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How to Develop an On-Demand Packers and Movers App like Uber?

Sanjay Kidecha,

So you have to move to some other place and you are stuck in finding the right Movers and Packers Solution. Well, for most people, neither is the task of packing everything and moving out is easy nor is finding the right people to help to do it. Moreover, there are a lot of factors involved such as careful dealing in the case of moving valuable properties or delicate items in order to ensure as little damage as possible.

In some scenarios, you may also have to deal with the packing and moving of your things separately, which happens when you aren’t able to locate one team that offers both. Apart from that, in order to deal with payments easily, hassle-free and effectively and for keeping a check at the movement of your hired service providers is another thing to consider while looking for a Movers and Packers Solution.

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And this is where the demand to build an On-Demand Packers and Movers Application like Uber comes into focus. But the query that every person has before he or she starts with its development is, “how & where to get started with its making?” Well here is an in-depth step-by-step guide and analysis in order to develop an On-Demand Packers and Movers App.

Sketch an Idea for the App

An app idea basically comes to you when you are thinking about solving one or more problems. So when it comes to an On-Demand Movers and Packers App such as Uber, it’s crucial first to understand what need you are targeting and what group of people so you can sketch an idea or concept around it. This can be done by listing out the must-have benefits or features that your app will provide your audience.

Moreover, sketching an idea for your Movers and Packers app will help you get started with an MVP i.e. Minimum Viable Product development.

Why Make an App like Uber for Packers and Movers? – Identify the Need

An On-Demand Movers and Packers App like Uber is built in order to provide the user with a one-stop solution that offers an effective and organized way of handling both – packing and moving. Shifting to your dream house, or during the inauguration of your business place; of all the chaos and mess, the burden of shifting the belongings is what gives you frequent stress.

Moreover, in this competitive and rapidly altering era where everything is digital, an app such as Uber for Movers and Packers seem to add relief to this tedious job with only a few taps on their phone. A few other benefits of developing an on-demand app like Uber for Moving House include:

  • Helps in providing the user with better service and convenience
  • Multiple options for Payment
  • Better tracking and notification system
  • Allows proper organization
  • Allows easy staff management
  • Allows easy assessment of orders
  • Helps in reaching a wider audience
  • Allows the company to build a stronger bond with users

Market Analysis for Packers and Movers App

Once the need for your app development is identified, it’s crucial to analyze the market so your product can stand apart from others in the marketplace, which includes the following factors:

  • Are there any similar apps out there?
  • Who and where is your potential audience?
  • Who are your competitors in the marketplace? What mistakes have they been making?
  • Is your competitor’s product better than yours? If yes, why so?
  • What extra features can make your app preferable over others? And more.

Three Versions for On-Demand Movers and Packers App

User Panel

This includes Easy sign-up or registration, Survey request, Search facility, Photo upload for an estimate, Schedule relocation date, Notifications, Invoice, Payment options, Tracking, Order History, Rating, etc.

Mover’s Panel

This includes Mover’s sign up via phone number or email, Complete Mover profile with what expertise they have with sample work photos upload, Availability, Accept or reject the order, Payments, Review or rate customers, Order History, Earnings, etc.

Admin Panel

This includes users & mover’s registration & verification, Mover’s documents or licenses, Mover and user’s distance range, visible request acceptance and rejection, Payment collection, Performance Tracking, Request customer ratings & reviews, Vehicle tracking, discount offers and more.

Features for Packers and Movers App like Uber

Must-Have Features for Packers and Movers App like Uber

  • User-Friendly
  • Multilanguage & Currency
  • Referral System
  • Creative Design
  • Ratings And Reviews
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Book or Schedule Instantly at your convenience
  • 100% Customizable
  • Real-Time Tracking of Services for User

Additional App Features

  • Register/ Login via social account like Facebook
  • Pickup and Destination by Type/Map
  • Categories & Subcategories
  • Product Detail & Description
  • Ingredients
  • Quantity
  • Add to Cart
  • Confirmation With Products & Delivery Details
  • Now & Later
  • Pay With Card/Cash
  • Multiple Orders
  • Track Your Order
  • Get Delivery Information
  • Status Updates
  • Ability To Call Delivery Man
  • Notifications
make an App like Uber for Packers and Movers

Technologies Needed for Packers and Movers App

The growing industry and developing economy asks for a trustworthy Movers and Packers Solution. Here apps like uber lead the searches because of its quality service in transportation without even invading the industry. And hence, the need to make an App like Uber for Packers and Movers is to ensure:

Database Design

Technologies like PostgreSQL and Cassandra are some of the latest database technologies; some others are JavaScript and Python. The technologies like Postgres, MongoDB, Hbase, Mail Chimp integration help making the database and back-end design task more impactful.

Payment Gateways

To ensure transparent, secure and quick payments; the technologies like Stripe, Braintree, EWallets, the Apple Pay and PayPal’s Mobile SDK can be incorporated within the app.

Push Notification

This technology would keep the customer aware of the latest offers, variations, and options they have. Push notifications plugins like, Twilio, ePush, etc. can be used to elate the effectiveness of the app.

Cloud Environment

Cloud technologies like AWS, Google, Azure, etc. serves a great opportunity to manage all the data, which includes the details of customers, services, and payments that could be easily secured in the cloud.

SMS Notification

The most preferred technologies for SMS notifications are Tropo, Plivo, Nexmo, Twilio and Snich.


Tracking plays a crucial role in such an app where the customer can trace the progress in shifting. Google maps are the most preferred option for this, while MapKit for the iOS apps or can specific API or SDK could be used if needed

Email Notification

SMTP and Mandrill are a few technology options used for notifying people with emails.

Real-Time Connection

Socket.IO and WebRTC for video or voice calls in real-time.

How Does Uber for Movers and Packers App Work?

Here is a step-by-step process on how does an On-Demand Movers and Packers App like Uber actually work:

Step 1: Booking

The very first thing is you book a ride using the On-Demand Movers and Packers App to pack and move your goods by filling in all the required details like name, location or more and get things scheduled.

Step 2: Packing up the Goods

After booking, the packer and mover company will assign packers to pack your goods keeping in account how much you have to get packed.

Step 3: Moving your Goods

After everything is packed with enormous care, the packers and movers team will take your goods to your provided destination ensuring nothing gets damaged along the way.

Step 4: Delivery & Payment

Your goods get delivered at your destination with the utmost care. Moreover, you can pay for the entire service via cash, debit or credit cards, net banking, or in-app wallet.

Step 5: Feedback & Rating

Once your goods are delivered, you can review the services and provide feedback so that other people along with the service provider can benefit from it.

Run a Mock-drill

Before you launch or market your On-Demand Movers and Packers app, it’s crucial for it to be tested by running a Mock-drill (such as in the form of an MVP) with a few trusted early adopters or users for feedbacks or insights so the final product could be improvised. Moreover, it helps in reducing product failure risk.

Launch & Market Your App

Once you are done with the final stage of developing an On-Demand Packers and Movers App, it’s time to launch it on App Store or more and then market it so it can reach as bigger audience as possible. Also, the push given in the initial stages of an MVP testing will let it get promoted at much-advanced rate.

Moreover, make sure to keep yourself updated with regular customer feedback and run the app improvements along the way to stay on the top among your competition, and provide the users with what they need in terms of excellent packing and moving services.

Sanjay Kidecha

Sanjay Kidecha is the Chief Operating Officer at Kody Technolab, where he seamlessly blends his expertise in operations, finance and technology to drive innovation and operational excellence. A passionate advocate for digital transformation, Sanjay writes extensively about how various industries can leverage technology to stay ahead. His insights on emerging trends and practical guides helps leading companies navigate this fast-paced tech world.

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