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Steps to Build Quality On-Demand Massage App Like Soothe

Sanjay Kidecha,

The market is all about ease and convenience. If you have an idea and solution to fill the demand and supply gap, you are in the game of unicorn. The digitalization driven dynamic shift in consumer behavior has opened a vast opportunity, for those willing to build a business around the concept of the on-demand market. 

As per the Harvard Business Review, the on-demand market is attracting over 23 million consumers globally, who are spending over $57.6 billion every year. The best part is that it is just the beginning of the on-demand revolution as several businesses are yet to find a perfect market, and massage is one among them. You can capture this space very easily by building an on-demand massage app to bring massage therapists and consumers face to face and enable smooth service delivery.      

Frankly, we all want convenience and ease as a consumer but the only prerequisite is the quality and trust of the on-demand market app. A person in need of massage therapists to relax and rejuvenate might cancel his plan to visit the nearest spa. This is a matter of fact that we all normally do 90% of the time. 

Now imagine a situation, when you have an on-demand Uber-like massage app for searching quality therapists, book an appointment, and get the service done at home. The likelihood of positive consumer decisions is exponentially higher, meaning massage on-demand app increase the consumer volume automatically.    

On-Demand Massage App Like Soothe

How Uber-Like Massage App Works? 

Just like any other on-demand mobile app, your message app is also an enabler between massage therapists and consumers. The on-demand massage app brings all types of massage therapists on the platform where consumers search, research, select, schedule, and book massage services. All therapists are well-classified and categorized based on specialization, experience, locality, availability and of course the price point. Consumers have easy search and filtering options to get exactly what they want. To make a satisfactory booking decision, users get all possible primary and secondary information like reviews, popularity, and ranking on the on-demand massage app. Since everything happens in virtual space the on-demand massage app should have a robust communication flow to bring in the human element in action. 

Simplicity is the key here. Ease, comfort, and above all the total satisfaction, for both service provider and seeker, is the core competency of the on-demand app industry. If you are planning to build an on-demand massage app Like Soothe you have to pay special attention to the simplicity of the user interface and smoothness of flow from start to finish. The need for a service match should reflect in product design. People looking for massage therapists are mentally oriented for gratification, so if you are developing an app like Soothe App you should focus on making the experience gratifying. 

The booking process should be pretty simple with the option of flexible scheduling and automated location capture functionality. There should be a robust and quick booking confirmation and follow up system in place to build credibility. The uber-like massage app development must have a robust enterprise resource management tool to help massage therapists manage works, schedules, follow up, and of course the accounts and billing system. It should be a total package of “smart bridge” to help both the ends get maximum benefits. 

make a massage app like Soothe

How to Build an Own On-demand Massage App Like Soothe?

Building an on-demand massage app like Soothe or the Uber of the massage world- is a different ball game altogether. When your market is different, you have to customize offerings to match the perception and expectations with ease and simplicity.  Once you have a defined niche with a suitable match of services and solutions, you are on your unicorn journey, as investors are pumping huge money in on-demand apps to reap rich dividends of scale, spread, and margin. Your idea is in sync with the trend. However, you need to consider several factors while planning to bring the idea into action. Here are some of the fine points you need to keep in mind for an on-demand massage app: 

Aggregator of massage services 

You have to define your business model perfectly to build a perfect on-demand massage app. The on-demand massage app is all about bridging the gap between the therapists and consumers through a smart flow of functionalities from start to finish. For a therapist, you are a marketing platform where they could get need-driven targeted consumers to approach. And for consumers, your app is a market where they could get quality therapists anytime, anywhere. 

Consumer App 

If you are planning to make a massage app like Soothe you should first focus on building a perfectly user-friendly interface so that consumers’ expectations could fulfill.

They must get the benefit of ease and convenience, so that they could save time, energy, and money.  A consumer must get these features; 

  • Smart Search with multi-level filters to get exactly what they want 
  • Detailed therapist information displayed smartly to help to decide 
  • Easy selection and comparison functionality 
  • Suggestions to help them get better deals 
  • Easy booking with a smooth scheduling feature 
  • Online payment option 
  • Simple communication channel 
  • Review system 
  • A notification system with option to set alerts 
  • A dashboard to offer a personalized experience   
  • Easy cancellation option 

Therapist App 

The success of the on-demand massage app development depends on the quality and efficiency of your therapist database. The therapist will come on-board only when they will see the benefits of higher business, better work efficiency and above all access to a solid consumer base. The therapist must get these features to make the platform investor friendly; 

  •  Advance Profiling to make string sales pitch 
  •  The flexibility of scheduling-setting for right work-life balance
  • Statistical display of work and achievements  
  • Option to select service locations 
  • Access to a large pool of consumers 
  • Smart keyword-driven discoverability 
  • A dashboard with bookings, accounts, and other details 
  • Option to market and promote 
  • Option to show services along with the profile 
  • Feature to create offers and discounts according to market need
  • A smooth payment interface and easy settlement 
  • A robust communication channel for all types of communication 
  • A feedback capturing system with social media integration 

Admin Panel 

You will need a master control system to have absolute control over both the ends of the bridge. A quality admin panel of your on-demand massage app development will help you have better control over the flow of data so that you can capitalize on it for future expansion and investment pitch.  The admin panel should have; 

  • Smooth capturing and display of massage therapists data with all possible filters
  • Easy access to consumer data to serve them better 
  • Smart capturing of booking data
  • Account and payment functionality 
  • Communication channel control 
  • Review and feedback   

Cost Matters 

It takes time to get investors on-board as the product needs to get traction in the defined niche. The best way to bring on-demand massage app ideas in action is to start with only essential features and add value-features at later stages. This will help reduce the initial capital requirement for mobile app development. However, the element of totality should not be compromised. 

Development Process for Building On-Demand Massage App

Development Process for Building On-Demand Massage App

Bringing on-demand massage app ideas into reality is a complicated multi-stage process. Here is the whole process defined in simple steps:

Step 1: The first stage is all about planning the concept of the on-demand massage app development.

Step 2: Based on the plan, a wireframe will be created to help you visualize the whole app 

Step 3: Designer will give shape to the wireframe keeping the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) elements in mind 

Step 4: Here onwards, developers will build the architecture and write codes according to the requirement of specified features 

Step 5: This stage is all about testing all the features in detail and integrating the whole structure 

Step 6: At this stage, the on-demand massage app will be tested in real-time amongst the defined user group to cross-check the whole flow from start to finish in different conditions

Step 7: Once satisfied following extensive testing the on-demand app will be customized for better search visibility and adaptability 

Step 8: On-demand massage app will be launched for public use 

All the steps mentioned above involve several sub-stages requiring active collaboration of team members comprising project managers, designers, developers, and quality testers. You are well aware of the booming on-demand app market. Your idea to build an on-demand massage app Like Soothe is in sync with contemporary reality.  You should focus on market analysis and hire a quality app development company to bring your idea into action. Define your roadmap and start walking with a good development team to achieve the unicorn dream in the shortest possible time.

Sanjay Kidecha

Sanjay Kidecha is the Chief Operating Officer at Kody Technolab, where he seamlessly blends his expertise in operations, finance and technology to drive innovation and operational excellence. A passionate advocate for digital transformation, Sanjay writes extensively about how various industries can leverage technology to stay ahead. His insights on emerging trends and practical guides helps leading companies navigate this fast-paced tech world.

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