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Plan Your Online Fashion and Beauty Shopping App Development Like YesStyle

Sanjay Kidecha,

The fashion and beauty industry is eternal and constantly growing. Seasons change. Tastes drift. Vague and Craze come and go. Not only trends, how fashion brands operate is evolving, too. Emerging technologies and shifting geographic and economic market levels have made online fashion and beauty shopping app development a new mainstream.

Not to mention, COVID-19 has been a primary reason for driving growth to eCommerce and mCommerce markets. Top fashion beauty shopping brands have seen a spike in their online sales while physical shopping was banned. Statista reports that the eCommerce fashion industry penetration rate will grow from 46.6% this year to 60.32% by 2024.

Because of such a high penetration rate, a global online Fashion market valued at $759.B in 2021. What more? The report further estimates it to grow at a 7.18% CAGR, putting the industry at $1.0 trillion by 2025. The best brand example we could find in the fashion industry leveraging the trends is YesStyle. 

YesStyle is an online fashion apparel eCommerce retail brand, expanded by online entertainment retail. It started in 2006, offering apparel and beauty products sourcing from South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China. 

It is said, the online fashion and beauty brand accomplished 800,000 visits and sales of $512,000 in its initial six months. Some other exciting figures and facts that make you keen as mustard to make an app like YesStyle are:

  • YesStyle’s approximate monthly visits are 8,240,740;
  • Online Asian beauty fashion shopping app has over 2 million downloads across all platforms detected by Apptopia;
  • The platform targets 18-35-year-old overseas Asians;
  • The brand offers unique inaccessible brands at low to mid-tier prices;
  • It follows a virtual merchant business model, allowing new stores to make it brick-to-clicks;
  • Its business model is more focused on direct-to-consumer;
  • The online Asian fashion platform direct competes with Amazon, eBay, Beyond the Rack, Bluefly;
  • Customers prefer YesStyle because of its unique fashion brands, which are otherwise inaccessible and have reasonable prices, fast shipping, and a multilingual website and mobile app user experience.

You may ask, you can achieve a high revenue by developing a fully responsive and mobile-friendly Fashion eCommerce web app. Why invest in mobile app development then? So, let us clear the WHY.

develop fashion mobile appsWhy develop fashion mobile apps instead of eCommerce websites?

  • Faster Content Processing Accelerate The Shopping Experience

Even though the mobile app replicates the functionality of your eCommerce site, it is enhanced, personalized, and well organized. Mobile apps tend to work faster and are more secure than websites. Above all, developers ensure the app fits various screen resolutions; customers can quickly navigate your online store. Also, using high technology, you can provide a seamless customer experience even with low internet connections.

  • Enhanced Usability 

Smartphones are now omnipresent, and users are encouraged by apps to shop online. More often than not, customers share links to products they want to buy with their friends. They ask for reviews on products and sometimes share their thoughts on their social media. This way, your online fashion brand can leverage compelling ways to advertise your products.

  • Remarkable User Engagement

Mobile app pages load faster; thereby, they drive in more customers. With websites, achieving faster loading times can be difficult. That said, if it takes more than three seconds to load, visitors are more likely to leave the site.

  • Promote Any Product In Seconds Via Push Notifications

Push notifications are considered a much better promotion and customer engagement channel than traditional SMS. You can be creative and persuasive by promoting your products in push notifications that compel users to take on. Despite the promotion, you can build trust, reputation, and engage with inactive users. 

  • Build A Loyal Customer Base

Mobile app development allows you to learn about your customers and personalize their experiences meticulously. Besides, it lets you communicate to your audience and provide effective customer service directly. Altogether, a mobile app strengthens your relationship with your customers, making them feel loyal to your brand.

These pointers hopefully address WHY you should develop an online shopping mobile app. Now let’s just glance at must-have features for an online fashion app development.

Features to Develop Fashion and Beauty Shopping App Like YesStyle

Admin’s Panel Seller Buyer


Account creation

Profile Set up

Manage Commercial Proposal Product Gallery & Details Shopping by Genre
Manage App Membership Add/Remove products  Advanced Search
Monitor Sales & Transactions Manage Product price Place orders
History  Confirm Order  Live Tracking
Manage Reviews Create Coupons Notification
Customer Service Analyze Product Review Payment
Payment Portal Promote products Transaction History

You can add more features depending upon the functionality your app will have and the products you offer. 

Well, it’s time to show you some steps you require to take for Online Fashion and Beauty Shopping App Development

Fashion and Beauty Shopping App DevelopmentHow To Approach Online Fashion and Beauty Shopping App Development?

  • Brainstorm and innovate your idea

During this phase, you need to analyze the market demand and whether your app idea is feasible. Answering the below questions might help you get the insights you need to tailor your app development solution.

  1. What is the goal you want to achieve with your mobile app?
  2. What are the demographics of your audience, and how this mobile app will help them?
  3. How does the user journey look on your app from login to check out?
  4. Are there any features except for must-have you should include in your app’s first version?
  5. Which technology should you use to create the high-performing app?
  • Choose the right development associates.

You get mainly three options to choose from: Freelancers, in-house development & app development agencies. The most affordable one is the third one. You can outsource your app development from a reliable agency with a diverse portfolio and experienced developers. Our company also offers outsourcing services. 

The fun fact about outsourcing from us is, you can rest assured about effective communication, project management with a quick turnaround time, and timely delivery. You can inquire further by filling out the form at the bottom.

  • Focus on the app prototyping

When you innovate something, you might need to iterate the design multiple times. Plus, to call investors out for funding, you need a substantial design of the product. In that case, create a click-through prototype following wireframing, functioning similarly to a real app without code. 

Doing so will help you create a user-friendly mobile app design and receive adequate feedback from stakeholders as well. There is more to add that you can read here in the Mobile App Design Process.

  • Build MVP first

Your first product should be a Minimum Viable Product with minimalistic functionality and essential features. From big to small brands find MVP strategy very helpful in shaping their final product.

  • Nurture Final product development

With the feedback received on your MVP from your early adopters, you can easily find areas of improvement in your product. It will help you create a more customer-friendly fashion and beauty shopping app.

These were the app development life cycle’s significant steps. Once your app is developed and live on Android and iOS platforms, you should maintain it attentively.

Not least of all, the cost to develop an app like YesStyle relies on various factors you can learn here. And if we were to ballpark the cost from our industry expertise, it may require $10000 to $15000

Nonetheless, you can always connect with our project development expert to estimate the fashion and beauty app development cost. See you there!

Sanjay Kidecha

Sanjay Kidecha is the Chief Finance Officer at Kody Technolab and a Fintech geek. With one foot in finance and the other in tech, Sanjay likes to write on emerging Fintech trends, ideas, and how-to guides to keep industry leaders updated with the ever-changing world of fintech!

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