Kody Technolab Ltd.’s advanced AI-based humanoid robot Skanda honored with a uniform at Gujarat Police Expo 2024 

Junagadh, Gujarat, January 26, 2024 – In a remarkable display of technological prowess, Kody Technolab Limited has once again captivated audiences, this time at the Gujarat Police Expo 2024 in Junagadh. The company is presenting two of its most advanced robots, Skanda and Athena, at the event held from January 25 to 27, 2024. 

The Gujarat Police, recognizing the future of policing in technological advancements, invited Kody Technolab to exhibit their cutting-edge solutions. Skanda, known for its advanced AI capabilities, was a standout at the expo. In a unique gesture of honor, the Gujarat Police bestowed upon Skanda a police sub-inspector uniform, complete with insignia and stars. This symbolic act underscored the potential of this robot in the future of law enforcement activities. 

Athena, the surveillance robot, drew special attention for its advanced surveillance features such as AI based people detection, real time threat detection and object detection capabilities. Different customziations of Athena were presented which would make it adaptable to different terrains in Gujarat, demonstrating its capability to become an integral part of surveillance and security operations in Gujarat. 

Shree Bhupendra Patel, the honorable Chief Minister of Gujarat also attended the 75th Republic Day pre-celebrations at Junagadh. The Chief Minister’s visit amplified the importance of integrating advanced robotics in governance and public safety. Moreover, the Director General of Police, Mr. Vikas Sahay, visited the robot stall, taking a keen interest in the capabilities of both Athena and Skanda. His recognition of these innovations signifies a pivotal shift towards technologically enhanced policing in Gujarat. 

Kody Technolab’s participation in the Gujarat Police Expo 2024 marks another milestone in their journey of robotics development. With a legacy of transforming industries through AI and robotics, as seen in their previous showcase at the Vibrant Gujarat 2024 Summit, Kody Technolab continues to redefine the boundaries of technology and its applications in various sectors. 

As a leader in software development and a pioneer in robotics solutions, Kody Technolab’s commitment to innovation aligns with India’s vision of becoming a global leader in technology. The company’s endeavors in robotic development are a testament to India’s potential in revolutionizing industries and public services on a global scale. 

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