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Autoscout24 Sets The Example Of Successful Car Buy-Sell App Development
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Autoscout24 Sets The Example Of Successful Car Buy-Sell App Development: Here’s How

Sanjay Kidecha,

The process of buying a car today is different from what it was a few years ago. Nowadays, buyers depend more on the internet for research and find out whether the car meets their needs or not. Of course, some people still like to visit dealerships in person, but those are the minority.

Nowadays, people remain busy with their daily life. They have no time to look for their desired car to buy or sell. Hence, it’s the right time to take advantage of the technology and build a buy-sell car marketplace mobile app to boost the revenue of your auto dealership enterprise.

On the other hand, the auto dealership mobile app contains all the information about vehicles to help customers make a purchase decision. With the help of a mobile app, you also enhance engagement, save time, and allow customers to track their orders easily.

Above all, the buy & sell used car app development solution will empower you to market your services on multiple digital platforms. Thereby, the app also makes it easy for customers to know more about your company’s services and choose them.

And this is why it is essential to make sure that your automobile dealership offers the best online experience possible. But if you want a competitive edge over your competitors in today’s marketplace, we suggest developing a buy & sell used car app like AutoScout24.

AutoScout24 is an online platform for trading cars and related services. We will discover why and what you need to make an app like AutoScout24. 

why make an app like Autoscout24

To begin with, Why make an app like AutoScout24?

The automotive industry has witnessed a massive transformation over the past few years. With the advent of technology, the car buying and selling process has become easier than ever before. The potential buyers can easily browse through multiple listings to find the best vehicle for them. At the same time, the dealers can now use the latest tools and technologies to reach out to a broader audience.

So, the future of the automotive industry is expected to be more exciting as customers shop for cars on their smartphones and tablets. Dealers must understand this change in consumer behavior and adopt a mobile-first approach for reaching out to their target audience.

About Business Model Of AutoScout24

The largest pan-European online car marketplace app solution, AutoScout24 boasts over 30 million users per month, 43,000 dealer partners, and 500 employees. With its presence in 18 countries, its services range from finance, buy, lease, subscribe, and sell used as well as new cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, parts, and accessories. 

If we talk about its customer base, Germany-based car marketplace app solution targets: individual car buyers, sellers, car dealers, cooperative automotive manufacturers, and finance and insurance providers. Altogether, AutoScout24 bridges the gap between buyers and sellers of all sorts of automobiles, backing them with secured transactions. 

Car Marketplace apps like AutoScout24 generates revenue via multiple streams, such as:

  • Native advertisements 
  • In-app purchases
  • Features car selling posts on the top

Besides this, subscription is a trending revenue model attracting many car marketplace apps, including AutoScout24. This model allows users to subscribe to the desired car on a monthly basis, enabling such apps to generate recurring revenue.

Car Buy-Sell App Development

Features To Build A Universal Car Marketplace App Like AutoScout24

Intuitive Search: It allows users to find the best match for a new or used car, empowering them to filter the listings by registration date, price, engine power, and more.

Circular Search: This is a smart search for customers to find staggering vehicles available for sale within their area or where they want to buy.

Automatic Car Alert: Users can specify search criteria for their desired automobile once and receive push notifications messages each time a new ad for a vehicle suitable to their search is posted.

Comprehensive Views: This feature will display all available vehicle data on users’ screens with seller contact details with a click.

Transparent Dealer Ratings: Ratings will make it easy for customers to find car dealers trusted and loved by others. 

Favorite List: Customers can find good vehicles, save them for later, and access their favorite cars anytime, anywhere. 

Sharing Function: Customers can share ads they find interesting with their friends and family via Facebook, email, Twitter, or SMS. 

Ad Creation: This feature allows sellers to quickly make creative ads for their used cars and manage their listings effortlessly with their mobile devices. 

Additional Information: This is an area where buyers can find helpful data about insurance and financing. 

why make an app like Autoscout24

Car Marketplace Mobile App Development Process

If you want to succeed in building an app like AutoScout24, you must follow the best practices that leave no room for errors. Here are some brief explanations of steps you must take for your car buy-sell marketplace app development.

Step 1: The first step in this course is to document your business model and project requirements. The point of preparing the documentation is to create a roadmap for the development journey.

Step 2: Next, your focus should shift to good app design creation. The hack to make user-friendly UI/UX is to study your end-users behavior and create mockups. There is no best way to visualize your app than wireframing followed by prototyping

Step 3: Now, take the help of a technology geek and select a technology stack for your car marketplace app development. Remember your tech stack consists of platform-specific programming language, front-end, and back-end technologies development, and others for database, maps integration, push notifications, payment gateway, etc.

Step 4: Subsequently, choose whether you want to build an app for iOS or Android or both. Then there are development methods you need to decide e.g., Native, Hybrid, or Cross-platform. It is an imperative decision that also affects the development cost as well its performance. 

Step 5: At last when your developers are done with coding, the app undergoes the quality assurance phase. During this phase, you need to ensure your app doesn’t have any bugs or malfunction and renders high performance. After testing, you can launch your app on the app store and follow your app marketing and maintenance strategy.

cost to develop an app like autoscout24

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an app like AutoScout24?

Creating a car buy-sell app like AutoScout24 requires a budget of about $20000 to $30000. Given the car marketplace app development cost depends on various factors and how you handle them.

Among these factors, the rate of app developers has the most influence on the final cost as their rate differs in different nations. For example;

  • Indian developers: – $10 to $80 per hour,
  • U.S. based developers: – $50 to $250 per hour
  • Eastern Europe based developers: – $30 to $150 per hour
  • Assuming developing functionalities of a car buy-sell app, each phase takes its time, and the average time would be;
  • UI/UX design (60 Hours)
  • Front-end and Back-end development (400 Hours)
  • Technical documentation (40 Hours)
  • Polishing and bug fixing (40 Hours)


Automobile businesses have to catch up with technology trends not only to prosper their enterprises but also to offer better customer services. As there are mobile apps for every need, automobile customers also need one for making informed decisions about their car shopping. 

With a buy-sell car marketplace app like AutoScout24, existing or new automobile companies can be closest to their customers. In addition, you can partner with multiple dealers for used and new cars. Thereby, customers can explore more options and find the right wheels for their needs. And if that happens, your customer base will only increase and increase with time.

Sanjay Kidecha

Sanjay Kidecha is the Chief Operating Officer at Kody Technolab, where he seamlessly blends his expertise in operations, finance and technology to drive innovation and operational excellence. A passionate advocate for digital transformation, Sanjay writes extensively about how various industries can leverage technology to stay ahead. His insights on emerging trends and practical guides helps leading companies navigate this fast-paced tech world.

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