover, if you are looking for an experienced mobile app development company, your search ends here. Let us help you bring your dream app to life.

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