A First in India: Kody Technolab’s Surveillance Robot “Athena” Safeguards 35,000 attendees at Tuneland Music Festival 

Gandhinagar, Gujarat, May 15, 2024 – At this year’s Tuneland Music Festival, held in GIFT City, Gandhinagar, Kody Technolab Limited introduced a groundbreaking approach to event security and service, marking a first in India with its autonomous surveillance robot – Athena, and serving robot – Dasher. The event, attracting over 35,000 attendees, showcased unprecedented integration of robotics into public safety and service delivery, setting a new standard for technology in entertainment. 

You can view Athena in action here.

The festival not only featured performances from renowned artists B Praak and Vishal Mishra but also demonstrated advanced robotic capabilities with Athena, Kody Technolab’s state-of-the-art surveillance robot. For the first time in India, a music festival leveraged robotic technology for full-scale security and surveillance, with Athena equipped with 360-degree cameras and intelligent threat detection systems. Athena’s capabilities included people detection, threat assessment, and monitoring of unattended objects, ensuring a safe environment throughout the festival grounds. 

Additionally, Dasher, Kody Technolab’s serving robot, enhanced the experience for VIP guests by managing food and beverage services with its bionic design and seamless navigation. The robot’s efficiency and innovative features not only improved service delivery but also captivated the attendees, further illustrating the potential of robotics in enhancing customer service. 

serving robot dasher at tuneland

Manav Patel, Founder of Kody Technolab Limited, remarked, “The deployment of Athena and Dasher at the Tuneland Music Festival is a testament to the vast possibilities that robotics holds for improving both security and service in public spaces. Athena’s successful operation across the festival is a proud moment for us and a landmark in India’s technological progress in public safety.” 

Event Highlights Include: 

Revolutionary Security: Athena’s deployment provided a comprehensive surveillance solution, handling large-scale crowd monitoring with cutting-edge technology. 

Exceptional Service: Dasher offered a unique service experience to VIP attendees, showcasing the integration of robotics in traditional service sectors. 

This historic event not only signifies a milestone for Kody Technolab and Tuneland but also paves the way for future advancements in robotic applications in entertainment and public safety sectors. 

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