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What No One Tells You About Car Inspection App Development Strategy Is Here

Sanjay Kidecha,

If you are a car inspection business or an individual, you must be relying on the paper-form inspection process to date. But don’t you think it’s time you serve your customers with utmost convenience? So, like having a pizza at home in a few clicks right from the favorite eatery, you offer car inspection data in a mobile form. 

Does it sound like a fairy tale? 

With vehicle inspection app development, you can make it sensible, just like a French car inspection business Occaz


Whenever your customers feel something odd during their ride, they have to visit a nearby car inspection station. Whether the brakes, tires, oil, back & forth emergency flashers, brake lights, sidelights, etc., are in good condition, inspection checklists go on. Who knows which misbehavior can cause a minor to a significant loss. 

Above all, when it is time to claim the vehicle insurance for any reason, a thorough driver vehicle inspection report becomes mandatory. Customers also request to conduct inspections for vehicles they want to buy or sell to evaluate whether the car is worth it. Now, for the sake of your business revolution in the tech-savvy world, you are obliged to develop a car inspection app.

Only if you knew, automobile mechanics have already stepped ahead with car service app development, and now it’s your turn. 

3 Strong Reasons Car Inspection App Development Is A Must 
3 Strong Reasons Car Inspection App Development Is A Must 

  1. Amiable and paperless

Your customers can easily describe if a “click-whine-click” or “clunk-ping-clunk” sound the car’s engine makes and other issues beforehand. They would no longer be required to fill long inspection forms. Instead, your app asks them a few questions. They mention the trouble and what kind of damage their car has faced. Customers can log everything right from their smartphone.

You will receive all the details on your system simultaneously. You can quickly send them a quote for an inspection service. They schedule the inspection, and you confirm it. When the inspection report arrives, you can share it with them in PDF or any soft copy format. This paperless approach accelerates the process, making life easier for all.

  1. The Right Inspection Service

Your customers must have to tow their car to your center earlier. With your car inspection app solution, they can take and upload pictures of the damage it has incurred. Now, based on these pictures, your app will suggest appropriate inspection services. You can also pre-set questions to know more about the damages.

Customers can then schedule the pick up of the car from their residence. You can also let them schedule when they want their vehicle back at an extra cost. So, ultimately, despite straightening your car inspection business, the app helps you ensure a delightful customer experience.

  1. Faster Insurance Claims 

Everybody knows a multi-point inspection is required to claim vehicle insurances more often than not. In that case, your app and digital inspection reports come in handy for your customers to claim their insurance. Consequently, they can get their car repaired at a minimal amount. Furthermore, user-friendly claim processing spares their time for deciding whether they should invest in a car or insurance.

Also know, hiring mobile app developers is a stepping stone for car inspection app development, where your journey begins from.

The Ideal Way To Start Building A Car Inspection App Solution 
The Ideal Way To Start Building A Car Inspection App Solution 

Learning more about the Business Model for a Car Inspection App is paramount to build one. It’s the foundation of your car inspection app development. Let’s take the instance of Occaz, a French car inspection app. 

Occaz, a car inspection app, is for used vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, scooters. It allows users to check a car’s technical condition before buying it— the engine, interior, and exterior. 

Apparently, it targets French users who think about selling or buying a vehicle. The app aids users with an official vehicle registration document—carte grise— and a warranty plan through the app. 

Before launching a full-fledged app, Occaz created a working MVP. The MVP had basic features and a modest design. For example, users could estimate car inspection services by entering details (mileage, displacement, region) about their vehicles.

After testing the MVP in their market, they decided to turn this prototype into an iOS and Android app. For this, they were required to create custom UI/UX design and platform-specific development. Moreover, Occaz needed an admin panel to manage and process customer requests and work on the documents.

For all the processes to flow seamlessly on the app, they needed a detailed project requirement document. This document was to help from the project manager, developer, designer to the tester. It would include:

  • The registration and Inspection service purchase system,
  • Event system, for example, action A triggers event B,
  • Sophisticated questions and answers system for inspection and report generation,
  • Custom report templates 
  • In-app payment system

If we were to talk about the revenue model of the Occaz app, it offers two types of programs, a free and a paid one:

  1. The free model of the app lets users check the car’s interior, exterior, engine states and provide recommendations based on that data.
  1. As a paid service, Occaz allows users to register their car, pay registration taxes, and receive a registration certificate directly in the app, the sale-buy process facility and proposes four warranty plans.

Bonus: To build a car inspection app like Occaz, you must be adapted to the government processes of your targeted realm. Plus, ensure users enter precise and authenticated data as it would be sent to the government API.

We would be denoting your business, but you haven’t told us yet! See the Chat Box on the right? Tell us your idea so we can build and use your instance in our next article.

Must-Have Features For Car Inspection App

Must-Have Features For Car Inspection App

  • User Registration 
  • Select Vehicle Type
  • Take Or Upload Pictures Of The Vehicle Damage
  • Import Fillable Pdf Forms To Collect Specific Information
  • Create Pdf Report 
  • Download Created Reports To Print Them Out
  • Vehicle-related Questions To Recommend The Right Inspection Services
  • Pre And Post-trip Inspections
  • Car Interior & Exterior Inspections
  • Schedule Inspections
  • In-app Payment

Complex Technology Stack For Developing a Car Inspection App

Coming to the Technology Stack, our role model would be the same to give you a clear understanding.

Web admin panel: Angular and Inspinia

Android: Kotlin, RxJava, AS

iOS: Swift, Xcode, Alamfire, RC

Backend: WebStorm, MySQL, Swagger, .Net Core, ES2

Payment API: Stripe

For easy login: Facebook SDK

Report Templates: PDF Generator API

Cloud Platform: AWS Services

Cost to Develop a Car Inspection App
Worrying About The Time & Cost To Develop A Car Inspection App?

The Car Inspection app development cost encompasses creating UI/UX design and developing an app from scratch. In addition, you may also need to bear the expenses to purchase some APIs for your functionality. Plus, the number of features and app screen also impact the cost to build a car inspection app.

While the duration could be three to five months, the development rate and engagement model can alter the cost dramatically. That said, dedicated developers charge hourly, and their rate can be $20 to $200 (depending on the location and expertise). On the contrary, the fixed cost model varies depending on the company you hire. 

We are an expert on-demand mobile app development company and have often estimated such projects. For example, according to our expert, the car inspection app development with essential functionality may cost around $10000 to $15000. 

For accurate estimation, you have seen the chatbox on the right corner.

Sanjay Kidecha

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