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Grocery Delivery Apps In 2021
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21 Best Grocery Delivery Apps in 2021-22

Sanjay Kidecha,

On-demand grocery delivery apps target millennials to Gen-Z and offer great convenience, making them rely on the solution more often than not. From Supermarkets, Grocery store chains to Local grocery stores have accepted the trend of Grocery Delivery App Solution. Consequently, they have seen progressive growth in their order numbers. 

It doesn’t stop at grocery brands or stores. The Grocery Delivery App Development trend has lured tech-giants and startuppers into investing and cultivating the benefits of app development solutions. 

Yes, you can also develop an online grocery shopping and delivery marketplace app, partnering with local grocers and supermarkets. Users will order online via your app from their local supermarket or grocery store and have a delivery at doorsteps.

As for the Grocery App Development Cost and Features, check out our blog repository or directly get the best consultation from our veteran on-demand grocery delivery app expert.

Because this post is solely focused on the Grocery Delivery Application List. What’s in this post for you? Well, the list includes the top grocery delivery service apps from different corners of the world. These companies have used distinct Business Models for their Grocery Delivery Apps. 

All these crazy insights will help you draft your project requirements a thousand times better. Nonetheless, if you check each app out, you may also create incredible app prototypes as they have to catch prominent stakeholders. Not to mention, technology stack selection has always been crucial for any app development. 

Ugh! Mobile app development is a never-ending process, so please go and check out every step and keep revolving around them.

For now, let us set our focus on,


  1. Instacart

Instacart offers grocery delivery and pick-up services in the U.S. and Canada. It’s a platform connecting customers with personal shoppers to buy groceries from locals. It was founded in 2012. Though, during the coronavirus pandemic, it hits the most profitable month, netting $10 million. The app consists of nearly 9.6 million active users and 500k shoppers who rush to pick up the items. 

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  1. Grubhub

Known for revolutionizing order take-outs and on-demand food delivery, Grubhub also allows its users to order groceries online. That said, to keep operations afloat during COVID-19 many food delivery brands are turning to the grocery industry. Users can find local or national grocery chains to order and get their groceries delivered at home.

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  1. Glovo

Glovo is a rapidly growing Spanish quick-commerce startup launched in 2015. You can order anything from your local and get delivered as fast as under 60 minutes on the app. They appoint individual couriers to deliver the orders, and they call them Glovers.

  1. GoPuff

GoPuff was founded in 2013, and it has a peculiar business model different from Instacart and alike. It has micro-fulfillment centers in regions it serves. The company delivers thousands of products ranging from groceries, food, home essentials to liquor quickly at a flat $1.95 delivery charge. 

The USP of GoPuff is open 24/7 at many locations and late-night everywhere else, delivering customers what they need when they need.


  1. FreshDirect

One of the oldest online grocery delivery services started in 1999 offers fresh produce, prepared food, and grocery essentials. It targets the health conscience audience, who are also willing to pay extra for freshness. 

The grocery delivery app claims to deliver the order on the same day or the next day. Customers can order from their website or mobile app anytime and get free delivery if the over is above $30.

Amazon Fresh

  1. Amazon Fresh

AmazonFresh is a subsidiary brand of the world’s biggest eCommerce company Amazon, competing with FreshDirect directly. The platform offers online grocery delivery from its own grocery warehouses. Amazon Prime members can enjoy unlimited fun with complimentary grocery delivery services. And if you’re not a member and your order is above $35, you’ll be charged for grocery delivery.

Walmart Grocery

  1. Walmart Grocery

Walmart grocery delivery app is offered by multinational retailer Walmart, targeting people who seek convenience, low prices, and product quality. Walmart grocery delivery app customer segmentation is done based on its primary low-price strategy. Walmart indeed is one of the best grocery delivery apps in 2021-22 in terms of user-friendliness and quality delivery service providers.

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  1. Kroger

Kroger is the oldest and significantly largest supermarket by revenue and second-largest general retailer in the U.S. They offer a rewarding shopping experience to customers and provide them with digital coupons to save on grocery items. After placing orders online, customers can choose a pickup day and a one-hour arrival time slot. Or simply enter a zip and get delivered at home.


  1. Ocado

The British online supermarket Ocado couldn’t avoid developing a grocery delivery app to simplify the customer experience. Ocado customers can now shop at their own convenience and pace. The brand has many centralized warehouses where it stores and dispatches the order accordingly. 

Ocado app offers lucrative features to users like editing the order till the night before delivery, scheduling 1-hour delivery, multiple payment gateways, etc.


  1. Shipt

Shipt is another cool grocery delivery app in 2021-22 that operates in over 270 significant metros throughout the U.S. No delivery fees on orders above $35, in-app calling with shoppers, a wide range of grocery items are some excellent Shipt Shopper app’s features. Shipt signs a revenue-sharing agreement with its partners and earns a commission on every sold item on the app.


  1. Postmates

Postmates is a platform helping over 600,000 merchants to connect and serve their prospects online. Ten million monthly active users and over five million monthly orders make the app one of the best grocery delivery apps. 

Acquired by Uber in 2020, the San Francisco-based quick-commerce platform operates in 2900+ U.S. cities. The app has earned 1.8M and 1.5M ratings from customers on Android and iOS platforms, respectively, for its exciting functionality.

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El Grocer

  1. El Grocer

El Grocer is one of the best grocery shopping apps in the UAE. The app offers a great range of products, from meat, vegetables, fruits, snacks, and household essentials. Users can order from the nearest grocery store or favorite supermarket from over 300 stores. It is available in all seven emirates, facilitating grocery delivery service within hours. 

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  1. Everli

Founded in 2014, Everli is the European marketplace offering online grocery shopping in Poland, Czech Republic, and France. Focused precisely on grocery space, the app lets customers order groceries from local supermarkets for delivery. 

The brand uses gig economy-styled personal shoppers. When a customer places an order, the shopper visits the store and “picks” the items and delivers the same day, or within an hour at an added cost. 


  1. InstaShop

InstaShop is another leading online marketplace in the middle east aggregating supermarkets, pharmacies, pet shops, and more on a platform. It’s among the list of the best grocery delivery apps as it delivers the order within 30 to 60 minutes. Moreover, the app has pleasing and straightforward user interfaces accelerating the browsing and ordering process.

Big Basket

  1. Big Basket

Started in 2011 by Tata Group, Big Basket is an enormous online grocery supplier supermarket for daily needs. The grocery shopping app is an example of a hybrid business model. It procures groceries from farms and other producers, stores them in the inventory, and sells online with a margin.

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Blue Apron

  1. Blue Apron

Blue Apron is a meal kit delivery app operating in the United States. They focus on making cooking easy and fun by letting users order the exact ingredients of their favorite American recipe. Blue Apron has been serving since 2012, personalizing customers’ menus based on their preferences with free delivery of farm-fresh ingredients. It’s a weekly subscription-based grocery delivery service starting at $9.99 to $59.94.


  1. HelloFresh

HelloFresh is another meal kit delivery app, founded in Berlin in 2011. The app is one of the big meal-kit providers in the U.S. and operates in Canada, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, and Western Europe. The app offers a weekly subscription for its customers to get step-by-step recipes and fresh ingredients delivered to their doorstep.


  1. Safeway

Safeway is one of the oldest American supermarket chains, offering a website and mobile app facilitating customers to order online. Their mobile app makes in-store and online grocery shopping a lot convenient and affordable and also offers huge discounts.

Sprout Farmer Market

  1. Sprout Farmer Market

Another supermarket chain from Arizona, US, Sprout, distributes a wide range of fresh organic foods, fresh produce, and grocery items. After the technological revolution, the brand also adopted the mobile app strategy. Today, customers conveniently receive their fresh groceries from the Sprout farmer market and earn rewarding digital coupons on the app.


  1. Hungryroot

Hungryroot, a New York-based meal subscription and a grocery delivery service provider app, launched in 2015. It offers health-conscious nutritional food and also allows you to mix and match ingredients since it sells staples. Though, customers get healthy food recipes and meal planning support. It has a weekly subscription starting at $60, or you can go with free shipping for orders above $70 without a subscription.

Thrive Market

  1. Thrive Market

Thrive Market is another online grocery delivery app in the USA operating since 2014. The brand focuses on delivering healthy staples and providing organic food at reasonable costs. Customers need to buy a membership to order on Thrive Market, and the delivery fee is included in the membership.

This the end of the impressive grocery delivery app list. These apps fulfill their customer needs most conveniently. However, the grocery delivery market is growing at its pace. With a unique and customer-centric business model, your grocery delivery app can also join the club. All you need is a custom app development company like ours to pave the way for your success. 

Sanjay Kidecha

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