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develop a doctor’s teleconsultation app like Vezeeta
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How to develop a doctor’s teleconsultation app like Vezeeta?

Manav Patel,

How does getting healthcare consultation online sound? Seamless and hassle-free, isn’t it?

Healthcare is a necessity of human life, and it’s no exaggeration to say that health is wealth. Our healthcare industry is ever-evolving and one of the leading sectors to adopt technological advancement. From doctors, hospitals, clinics, to healthcare laboratories, everyone seems to adopt emerging mobile technology to accelerate their services with utmost convenience.

It goes without saying that Covid-19 pandemic has changed the functionality of the healthcare industry and has expedited the demand of online consultation. As a result, there has been an immense increase in the demand for teleconsultation apps like Vezeeta.

Consequently, by developing doctor teleconsultation apps like Vezeeta, many healthcare providers started shifting their services to digital platforms. Vezeeta was founded in 2012. It offers the fastest solution to book appointments with the best doctors in countries like Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Kenya and Nigeria. 

doctor teleconsultation app work

How does the Vezeeta doctor teleconsultation app work?

Vezeeta is a teleconsultation healthcare app that allows patients to schedule a voice or video call with a specialized doctor and get instant consultation. The business model of Vezeeta is quite simple to understand. You can also book a home visit on the app. All you have to do is choose the specialty on the app, and the doctor will visit you home; it’s as simple as that. 

Here is how a patient can use the teleconsultation app- 

  • To use a teleconsultation app like Vezeeta, the patient must download the app and create an account. 
  • Furthermore, they can describe their symptoms and disease. 
  • The app then searches for the nearest hospitals and healthcare centers as per the location of the patients. 
  • The patients can book an appointment with a doctor using a built-in calendar and get the consultation via texts, voice, or video call. 
  • Lastly, the patients can make easy payments through in-built payment options for the services. 

Vezeeta’s metrics speak for its success. It uses 21 technology products and services including HTML5, Google analytics, and Google fonts according to G2 stack. It is currently using 50 technologies for its website which includes WordPress plugins and Google. In addition to that, it receives around 1,671,531 monthly visits which is quite huge. 

Taking inspiration from the  immense success of Vezeeta teleconsultation app, there has been a tremendous increase in the demand to develop doctor teleconsultation apps for providing quick online consultation to the patients. 

Each teleconsultation app has its own distinct features and workflow. However, there are some common features that add to the overall success of the teleconsultation app. 

develop a doctor's teleconsultation app

Which common features are the base of a teleconsultation app like Vezeeta? 

Easy signup 

Teleconsultation apps have an easy signup feature to register via mail, phone number, or social media accounts. The accessible signup features let users of all ages use the app without much complexity. Thus, once the signup is done, the users can book the appointments for the consultation right away. 

Real-time location

With the help of this feature, the patients can find the nearest hospitals and specialists. This feature also allows the patients to manually search for the hospitals and book the appointment with the doctor as per their demand. 

Voice and video calls 

Voice and video calls are the must-have features of a teleconsultation app like Vezeeta. The patients can book a voice or video call with the doctor for consultation. The audio and video should be in high resolution so that the doctors can see the patients’ symptoms and understand everything clearly. Only when the symptoms are clear, the doctor will provide the proper consultation. 

Text messages 

The app allows the patients to get the consultation on text messages as well, and therefore, texts are a basic feature of a doctor teleconsultation app like Vezeeta. A text message is a convenient way for communication for those who don’t require voice or video calls for the consultation. The doctor can check the texts in his spare time if they are not urgent and provide the required consultation. 

Built-in calendar

This is a common feature in all the doctor teleconsultation apps. The in-built calendar allows the patients to book and manage their appointment with the doctor or specialist. If the patient wants, they can reschedule or cancel their booking on the in-built calendar itself. The users can also receive all the notifications from the Google calendar and get timely updates. 

Payment Gateways 

Payment gateways are crucial for easy and smooth payments of a telehealth and teleconsultation app. To ensure secure payment, the app developers must ensure the security protocol of the payment gateways. There should be multiple payment gateways for more flexible and seamless payments.  

process of developing a teleconsultation app like Vezeeta

What is the process of developing a teleconsultation app like Vezeeta?  

Having a clear understanding of the steps involved in developing a doctor teleconsultation app like Vezeeta can help you lay a strong foundation. Hence, we will carefully take you through these steps one by one to clear all your confusion. 

Step 1- Planning and analysis

While developing an app, the first step is to plan the business model for a flawless app development. In all honesty, when you plan right, you execute right. Make up your mind about all that you need in the app. It includes the project insight, app features and functionality, and targeted audience. 

This is the step where you give some thought to the flow and process of teleconsultation app development and brainstorm ideas to create a valuable doctor teleconsultation app. You can also do a competitor analysis to find loopholes and focus on them to bring up something new and unique. 

Step 2- Hiring a mobile app development company

This is probably the most crucial step which needs extra care. Hire expert developers from an on-demand app development company that has prior experience in developing successful apps. Make sure the company has in-depth knowledge of mobile app development and is aware of all the recent updates and technologies. 

Understand the mobile app development process of the developers and ask them all that you want to ask before finally hiring them. You should also check their portfolio and previous projects to get a hold of their development process and to make sure they have worked with successful brands in the past. 

Step 3- Deciding on the mobile app development platform 

Now comes the step where you have to decide on the platform for your app development. 

This step might confuse you a lot, but it’s worth spending some time to make the right decision because the platform plays a crucial role in the overall success of an app. 

There are various platforms available for mobile app development in the industry, the two top ones are Android and iOS. Choose any one of these platforms as per your business requirements or take assistance from the on-demand app developers for the same. 

Step 4- App testing and deployment 

It’s human nature to want everything to be perfect, and app development is no exception. After the app development, the QA team checks the application to ensure its quality and performance. These tests are done to ensure the proper functioning of the doctor teleconsultation app before its deployment. 

Only after testing and quality assurance, the app will be error-free and flawless. Once the developer approves the app’s quality, it is ready to be launched in the industry.   

cost to develop an app like Vezeeta

What is the cost to develop an app like Vezeeta? 

Every time someone develops an on-demand app, the development cost depends upon a list of factors involved in the overall app development. Because of these factors, the cost of development differs from one project to another project.  

Here are the factors that fluctuate the cost of app development– 

  • Features integrated into the app;
  • Choice of platforms- iOS, Android, Native, and Hybrid;
  • Level of customization;
  • Hourly rates of the developers;
  • The technology used;
  • Design and app interface

Apart from these factors, in some cases, the cost of development also depends on the location of the developers you hire. Some countries offer app development services at lower rates than others. For instance, you can hire experienced on-demand app developers from India at much lower rates. 

If you hire an experienced mobile app development company, the estimated cost of the app development would be around $15,000- $20,000. It is not a fixed cost, though; it might fluctuate further. 

Let’s sum it up! 

People love everything online these days, especially after the Covid-19 outbreak. Telemedicine and teleconsultation app development is evolving. The best thing about a doctor teleconsultation app is that it benefits both- the healthcare providers and the patients equally. Looking at its promising potential, it’s the right time to build a teleconsultation app. 

If you want to develop a doctor teleconsultation app like Vezeeta, we can help you with the most creative and innovative telehealth app development. In fact, you can call and discuss your project with our developers, and they will stand up to your expectations. 

Manav Patel

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