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Sanjay Kidecha,

It is rightly said that there is another level of pleasure involved in wearing pre-loved clothes. Buying and selling pre-loved clothes online not only helps users in getting their favorite brands at an affordable price but also contributes to environmental benefits. If you ask how? Well, no more chemicals or ingredients are released into the environment due to limited to negligible production, making it less polluted. So, this way, buying and selling second-hand clothes makes someone’s trash, another man’s treasure. 

Another correlation of this concept is like giveaway contests and already-used cloth shopping sprees held by celebrities on popular social media accounts. Celebrity fans love shopping for clothes and other products from celebrity-owned online stores and wear them with pride. However, this concept isn’t just limited to celebrities now. It has evolved and spread like wildfire in the app development industry. 

This reminds me of a very popular application’s slogan, “Don’t wear it? Sell it! Many of you would be able to relate and guess this application’s name. But for the unknowns, let me give you a few seconds to reckon.  

Still, the name hasn’t struck your mind? Well, it’s the Vinted app. With the increasing demand for developing clothing resale apps like Vinted, we have come up with this blog. The second-hand buying and selling or resale of the cloth industry are booming, and audiences love to sell their unwanted wardrobe treasures. 

To confirm the facts, the resale market has grown 21 times faster in the US market, according to the 2019 report. Plus, people are well aware of the fact that 80% of clothing’s impact on the environment comes when it is produced. This figure makes the apparel market, as well as the environment, more sustainable. The reduced carbon footprints impress the audience who are already living in the covid crisis. The awareness has led audiences to utilize more of the things that already exist. Vinted works on the same concept but for apparel, toys, and homeware. 

No matter what your budget is, you will have access to products fitting your budget. Vinted application sells quality products at a very affordable price. It allows sellers to have complete control over the listed product, including pricing, description, gallery, etc. The application is free to use, and the transactions happen directly between the buyer and the seller. If, as a buyer, you do not like the product delivered, there is a flexible return policy available for a swift return. It has grabbed millions of users and functions similar to Depop and eBay.

Vinted applications are often referred to as “buy-sell” apps closely connecting buyers and sellers. This being said, if you are developing an app like Vinted, you should know all the ins and outs of the concept beginning from “how does Vinted work?” and “What features are required to make an app like Vinted.” As you proceed, you will also learn the cost to develop a clothing resale app like Vinted. 

Starting with,

How does the Vinted app work?

Vinted has a great user interface which is making the entire shopping experience splendid for the users. The application is simple to use. Users need to download the app from the app store and register themselves as a buyer or seller. Once this is done, they can start searching/selling everything and anything from clothes, toys, home-related items, etc. 

Vinted application has thousands of items listed already in various categories which a community member can explore and select from. 

Features of a cloth resale app like Vinted

Features of a cloth resale app like Vinted:

Buy and sell second-hand clothes and products application has two screens where the primary function occurs. First, the buyer’s screen, and second the seller’s screen. However, both of these screens can be categorized under customer screens, but we will define the features of each screen differently.

To begin with, 

Seller’s screen:

  • Sign up
  • Registration
  • User profile
  • Product listing;
  • Product photography;
  • Notification
  • Easy tracking;
  • Swift Shipment;
  • Secured Payment

Buyer’s screen:

  • Sign up
  • Registration
  • User profile
  • Smart search
  • Advanced filter based on categories, brands, size, and price.
  • Set up a delivery address;
  • Set up a pickup point;
  • Order tracking
  • In-app  messaging;
  • In-app bargaining;
  • Save product;
  • Product like
  • Notification;
  • Secure payment
  • In-app community
  • New arrival notification
  • No-fee shopping
  • Feed customization
How does a Vinted app make money

How does a Vinted app make money?

Free applications have their own way of making money. And we have already covered the ways in one of the blogs that you would love to refer to. 

Just like every other online shopping application, Vinted application charges a wardrobe spotlight fee from individuals who wish to showcase their wardrobe sale on the top. 

Also, app subscribers can pay the extra fees and make more money by selling promptly over the platform. 

 cost of clothing resale app development like Vinted

What is the cost of clothing resale app development like Vinted?

Developing a clothing resale app like Vinted is as tempting & rewarding as it can be. If you have a budget of around $20K, you just need to look out for a reliable mobile app development company to partner with. Also, if you are hiring mobile app developers, please check upon the hourly rates and multiply it by the total number of hours your application would consume to develop. This will give you an accurate estimate of the budget for app development. 

Whichever option you choose, make sure that the development partner follows a thorough procedure of app development. You should join them in the process of Lean canvas model development, system requirements specification documentation, prototyping, and ensure that they have your approval before finalization. These steps will confirm the successful delivery of the high-quality software product. 

Before initiating the development, it is better to have a detailed study of the applications operating in this segment. This will give you a clear picture of what you need to include in your demand service apps and what mistakes you should avoid while developing a demand delivery app. 

Concluding Thoughts:

We have tried to cover each and every aspect of buying and selling second-hand cloth application development. We hope this serves as a guide and help you design features and functions of cloth resale app like Vinted. 

If there is something that you want to discuss in detail, please ring our number or drop us an email. We would get back to you in the shortest possible time. Thank you for reading this.

Sanjay Kidecha

Sanjay Kidecha is the Chief Finance Officer at Kody Technolab and a Fintech geek. With one foot in finance and the other in tech, Sanjay likes to write on emerging Fintech trends, ideas, and how-to guides to keep industry leaders updated with the ever-changing world of fintech!

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